Version 1512 drives mining

1. Ask for the latest graphics card driver for Sony SVE1512s

Hello. I will give you a simple solution
Install it on the computer and open it. “Driver Life 5” Click Driver-Driver Management-Driver Uninstall – Uninstall all graphics card drivers- and restart.
Restart If the system prompts you to install the graphics card driver, you can click Driver Life to update and install the driver and it will be installed.
The main driver is causing the problem.
If the cleaning and updating does not solve the problem, try changing a few more drivers. Driver Life
Open Driver Life 5-point driver-driver management-driver update-graphics card driver-.
There are drivers of different dates and versions, you can try a few more by yourself, there will always be a suitable one for your computer.

2. Why the HP cp1512 printer cannot print

Step 1: Clear the print task
If the printer is offline or the print spooler fails to print, The task will stay in the print task list, causing the print queue to be blocked and unable to print normally.
Step 2: Resume the printing state
The printer is in the “offline” or “pause” state, which will cause the printer to not print normally.
Click “Start”→”Printers and Faxes”. In the Printers and Faxes window, locate the icon for the printer.
Reinstalling the driver without uninstalling it properly may result in a printer icon named “Copy” appearing in the Printers and Faxes window. The following steps need to be followed to set up the “Copy” printer of the same model to the correct state before printing.
In the “Printers and Faxes” window, right-click the icon of the printer you are using. If the “Set as Default Printer”, “Use Online Printer”, “Resume Printing”, and “Cancel All Documents” menu items appear, you need to Click the corresponding menu item to restore normal printing status.
Note: The four menu items of “Set as Default Printer”, “Use Online Printer”, “Resume Printing” and “Cancel All Documents” may not appear together. You need to click the corresponding menu item to restore the normal printing state.
After clicking the “Set as Default Printer” menu item, a check mark ( ) will appear on the printer icon.
After clicking the menu items “Resume Printing” and “Use Online Printer”, the printer changes from “Pause-Offline” state to “Ready” state.
After clicking the “Cancel All Documents” menu item, the documents whose printing was aborted due to accident will be deleted, and the “Document” will be changed to “0”.
In the “Printers and Faxes” window, click the printer icon again, and the computer will display the correct printing status. Correct print status: “Document” is “0” and “Status” is “Ready”. Figure 3 shows the printing status:
Step 3: Check the printer port
In the “Printers and Faxes” window, right-click the “HP LaserJet 1020” icon and select the “Properties” menu item.
In the “HP LaserJet 1020 Properties” window, click the “Configuration” tab, select the “Enable” item, and then click the “Ports” tab.
In the “Ports” window, check the “USB port”, “Enable bidirectional support” option, and then click the “OK” button.
Note: There may be multiple USB ports in the list, the USB port of “HP LaserJet 1020” must be selected.
The item “Enable bidirectional support” is gray and cannot be checked, indicating that the driver is not installed correctly, and the driver needs to be uninstalled/installed again.
Step 4: Check the USB cable
If the USB cable is not normal, it will cause the print job to fail to print or the print job to disappear automatically after sending it.
Because the laser printer needs a stable voltage environment to ensure the normal operation of the task, the front USB port of the computer will cause insufficient power supply. It is recommended that you connect the USB port of the computer motherboard.
The included USB cable is 1.5 meters long. If the USB cable is too long, it will cause communication problems and make the printer unable to receive printing tasks. It is recommended that the length of the USB cable should not exceed 3 meters.
If the sent print job still disappears automatically after checking the USB cable, please follow step 5.
Step 5: Reinstall the driver
If the driver is not installed correctly, it will cause the print job to fail to print or the print job to disappear automatically after sending it. If the driver is installed multiple times in the same system or the previously installed driver is not deleted, the driver installation will fail and the printer will not be able to print.
HP LaserJet 1018, 1020, 1022 Laser Printers – Install Plug and Play Drivers under Windows
HP LaserJet P1505, P1505n, P1007, P1008 Laser Printers – Install Plug and Play Drivers Under Windows
Step 6: Try to change the application program
It is recommended that you try to change the computer or use the “Notepad” program to print, if it can print normally, sayIf there is no problem with the printer, there may be a problem with the application software or computer system used.

3. The computer driver is incomplete, and I don’t know what model it is. The driver wizard can’t download the driver

Try this EVEREST Ultimate v4.60.1512 Beta
, it is very convenient, in addition to being able to recognize the brand, it can also recognize the chip model, if it is complicated, you can find the driver on the network according to the chip model.
Download address:
The following is the introduction of the software:
Everest ultimate (formerly known as AIDA32), is a testing software and hardware system Information tool, it can display the information of every aspect of PC in detail. It supports thousands of (3400+) motherboards, hundreds of (360+) graphics cards, supports detection of PNP devices such as parallel port/serial port/USB, and supports detection of various processors. At present, Everest Home has been able to support 30 languages ​​including Chinese, allowing you to use it easily. And after several major updates, Everest now has certain hardware testing capabilities, allowing you to have a solid understanding of your computer’s performance. The latest version update is as follows: 1. Corrected the error of Intel i940/945/955/975/E7230 chipset information display. 2. Added support for Ageia unreasonable cards. 3.Fixed the error of Geforce 6800XT graphics card information display

4. IBM1512 printer driver can be downloaded there /vwWebPublished/sm_downloadshome_cn
This is the official website of IBM printer, you can go to download, but the download page is in English, huh, huh.

5. The compressed file of officedesktop1512 is damaged

You have a problem with this version, don’t do it, download a software again, and then install it again and it will be fine

6. Ask for the Acer AL1512 graphics card driver

You right-click on “My Computer”·Properties·Hardware·Device Manager·find your graphics card·right-click to reinstall the driver·then install it according to the path·find your just The downloaded folder. Just select it. If you don’t understand, ask me again~~ Oh

7. Who has IBM Infoprint1512 printer driver

It is recommended to download from the ibm official website


8. Does Siemens CPU1512 belong to the 1500 series?

Siemens CPU1512 does not belong to this series of 1500. First of all, for their series, their configuration is from the configuration point of view. They are completely different, so they are not part of the same series.


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