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①Can virtual currency really replace paper money?

This issue about virtual currency needs to be carefully considered. It needs to involve several issues:
1. Regulatory issues: when virtual currency must Only within the scope of effective supervision can it be guaranteed that it will be used for legitimate channels.
2. Generation: Virtual currency only generates the Internet, which cannot be controlled by others and is not within the scope of effective supervision.
Third, network security: network problems are the biggest problems of virtual currency, including network security, technical level, etc.
4. Essence: Virtual currency is essentially just a piece of computer code; it is only a product of the development of social economy and network technology to a certain level.
Therefore, virtual currency cannot replace paper money; it is similar to stocks and can be used as a natural investment channel with certain risks.

② Can virtual currency be used instead of paper money

The current level of technology is easy to achieve, but the integrity of people will not be reached for a long time.
Even in a country as developed as the United States, there will be a subprime mortgage crisis related to the issue of integrity. How to solve the issue of integrity is the first choice, not a technical issue.
So, for a long time, it is impossible for virtual currency to completely replace physical currency

③ Whether virtual currency can replace real currency in the future

It is impossible. Modern money is credit money, backed by the government. Virtual currency, you can play, but be careful with red headers.

④ Will physical currency be completely replaced by virtual currency?

Virtual currency refers to the information flow or data flow that replaces physical currency circulation in high technology. It cannot be transferred through banks, and can only be circulated in the online world at present. Virtual currency is released by each network institution on its own, and there is no unified issuance and management specification. According to incomplete statistics, there are no less than 10 kinds of online virtual currency (referred to as online currency) currently in circulation, such as Q coins, U coins, online coins, bubble coins, cool coins, Warcraft gold coins, heaven coins, Shanda coupons, etc. Taking Q coin as an example, there are more than 200 million users. Industry insiders estimate that the domestic Internet already has a virtual currency market scale of several billion yuan per year, and is growing at a rate of 15% to 20%.

⑤ Can Bitcoin replace currency?

Currently it cannot be replaced.
Bitcoin has many advantages such as world circulation, decentralization, exclusive rights and fixed quantity, and its formation is also under the needs of human economic development. Therefore, with the development of Bitcoin, its existence will inevitably bring certain challenges to traditional currencies. However, for now, although Bitcoin believes in liberalism and scientific and technological principles, the currency concept has brought greater challenges to traditional currencies. However, from the perspective of the high risks, difficult supervision and instability in the circulation of Bitcoin , for a long time in the future, Bitcoin can only coexist with traditional currency, but it cannot replace traditional currency after all.

⑥ Will virtual currency replace today’s paper currency in the future?

Simple, yes

⑦ Will RMB be replaced by virtual currency

Theoretically yes, but that’s just a good vision, it’s just theoretical. The ideal is plump, and the reality is the backbone. Replacing fiat with digital currencies has been a slow and bumpy process. First of all, the popularization of digital currency must require the improvement of the corresponding infrastructure, the great improvement of my country’s economic development level and the formation of people’s behavior habits.
The central bank is also interested in digital currency, but this digital currency is more of a digital currency of RMB. There is a natural difference from the design principles of Bitcoin, Ruitecoin, and Gold Card.

⑧ Whether the virtual currency can officially replace the real currency on the stage of history in the end

This question should depend on the future development. The real problem is that the real currency also has a virtual role, like The US dollar, Japanese yen, and RMB are not real money, they are just symbols. As long as the country recognizes them, let alone virtual ones, it is estimated that even air can be used as currency. . . . . .
The premise of virtual currency replacing real currency is the full popularization of global networking, that is, even a person who has nothing must have something that can be connected to the Internet to support the exchange of virtual currency, followed by national or international It is necessary to recognize him as valuable, and finally the maturity and popularization of technologies such as virtual reality.
As long as VR or AR technology can spread all over the world, and then find an irreplaceable resource in VR or AR, it should be feasible to use this resource as currency, unless a country/region is completely out of touch VR or AR technology

⑨ Will virtual currency replace currency? Why?

Because currency is only used as a general equivalent. In ancient times, things like shells were used as general equivalents. Barter to achieve exchange purchases as society develops slowlySlowly, it has reached the current cash, and the advent of the Internet has subverted this era. It can be said that the currency that will act as a general equivalent in the future may be a string of passwords, a virtual number. This is a general trend and virtual currency has a lot to look at. How to choose an individual is currently most of the interviews are basically just a model rather than what really has such a value function as virtual currency


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