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⑴What’s going on with virtual currency

Virtual currency is a trend, that is, it is a product of the times, but the general direction of virtual currency is divided into electronic currency, enterprise currency, virtual currency and digital cryptocurrency, etc. But I don’t know how to do it. All of my friends will be collectively referred to as virtual currency. Of course, so many coins will also be able to distinguish its true and false
How to distinguish the true and false of virtual currency?
There are five basic properties:
1 Open source code
2 Constant distribution
3 Decentralization
4 Independent and downloadable electronic wallet
5 Real-time Can be traded
These 5 attributes are necessary conditions to measure whether a virtual currency is true or false, and they are indispensable! Therefore, no matter what anyone tells you about any currency, you can use these 5 items. If you have all 5 items, it is worth investing in. If you don’t have both, it is worth thinking about it~~

2 There are global How many virtual currency scams

There are so many virtual currency scams around the world that no one can give an exact number. The MLM scams that have been exposed in China include:

Vika Coin MLM Scam, Port Coin MLM Scam, BBT (Morgan Coin) MLM Scam, Spark Entertainment Scam, Token MLM Scam, 3M Interactive Finance MLM scam, Baichuancoin MLM scam, etc.

Virtual currency itself is not a pyramid scheme, but is used by some criminals. Popular virtual currencies since 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Fuyuancoin, Dogecoin, Ripple and more.

3 What is the origin of virtual currency and virtual currency

Virtual currency is a new form of currency produced in the era of virtual economy with the Internet as the main tool. Corresponding, so called virtual economic currency, referred to as virtual currency.

⑷ What currencies are legal virtual currencies in China

All virtual currencies are illegal in China, and Chinese laws prohibit virtual currencies.
The only legal currency in China is the Renminbi.

⑸ What are the virtual currencies?

In terms of what is needed and what is needed and what are the currencies, this is lower than him, I think he belongs to the virtual currency of that kind of virtual currency Speaking of which, he also has some bitcoins that are better played. Now it is just a few dollars from the past, and now it is tens of thousands of dollars.

⑹ What does virtual currency mean?

It is the currency on the game or on the platform, which can be used to purchase virtual items, some of which require cash recharge

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