Virtual currency transaction limit

A. What is virtual currency transaction

Virtual currency is a method for merchants to avoid legal sanctions and restrict their gambling nature and use another method to sell and earn money from users, just like a casino

B. The digital RMB exceeds the wallet transaction limit

The digital RMB exceeds the wallet transaction limit and cannot be used. The single transaction limit of digital RMB is 2,000 yuan, and the maximum cost is 5,000 yuan per day. . When consuming, you only need to open the digital RMB App to pay, even if there is no network condition, you can still use the payment. After the app is installed, you can directly use your mobile phone number to register an account, and you can start using the digital RMB wallet.
Expansion information:
1. Digital RMB
Digital RMB is a digital form of legal tender issued by the People’s Bank of China. It is operated by designated operating agencies and exchanged for the public. Based on a broad account system, it supports The function of loose coupling of bank accounts, equivalent to banknotes and coins, has the characteristics of value and legal compensation, and supports controllable anonymity.
The concept of digital renminbi has two key points. One is that digital renminbi is legal tender in digital form; the other point is that it is equivalent to banknotes and coins. coin. It is mainly positioned as a cash-based payment certificate (M0), which will coexist with physical RMB for a long time. It is mainly used to meet the public’s demand for digital cash and help inclusive finance.
2. How to open a bank account for digital renminbi
Apply to the branch of a nearby big bank, such as Post Bank, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, etc. After going to the bank and expressing the idea of ​​​​opening the digital renminbi, the bank will work The staff will show a QR code. After scanning the code, the staff will guide the customer to apply. Generally, it can be opened on T+2 days at the latest, and some banks can open it on the spot.
3. Can the digital renminbi be withdrawn?
No, the digital renminbi cannot be withdrawn. The digital renminbi has been piloted in many places. Users can use the digital renminbi at designated merchants after obtaining the digital renminbi. The pilot area is Shenzhen. , Suzhou, Xiong’an New Area, Chengdu, etc., the number of people who have passed the pilot test is also increasing significantly, and the use methods are also increasing. When the digital renminbi is piloted, users can use it to consume in different scenarios, such as living payment, catering services. , transportation, shopping consumption, government services, etc. In the future, the number of pilot cities for digital renminbi will continue to increase, while covering more scenarios.
4. Can digital RMB be transferred to a bank card?
Yes, it needs to be bound with a bank card, and then it can be transferred to a digital wallet. The digital renminbi is mainly used in high-frequency business scenarios of small retail, and adopts a two-tier operation system. The central bank first exchanges the digital currency to banks or other operating institutions, and then these institutions exchange it to consumers.

C. What is the Bitcoin transaction quota?

Minimum 0.01BTC, so on the domestic trading website

Minimum 0.01BTC, domestic trading website As above

At least 0.01BTC, so on domestic trading website

At least 0.01BTC, so on domestic trading website

At least 0.01BTC, domestic trading This is the case on the website

D. What is the virtual currency limit of the credit card and 1000 has been repaid, but the virtual currency for this month is used up, and the purchase of QB shows that credit transactions are not supported, please

reset Apply for a virtual card

E. Who knows what is the minimum transaction amount on the domestic bitcoin trading platform

The minimum unit of bitcoin is 8 decimal places, and general exchanges can buy after the decimal point The number of 6 digits,
That is, the minimum is 0.000001, you can try it
Now all exchanges are attracting new users, and the operation is relatively friendly

F. In OKEX What is the legal currency transaction limit?

The order amount must be greater than or equal to the minimum transaction limit of 400 yuan; less than or equal to the maximum transaction limit of 500,000 yuan.

G. Is there any limit for the first transaction of Huobi on OTC?

Hello, there is no limit. Specifically, you need to check the minimum and maximum limit of the advertiser. A single transaction greater than 2,000 or a cumulative transaction amount greater than 50,000 requires advanced certification.

H. Is there a minimum limit when trading bitcoins in fiat currency exchanges?

There should be no, but at least a few hundred dollars.

I. How to sentence if the amount of virtual currency involved reaches several million

This depends on the laws of the country, and the amount involved. If it is in the millions, it is estimated that the sentence will be a lot, and you can Consult an online lawyer for details.

J. Huobi’s leveraged trading, why is the minimum amount specified when borrowing currency, such as USDT minimum borrowing 10,000

The reason is to prevent risks, the leverage is dynamically adjusted, if you want to To apply for margin trading, please transfer funds from the currency account to the margin account. At present, the minimum loan for leverage is 1000. As for the principal, you need to see that the trading pair is 3��� or 2 times, (for example, the minimum amount required for triple principal is 500). Please refer to the account display for the specific amount that can be applied.

The international financing multiple or leverage ratio is between 20 times and 400 times, and the standard contract in the foreign exchange market is 100,000 yuan per lot (referring to the base currency, which is the previous currency of the currency pair). ), if the leverage ratio provided by the broker is 20 times, a margin of 5,000 yuan is required for trading one lot; if the leverage ratio is 100 times, a margin of 1,000 yuan is required for trading one lot.

(10) Extended reading of virtual currency transaction limit:

In actual operation In the process, after buying a currency, you may not be able to make a profit on the same day. If the position is not closed before 2:00 am the next day, the interest income or expenditure must be calculated for the currency in the trading account. The interest rate is based on international inter-bank lending. The interest rate (from 360 days) shall prevail.

Although the profit from the same volatility is far more than the real trading, the high returns are undoubtedly accompanied by high risks. If the investor’s entry point is slightly deviated, it may bring huge losses, so , in margin trading, the first consideration for traders should be risk, especially for beginners, profit is the second thing.


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