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1. What exactly is the bitcoin virus sweeping the world

At about 20:00 on May 12, 2017, the bitcoin ransomware computer virus broke out around the world, which was a global large-scale ransomware infection event .

5.360 Security Guard has provided “NSA arsenal immunity tool”, you can download and install it.

2. How to solve the Bitcoin virus

You can try Internet Antivirus and Kingsoft Internet Security.
First, ctb locker is mainly spread by mail and fax.
Be careful with inexplicable emails and faxes.
Second, immediately shut down and disconnect from the network.
The principle of ctb locker is to encrypt the file, and part of the generated key is left in the machine and part of it is uploaded. Before the virus also downloaded encrypted files.
And it takes dozens of hours to encrypt 1t, which is why he wants to give you time left. In fact, the virus is still encrypting all your files and upload keys.
If you cut it off in time, you can save some files by using the hard disk copying machine.
Third, look for special kills.
Fourth, using images, backup and restore.

3. What to do if the Bitcoin virus is hit

1. Prepare a USB flash drive or mobile hard disk. Before going to work on Monday, you can download 360 Security Guard in a safe network environment at home [Offline Disaster Relief Version] 2. After arriving at the company, first unplug the network cable of the office computer, turn off the wireless network switch, and then turn on the computer. Edition] 4. The NSA arsenal immunity tool of 360 Security Guard [Offline Disaster Relief Edition] will automatically run and detect whether there are loopholes in your computer. After the repair is successful, a pop-up window will prompt you. Please [restart the computer] so that the repair operation will take effect completely. 7. After restarting the computer, you can run the NSA defense tool again through the [Ransomware Disaster Relief] shortcut on the desktop to ensure that your system has been repaired.

4. How to eliminate Bitcoin virus,

WannaCry virus spreads based on Windows system, and smartphone users will not be affected. To prevent viruses, please open the system control panel – system and security – install the system patch. If the system patch function is not enabled, please enable and patch all vulnerabilities immediately. It is recommended to upgrade the system for systems below Windows 7. Thank you for your support and trust in Tencent Manager.

5. What is the Bitcoin virus?

Yesterday, I went to the electronic reading room. Not long after I plugged in the USB flash drive, the teacher suddenly loudly told everyone to unplug the USB flash drive. , Some students found that all the files in the U disk could not be opened, and there were two more files asking for money.

So everyone hurriedly checked, as long as the U disk was plugged into the school computer, it was poisoned, and a large-scale computer poisoning occurred at night.

Many people’s information and graduation thesis are in the computer. I really feel that hacking is disgusting. For the sake of money, regardless of the future of the students, the teacher’s lifelong scientific research results…

I hope to catch the criminals as soon as possible and give them severe punishment by the law!

This virus will scan Windows devices with open 445 file sharing ports. As long as the user’s device is turned on and connected to the Internet, hackers can implant ransomware, remote Control malicious programs such as Trojans and virtual currency mining machines.

Some security researchers have pointed out that the massive cyber attack appears to have been deployed through a worm-like application that WannaCry can spread from computer to computer. What is even more frightening is that, unlike most malicious programs, this program can replicate and spread in the network by itself, and most of the current viruses still need to rely on users who have been recruited to spread by tricking them to click on the attached attack. Code attachment.

The attack has affected 99 countries and as many as 75,000 computers, but since the virus uses anonymous networks and bitcoin transactions for ransom, it is difficult to track down and locate the perpetrator of the virus .

6. What is Bitcoin virus

The global Bitcoin ransomware virus is caused by the Windows system SMB/RDP remote command execution vulnerability leaked by NSA. Using this vulnerability, hackers can remotely attack Windows port 445 (file sharing)

According to analysis, the campus network ransomware virus was spread by the “Eternal Blue” hacker weapon leaked by NSA. “Eternal Blue” can remotely attack the 445 port of Windows (file sharing). If the system does not have the Microsoft patch installed in March this year, no user operation is required. As long as the computer is turned on and the Internet is turned on, “Eternal Blue” can execute any code in the computer. , implant malicious programs such as ransomware.

7. What is Bitcoin virus and how to prevent Bitcoin virus

In the event of ransomware infection, disk files will be encrypted by the virus, and the encryption uses high Strong encryption algorithms are difficult toFor cracking, the attacker often has no other way to decrypt the files except paying a high ransom. Only by paying a high ransom can the recovered files be decrypted, causing serious losses to learning materials and personal data.
1. Install the latest security patch for the computer. Microsoft has released patch MS17-010 to fix the system vulnerability of the “Eternal Blue” attack. Please install this security patch as soon as possible; for windows XP, 2003, etc. Microsoft no longer Machines that provide security updates can use the 360 ​​”NSA arsenal immunity tool” to detect whether there are loopholes in the system, and close the ports affected by the loopholes, which can avoid being attacked by viruses such as ransomware.
2. Close ports 445, 135, 137, 138, and 139, and close network sharing.
3. Strengthen network security awareness: do not click on unknown links, do not download unknown files, and do not open unknown emails…
4. Back up important files in your computer as soon as possible (regularly in the future) to your mobile hard drive, U disk, save the disk offline after backup.
5. It is recommended that users who are still using windows xp and windows 2003 operating systems upgrade to window 7/windows 10, or windows 2008/2012/2016 operating systems as soon as possible.

8. Bitcoin virus is. . .

Bitcoin virus (Bitcoin Trojan) “Bitcoin Blackmailer” became popular abroad in 2014, and was discovered in China in early 2015. This type of Trojan will encrypt files in 114 formats such as docx, pdf, xlsx, jpg, etc. in the infected computer, so that they cannot be opened normally, and pop up a window to “extort” the victim, asking the victim to pay 3 bitcoins as a “ransom”. According to the recent bitcoin price comparison that the reporter checked from the Internet, 3 bitcoins are almost RMB 5,000 or 6,000 yuan. This kind of Trojan is usually spread by all-English mail. The name of the Trojan program is usually in English, meaning “order”, “product details”, etc., and it uses fax or form icons, which is very confusing. It is easy for recipients to mistake it for a work file and click to run the Trojan.


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