VooVoo NFT Marketplace Release Date Announced For The End Of April

VooVoo is coming next week, and it is breaking the mould on how to run an NFT marketplace. Opening on 24th April, this new exciting project prides itself on officially licensed NFTs. It will feature iconic brands and names from around the world in genres such as sports, entertainment and popular culture.

VooVoo is a brand new NFT marketplace with giant plans to revolutionise the industry.

VooVoo launched a hugely successful event for iconic artist Banksy’s NFT artwork in February and is already preparing for the future. Soon, they plan to launch VooVerse in the Zilliqa metaverse, ‘Metapolis’.

How does VooVoo stand out as an NFT marketplace?

The VooVoo NFT marketplace allows users to navigate NFT creation on the Solana blockchain in a simple yet safe way. Along with bringing together iconic brands and people from around the world, VooVoo has several unique features. It also has a unique layout, similar to Netflix.

Furthermore, users can create, mint and sell NFTs directly from their phones. VooVoo is “passionate about bringing digital ownership to a broader market and improving the experience for everyone.”

One of the critical features of the new VooVoo NFT marketplace is that certified users don’t pay any fee for minting their NFT art. On top of this, creators have access to various NFT building tools. 

This new NFT platform also aims to revolutionise the market. What’s more, they state that “VooVoo is set to become an industry-leading platform that brings transparency, efficiency and security for all to the world of digital ownership.”


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