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1 Carrefour, Wal-Mart, and other major shopping malls have closed down one after another. Now another giant has withdrawn from China. What happened?

China is becoming more and more prosperous, and the quality of life in the country is getting higher and higher. All kinds of markets are rushing into the Chinese market. Now China has the second largest consumer market in the world, and people’s consumption level is constantly improving, so the domestic market competition is becoming more and more fierce.

On the whole, foreign brands leaving the Chinese market one after another not only It is because of the rise of e-commerce and the growing momentum of Chinese local brands. I wonder who will be the next foreign company to exit?

2 What is the relationship between Haoyouduo and Wal-Mart

On February 27, 2007, Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, announced that it would buy 35% of the shares of Bounteous Company Ltd. The company has opened 101 Haoyouduo supermarkets in 34 cities across the country. This is the first time Walmart has made an acquisition in my country. Industry insiders said it kicked off Wal-Mart’s rapid expansion strategy in China. Although the two parties have not announced the acquisition amount, sources have revealed that this will be the largest merger and acquisition in the domestic retail industry, and the total amount is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars. Among them, the acquisition amount is about 200 million US dollars, which is mainly used for the acquisition of good and many directly-operated stores. In the next step, Haoyouduo carries out property rights clearance and rectification of its non-directly-operated stores, and will be acquired by Walmart after meeting the requirements. By then, Wal-Mart will become the largest foreign-owned supermarket chain in my country. Walmart also made it clear that day that it will continue to hold shares in the future and become the controlling shareholder of Haoduo. But at present, Haoyouduo will continue to operate under the name Haoyouduo, and the two parties will also continue their new store expansion plans. This information comes from

⑶ The first Wal-Mart in mainland China to withdraw at the end of the month, this is why

once dominated the supermarket Why should Wal-Mart in the market leave quietly?

With the significant improvement of people’s living standards, our quality of life requirements are getting better and better. People often go out to buy some necessities in life, but our preferred destination is supermarket. It can be said that there are many supermarkets in various cities in China today, and everyone can easily buy a dazzling variety of products, which is very convenient for our lives. However, among the many brands in supermarkets, everyone is no stranger to Walmart. Walmart is a very well-known top supermarket brand in the world. China welcomed its first Walmart 25 years ago.

So for these offline stores, if the previous distribution methods remain unchanged, then the blow they will face will be bigger and bigger. It is necessary to make some corresponding changes according to these online models and the shopping methods that young people like to survive in this historical trend. Let’s say goodbye to Walmart.

⑷ Walmart will use Cruise EV to launch autonomous vehicle pilot

This short video shows an autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV prototype , but may also launch the Ultium-powered CruiseOrigin.

“As part of a pilot that will begin early next year, customers can place orders from their local stores and have them delivered using Cruise’s all-electric self-driving vehicles, with no contact. It has the potential to not only save customers time and Money, and technology that helps the planet, is the technology we want to know more about.”

It’s not known how many vehicles will be tested, but as soon as it becomes viable, the project may be Accelerate quickly.

This article comes from the author of Autohome and does not represent the views of Autohome.

⑸ Reasons for Wal-Mart’s Success in China

There are many reasons for Wal-Mart’s success in China:
First of all, its famous “everyday low prices” , Walmart has always adhered to innovative thinking and service leadership, and has been playing a leading role in the retail industry; more importantly, Walmart has always fulfilled the corporate mission of “saving customers money, so that they can live a better life”. mission. In the early days, it was easy to launch a low price, but it was not easy to keep a low price, and the founders needed to not forget their original intentions.
In addition, as in other parts of the world, Walmart in China has always adhered to the four core values ​​and behaviors of “serving customers, respecting individuals, pursuing excellence, and acting with integrity”, focusing on opening every store and serving every store well. A customer, fulfilling the company’s core mission to continually create something extraordinary for customers, members and employees.
As an omni-channel retailer, Walmart announced that it will change its legal name from “Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.” to “Walmart Inc.” effective February 1, 2018 “. this�� The change of the company’s legal name reflects Walmart’s growing emphasis on providing customers with seamless retail services that meet the needs of customers for multiple shopping methods, including shopping in-store, online, on mobile devices, or in-store pickup and delivery. Accept home delivery shopping.

⑹ When did Walmart enter the Chinese market?

Walmart entered China in 1996 and opened its first Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club store in Shenzhen.
Walmart Department Store Co., Ltd., or WalMart Inc. (NYSE:WMT), is an American global chain enterprise, the largest company in the world in terms of turnover, and its controlling shareholder is the Walton family. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas (Bentonville, northwest of Little Rock). Walmart is mainly involved in the retail industry and is the company with the largest number of employees in the world, ranking first among the Fortune Global 500 companies for seven consecutive years. Walmart has 8,500 stores in 15 countries around the world. Walmart operates in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Walmart mainly has four business modes: Walmart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, Walmart Store, and Walmart Community Store.
On November 25, 2013, Doug McMillon, head of international business, was appointed to succeed Mike Duke as Walmart President and CEO, effective February 1, 2014 officially take effect.
On December 2, 2014, Walmart laid off its management in China through restructuring. In December 2014, Walmart took allegations of misconduct at its company very seriously.
On June 29, 2016, Walmart said it would offer free two-day shipping to all consumers in the United States. On July 22, 2019, the Fortune Global 500 list was released, and Walmart Department Store Co., Ltd. ranked first. On September 3, 2019, the Walmart supermarket in the United States announced that it would stop the sale of short guns and pistol ammunition after existing inventory was exhausted, and asked customers not to openly carry guns into the supermarket, except for law enforcement officers. On August 10, 2020, Walmart (WALMART) ranked No. 1 in the 2020 Fortune Global 500 list.
On August 27, 2020, Walmart confirmed it was working with Microsoft, which is joining forces with Microsoft to bid for TikTok. Walmart told the media that it is interested in acquiring TikTok.
No. 1 on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2021.

⑺ Walmart announced its withdrawal from the US pistol market, what impact will it have on other supermarkets

This can be said to be only good and not bad. His gun industry will plummet when Wal-Mart comes, which in turn will bring some profits to other supermarkets.

According to foreign media reports, just two days ago, Wal-Mart, the leader in the US retail industry, released a report. Walmart will stop selling handguns at its Alaska stores.

Walmart is now in a dilemma. On the one hand, Walmart is trying to seize the old customers, and at the same time, it wants to become a more socially responsible retailer. The pressure of public opinion in the society had to make concessions in the interests. The report also said they will not allow customers to carry firearms openly in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. Follow business rules even when state law allows. Unless the customer is an authorized law enforcement officer.

Such a policy will only reduce his own interests in a straight line, thereby helping other supermarkets.

⑻ Why does Walmart not retreat in China?

Tesco has left, Metro has left, and even Carrefour, which once stood at the top of China’s modern chain retail supermarkets, has Leave. Why did Wal-Mart not only have no rumors and signs of leaving, but instead announced that it would speed up its development in China?

At the same time, in terms of retail infrastructure, Wal-Mart is also increasing its logistics distribution, especially the construction of fresh food distribution centers. In March this year, Walmart China’s first distribution center, South China Fresh Food Distribution Center, was designed and constructed in accordance with international leading standards and put into operation. The project exceeds 700 million yuan, which is Walmart’s largest single investment in China in 23 years.

⑼ Walmart Family

Hello! The wealth of the Walmart family cannot be compared with that of the Rothschilds. The following is the information, I hope it is useful to you. “Frugal” Wal-Mart expanded rapidly in just a few decades. Now, Wal-Mart has 1,702 chain stores in the United States, 952 supermarkets, and 479 “Sam’s Club” warehouse supermarkets; it also has 1,088 chain stores overseas. In 2000, Wal-Mart’s total global sales reached 191.3 billion US dollars, even more than the US General Motors, second only to Exxon – Mobil Oil, ranking second in the world. The five Walton family members swept the 2001 “…Ranked 7th to 11th on the “Booth” list of the world’s richest people, the five people’s total assets reached 93.1 billion US dollars, more than the world’s richest man Bill. Gates surpassed $34.4 billion to become the richest family in the world. I don’t know if you have read a book called “Currency War” written by Song Hongbin. I was reading it recently after being recommended by my classmates. According to the author, by around 1856, the Rothschilds had amassed a total of the equivalent of $6 billion in wealth, and if calculated at a 6% rate of return, their family’s assets today are at least $50 trillion, which is 1000 times of Gates’ assets.
And it included a lot of gold, and by the beginning of the 20th century the family controlled half of the world’s total wealth at the time. In the 200 years before 2004, they had gold pricing power with the other five consortiums, but on April 14, 2004, they suddenly announced their withdrawal from the London gold pricing system, saying that the reason for this was that the income in this area had declined in the past five years. To less than 1% of the total business revenue, so exit this market.
The book also writes that the Federal Reserve is a private property of the seven giants of Wall Street, and many of them have close ties and close relationships with the Rothschild family, including Morgan, many of whom rely on Rothschild The De family made their fortune, and the Rothschild family is their backing and strategy in all aspects of their economy. The Rothschild family also owns many related shares and other interests and is quite influential. As for what you said, “the president must go to war with the consent of his family.” If you use the book to explain that the government must have money or issue national debt to fight a war, and these are all controlled by bankers, Rothschild The relationship between the family and the banker is inextricably linked, and it indirectly controls the war. In fact their main control is Europe, which is their foundation, only indirectly for the United States.
But another way of saying that aside from this book is that Rothschild Banking Group’s current business is mainly mergers and acquisitions, the business is mainly in Europe, and they have an office in Asia – Hong Kong, which is still a family business. In nature but relatively small in scale, it ranked 13th in the 2006 World M&A Ranking. The annual turnover of Rothschild Banking Group is less than 10 billion US dollars, and its profit is less than 3 billion US dollars. It is estimated that its total capital will not exceed 30 billion US dollars, which is less than a fraction of that of large European and American banks.
The reasons are: 1. The Rothschild family made a strategic error in 1865, believing that the American economy would not develop significantly, so they cancelled all its branches in the United States. This was a fatal mistake that led directly to the rise of the Morgan family. Rothschild, who has lost the American market, is like a shaved phoenix, even worse than poultry.
2. The Rothschilds suffered heavy losses in World War I and World War II. Many of its assets in Germany, France and Italy were destroyed, and its French office was even nationalized after World War II. As a Jewish family, the Rothschilds were hit hard under the Nazis. Although there was basically no loss of the British headquarters, the family power in continental Europe was basically wiped out. During the Cold War, many of the assets of the Rothschild family in Eastern Europe were taken over by the Soviet Union. As a result, it is conceivable that these assets will not be returned.
3. Rothschild’s insistence on the family business also hindered its continued development. Since the 1960s, large banks in Europe and the United States have gone public and raised a lot of money. Rothschild is still developing with its own funds, the speed is slow, and it is gradually falling behind.
There are also many people who refute this statement, who believe that the Rothschild family has become smaller on the surface, but in fact has become larger. It’s just that unlike the flamboyant American capitalism, the Rothschilds are so low-key that most people don’t notice it, but the reality is that it’s everywhere. Until now, the Rothschilds’ bank has refused to go public, which means it doesn’t have to publish an annual report at all. For more than 200 years, how much business they have invested in the earth and how much they have earned is known only to the core members of the family, and the founder of the family, the old Rothschild, made a will and never allowed to disclose their property to the public. condition. Its influence in the world economy is only discovered by a very few attentive professionals. They have keen insight into world finance, war, etc., and information and intelligence that predates any individual or country. There is a saying: in the financial world you don’t know the Rothschilds as a soldier and you don’t know who Napoleon is, and people who study physics don’t know Einstein.
Note: The above is me�� The information obtained is not a personal opinion.

⑽ Walmart announces its withdrawal from the US handgun market, what resistance will it encounter

The biggest obstacle will be the strong opposition from the Rifle Association. In fact, there have been many times in history to consider introducing a gun ban law, but it has never been successful. Part of it is because of the Rifle Association.

According to the US media “Huffington Post”, the National Rifle Association (NRA) issued a statement on the 3rd calling Wal-Mart’s new move “shameful” and accused it of succumbed to the “pressure of anti-gun public opinion”


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