Warriors 300 blockchain landing

Ⅰ Does the number of Insight Chain (INB) public chain patents rank first in the blockchain?

Yes, at present, the number of Insight Chain (INB) public chain patents is 300+, which is already in the blockchain industry It is the largest number of companies

Ⅱ The blockchain developer competition will start who can become the next Thunder Token

In 2017, blockchain technology is undoubtedly the first after the mobile Internet From the perspective of three dimensions of technology realization, commercial application and commercial realization, blockchain is expected to become a new technology that subverts people’s digital lifestyle after the mobile Internet. At present, more and more developers are fascinated by the new technology wave of blockchain. Therefore, NEO, a non-profit community-based blockchain project, joined hands with Microsoft to launch the first domestic blockchain developer competition, aiming to build on the NEO blockchain. Chain and Microsoft’s development environment and tools have spawned more excellent applications, thus forming a strong blockchain developer application ecosystem.

Mike Mason, technical director of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at ThoughtWorks, a global software consulting firm, said: “People are using blockchain technology in more interesting ways as the basis for ‘decentralized applications’ , rather than just using it for applications such as financial technology and cryptocurrency. You must know that the “blue ocean” has never lacked players, and some Internet companies are trying their best to land on the beach, and have established that the blockchain industry market has become an inevitable development. Choose. In China, Xunlei’s wholly-owned subsidiary Wangxin Technology has used blockchain technology in an innovative cloud computing model – “shared computing”.

early In the past, Xunlei implanted the concept of sharing economy into the field of cloud computing, and created an original “shared computing” model. By collecting users’ idle computing resources and converting them into innovative cloud computing services for enterprises, on the one hand, it can effectively solve the shortage of social computing resources. On the other hand, it can greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises. In August 2017, Xunlei launched a new sharing economy intelligent hardware player cloud, which means that in the shared computing ecosystem, Xunlei has added blockchain technology to distribute Wanke Coins to users who share idle resources such as bandwidth, storage and computing power through Wanke Cloud intelligent hardware.

Wanke Coins It is a digital asset based on blockchain technology under the Xunlei shared computing ecosystem. The launch of Wanke Coin has made Xunlei the pioneer of China’s blockchain technology, and also made Xunlei’s shared computing have many advantages: First, Wanke Coin is based on Shared computing and blockchain technology, through smart contracts, ensure that users share computing resources and content with equal pay and income, which is non-repudiation; secondly, through decentralized ledger records to ensure that all transactions are true and transparent; thirdly, through the district The blockchain registers user copyrights and modification records to protect users’ copyrights from infringement.

Actually, blockchain technology has strong advantages in network security, cross-border payment and other fields, and is very important for building a community of shared future in cyberspace It also has important value. On October 31, 2017, Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei Group and CEO of Wangxin Technology, proposed the All in blockchain strategy, announcing that starting from the player cloud, Xunlei will increase investment in blockchain technology to discuss Application of the integration of cloud computing and blockchain technology. On the day of the conference, Funke Cloud also signed a copyright content distribution agreement with 4K Garden, trying to integrate shared computing and blockchain technology to provide a platform for copyright distribution and content distribution. In the future, Blockchain will also generate more application scenarios in Xunlei’s shared computing ecosystem. Xunlei’s innovative attempts may give more inspiration to developers of other blockchain technology applications.

At the same time , as a pioneer enterprise in the blockchain application market, Xunlei is also actively guiding the healthy development of blockchain applications, insisting on not doing ICO, not on third-party trading platforms, and severely cracking down on third-party platforms that illegally trade and play Kebi, and Suppress speculation and speculation through measures such as the real-name system of Wankebi wallet act. Therefore, blockchain application developers should also abide by the law and avoid risks.

Xunlei’s “Player Cloud” is based on blockchain technology, taking the lead in creating a C-side application of China’s blockchain technology, which has played a role in promoting China’s blockchain technology to participate in the global blockchain ecological development It has created important value in the development of the digital economy. “The history of the development of the Internet is a history of innovation and entrepreneurship of Internet talents.” The development of blockchain also requires a lot of talent support. We are looking forward to a refreshing “blockchain” in the first domestic blockchain developer competition. + “The application is born!

III How much capital is needed for blockchain development

This question is unanswered, because blockchain software is only a large field, and specific questions are required. analyze. Asking this question is like asking how much it will cost to buy a house.
Blockchain software is divided into many types
For example, exchanges areThe most popular ones, ranging from simple tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of fully functional
There are also blockchain games, depending on the game settings, generally speaking, hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands There are other
depending on the specific category.

ⅣHow about Frontier Blockchain Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Frontier Blockchain Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on 2018-06-11 A limited liability company (sole proprietorship invested or controlled by a natural person) with its registered address at 1608, Tongfang Center Building, Haoxiang Road, Xiner Community, Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

The unified social credit code/registration number of Frontier Blockchain Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is 91440300MA5F65CQ56, the corporate legal person is You Mingjin, and the company is currently in business.

Frontier Blockchain Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., within the scope of this province, the current registered capital of enterprises is general.

Check out more information and information on Frontier Blockchain Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. through Internet Enterprise Credit.

ⅣHow to issue an invoice on the Yunnan blockchain merchant platform

Summary Hello, I am glad to answer your questions, the specific steps are as follows:

Ⅵ Now everyone is What the hell is the blockchain?

Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. The so-called consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm that realizes the establishment of trust between different nodes and the acquisition of rights and interests in the blockchain system.
Blockchain technology is considered to be the next-generation disruptive core technology after steam engines, electricity, and the Internet. If the steam engine has released people’s productivity, electricity has solved people’s basic living needs, and the Internet has completely changed the way of information transmission, then the blockchain, as a machine for constructing trust, may completely change the way of value transmission in the entire human society.
First, the essence of the blockchain is a distributed public ledger.
To give a common example to explain, Mr. W’s family, including Mr. W, Mrs. W, Grandpa W, and Grandma W, have recorded everyone’s expenses in their respective accounts. Because Mr. W’s family doesn’t trust each other. Mr. W himself diligently supports his wife every month, but Mrs. W may receive 1,000 yuan but remember to receive 100 yuan. Wouldn’t it be a big loss?
How to solve this problem with blockchain?
If one day Mr. W gave 1,000 yuan to Mrs. W, he just yelled at the whole family——Mr. W gave Mrs. W 1,000, please write down in their respective account books “Mr. W gave W Madam 1000”, it’s OK.
So everyone in Mr. W’s family becomes a node, and every transaction in Mr. W’s family will be recorded by everyone (every node).
Every night who washes the dishes (Proof of Work) can check out on the public ledger, and there is a reward for washing the dishes, a new transaction must be added to the back of the ledger recognized by everyone the previous day, and others Will also participate in the verification of the day’s transactions.
Second, it looks simple, but the blockchain may bring revolutionary changes to human society.
1. Machine trust
Machine trust is actually trustless trust. For the first time in human history, it will be possible to build an unprecedented large-scale cooperation network on earth at close to zero cost, which is bound to be a great mass movement.
2. Value transmission
The emergence of the Internet has made a leap in the means of information dissemination and the efficient flow of information, but the efficiency of Internet value transmission is still very slow. At present, electronic money on the Internet is still essentially traditional paper money, and cross-border payment is still a big problem.
The birth of blockchain is the beginning of human construction of value transmission network. It will enable people to transfer value online as easily and cheaply as information, which can be in the form of money, assets or other forms.
3. Smart contracts
Smart contracts can replace all paper contracts, and more importantly, blockchain can perfectly connect the physical world and the virtual world. The perfect combination of blockchain, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the imagination is even more huge!
The blockchain itself is actually a super platform. The commercial features of building machine trust, value transfer and smart contracts on the blockchain include: ① Near-zero trust cost. ② The marginal cost of constructing and trading assets approaches zero.
So Web browser pioneer Mark Anderson said: Twenty years from now, we’ll be talking about blockchain the way we talk about the internet today.

Ⅶ The cloud wallet is a blockchain

👉 A: The cloud wallet is not a blockchain, and the cloud wallet is a pioneer of free shared accounting rights.

– What do you play bitcoin for?

Everyone will give 100 reasons, but the real purpose of most people is only two words: to make money.

Only a small number of people who participated in the early stage felt that the Wall Street financial system was self-defeating, causingThe debt crisis made Americans pay for Wall Street’s greed. Therefore, they made a machine bookkeeping system that was separate from the Wall Street bookkeeping system. That is to say, those who are not for the purpose of making money (early BTC players, positioned as competitors of Wall Street), have gained economic freedom. As for the later participants, the purpose was to make money, but as a result, most of them lost money instead.

——Why do those who hope to make money lose money, while those who do not hope to make money make big money?

Reference answer: The choice of competitors determines your position.

Others take Wall Street as their competitor, at the spire. Wall Street and the new financial enablers are at war, and the pawns (who are paid) are injured.

——The competitor of the cloud wallet is the Federal Reserve, and the accounting logic is the same as the Federal Reserve.

The Fed’s accounting logic: Others’ liabilities = Self’s assets, all creditors’ assets There are corresponding debtors to pay for it.

Accounting logic of cloud wallet: Liabilities of public network = assets of human beings = future services provided by public network for human beings = AIC, also all creditors’ assets have corresponding public network for them Pay the bill.

Blockchain and Bitcoin are equivalent to bandits compared to the Fed-centric accounting system. Those who acquire rights do not want obligations. Each blockchain is fighting for itself, and there are many factions within the mountain.

The cloud wallet is a regular army model, which exposes the inefficiency and corruption of the dollar system to the world by virtue of the efficiency advantages of the accounting system and the public network.

The cloud wallet itself currently has 7 software engineers, and only 700 software engineers will be needed in the future to meet all the needs of global accounting, transaction and settlement. This efficiency is more than 3 million times higher than that of the Fed’s bookkeeping system, which is maintained by hundreds of millions of financial practitioners. Cloud wallet is to give the right of choice to human beings. Humans choose cloud wallet, and the 20 trillion interest difference saved every year is the value created by everyone’s leisure time. It is also the basic value of AIC.

——In the cloud wallet system, you are a general, and the public network is a pawn; in the blockchain system, you are a pawn, and early players are generals

——In the cloud In the wallet system, everyone can convert labor, production capacity and services into super capital without using fiat currency. In the blockchain system, there must be a lot of leeks

——In the cloud wallet system, the world factory It can be directly transformed into the wealth of the Chinese people. In the blockchain system, the world’s factories are worthless at all.

——The cloud wallet framework can hold the whole world, including the people behind the Federal Reserve and Wall Street; in the blockchain framework, most people can only be reduced to leeks

——Cloud wallet framework, back to 2009, so that everyone can mine Bitcoin equivalents (gold stocks) with their own leisure time and intelligence.

——The general is above, the pawn is below! What are your options?

Ⅷ BTD Blockchain Digital

Reminder before registration: You need an Alipay account for real-name authentication, and you can pay 0.99 yuan for authentication.

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