What currency is XIO? A comprehensive introduction to XIO coins

XIO coin is XIO networtk, which is a decentralized global value Internet transmission protocol public chain based on the BTC consensus mechanism. According to the latest market data, as of 11:43 on April 14, 2022, the price of XIO coin is $0.18911632, with an increase of -0.92% today, and the 24-hour transaction volume is $1.7936 million. The current circulating market value of XIO is $4.2944 million, the total supply of XIO is 100 million XIO, and the current market circulation is 33.1305 million XIO. The mainstream exchanges that can trade XIO coins in the current market are: Hoo, Hotbit, CoinW, etc. Many investors want to know what currency is this XIO? Let me give you a comprehensive introduction to XIO coins.

What currency is XIO?

XIO is a blockchain startup platform focused on promoting innovative, original and viable ideas in a decentralized world. XIO uses zero capital and a community-centric approach to bring the vision to life through the XIO crowdfunding system. Token holders can get voting rights and exclusive token airdrop opportunities for all XIO-incubated projects.

Leiting Network will be a decentralized global value Internet transmission protocol public chain based on the BTC consensus mechanism. The XIO ecosystem will cover a global point-to-point payment protocol, a decentralized and innovative financial derivatives trading platform, an on-chain governance system dedicated to self-renewal and upgrading, and a public chain system based on smart contracts. XIO’s all-round ecological layout and the value Internet transmission protocol with self-evolution ability ensure XIO’s unique advantages in the future public chain competition.

What about XIO Coins?

Holding $XIO gives you rights to all projects we develop through Blockzero Labs Venture Studio. Its main purpose is to drive and incentivize innovation in the decentralized space. If Ethereum is the base layer of the Web 3.0 world, then Blockzero is the digital spacecraft we are building to explore the potential of this new universe.

When Blockzero launches a project, a portion of the native token goes into Vortex – the treasury of the asset is currently governed by the Blockzero Council. As we transition to the DAO, anyone can redeem the underlying value of Vortex by burning $XIO tokens. This essentially gives $XIO a collateral value.

Additionally, $XIO holders can earn new tokens every day and can claim them on dropzero.io until August 2021. Holding $XIO gives you rights to all future projects we develop. When we create a project with the native token, we airdrop it directly to XIO holders.

Blockzero has never raised any outside funding, has no VC investors, and is 100% led by the community that supports it.

25% of the entire $XIO supply has been offered and given away to holders of our first experimental project, Bomb. All remaining tokens are currently held in Blockzero Vortex – a public 5/7 multisig wallet governed by the Blockzero committee.

This article is a comprehensive analysis of what kind of currency XIO is. I remind investors here that if you want to invest in XIO currency, you can keep calm and insist on not doing so. Infected and misled by the market. In addition, in the process of investing, we must pay attention to long-term value investments, and let rational and mature investment concepts rather than emotions control your investment concepts. This is the mentality a rational investor should have. Investment mentality is important for investment. The impact is really huge.

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