What does it mean when a shib pending order is cancelled?

⑴Call auction pending orders limit up and then cancel

There are many novice who don’t know anything when they hear the stock call auction for the first time, and even blindly follow the trend and buy randomly Trapped in high position. Today, I will use my rich experience in stock trading to analyze what is a stock call auction. The second paragraph is the content of knocking on the blackboard. Hurry up and collect it!
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1. What is the meaning of stock call auction?
This stock call auction is usually held between 9:15 and 9:25 in the morning of each trading day. Investors can apply for buying and selling according to their own hearts at the price acceptable to them.
The purpose of the stock call auction is to determine the opening price, which is the first price, which is required to appear first at 9:30 when the stock market opens.
Generally speaking, the following three bidding rules must be followed for this price: (1) This price can be traded to the greatest extent; (2) If the price offered by the buyer and the seller is the same, at least one All transactions; (3) Sell applications lower than this price and buy applications higher than this price must be successfully traded at the end,
For example:
If there is a quotation of 10 yuan and For a quotation of 9.9 yuan, the number of people who buy and sell at 10 yuan is 100 and 10,000 respectively, and the number of people who buy and sell at 9.9 yuan is 1,000, so the opening price is 9 yuan.
Because when the price is 10 yuan, the matching transaction volume is only 100, and 9.9 yuan has 1000. If the transaction price is the same, one of the two parties must be all satisfied.
Buy orders that exceed 9 yuan and 9 will be filled, and all orders that are lower than 9 yuan and 9 sell orders will be filled.
About the content of the stock call auction, after we finish speaking, let’s learn about the trading skills in this time period.

2. What are the trading skills during the stock call auction time?
First of all, it is divided into two periods of collective auction time, and the operation of each period is different:
The first period of 9:15-9:20: it can be declared and cancelled at the same time. , in this time period, the matching volume you see is likely to be superficial, that is because the transactions completed in this time period can be cancelled. The price of the stock will rise with the purchase of large orders in the first few minutes. When it is close to 9:20, these large orders will be cancelled. At this time, it is too late to cancel the orders. Therefore, we must be vigilant and not be fooled by the main force.
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The second time period 9:20-9:25: Once initiated, it can only be declared and cannot be cancelled. The order during these 5 minutes is the most real. opportunity not to be missed.
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The third time period 9:25-9:30: 5 minutes before the opening, just accept the declaration without doing any processing, the order application in these 5 minutes is temporarily stored in the brokerage system and uploaded to the exchange It is 9:30.
Here, I will share a few useful skills with you:
1. For example, you must buy a stock and report it at its daily limit price, which can generally be bought.
2. Once you want to sell a stock, declare it at its lower limit price, and you can almost sell it.
However, the official transaction price may not be the limit-up price or limit-down price you originally declared, but the exact transaction price based on the transaction price at 9:25, also known as the opening price.
However, if the market is opened at the daily limit or the lower limit, it may not be able to buy or sell smoothly.

Response time: 2021-09-25, the latest business changes are subject to the data shown in the link in the text, please click to view

2 When selling stocks The order has already been placed. After the order is cancelled, the status of the stock says it has been reported for cancellation. What does it mean?

1. For example, at the moment when the market closes at noon, I want to cancel the order. It was officially withdrawn after the market opened, so it will show that it has been reported for withdrawal. If it was just at 15:00, the funds will be automatically returned tomorrow.

2, 9:20~9:30, offer to buy or sell, and then withdraw during this time period, there will be a�� has been reported to be withdrawn”.

3. During non-trading hours, such as during the noon break, the withdrawal of orders that have not been executed in the morning will also appear. There is also a special case, the last few seconds before the closing. After the order is placed but there is no transaction, this is valid on the day, and it will automatically expire after the order day! The system of the brokerage will be automatically cleaned up.

(2) What does it mean when the shib pending order is cancelled? Read:

Outside agencies take this opportunity to suck the goods, or look inside other agencies for protection.

Drain: Some agencies see stock prices drop bit by bit, and retail investors are forced to listen Order until the price slowly rises.

Protection plate: refers to the protection of the valve flap, the behavior of the protection plate is usually the main action, because the main chip, the stock price will have a greater After the loss, in order to reduce the degree of reduction, promote the market to raise the stock price quickly;

When the stock price falls, the main force will use a part of the funds to maintain the stock price. The main method is to sell the market when the market is strong. Buy at the right time, and control the stock price within a certain range to avoid greater losses due to excessive price drop.

⑶ Why can’t the stock 14.58 pending order be cancelled

Pending orders for stocks cannot be cancelled after 14:57 because the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges will not accept the opening call auction stage from 9:20 to 9:25 and the closing call auction stage from 14:57 to 15:00 on each trading day Cancellation of orders; within other time periods of accepting transaction orders, unfilled orders can be cancelled. If there is no order cancellation during the intraday, it needs to be re-entrusted the next day.
Extension information:
2:57-3:00pm Yes Call auction time, the price of the largest volume of call auction is the closing price of the day, other quotations cannot be traded, and the unfilled orders are automatically cancelled after the stock is cleared.
Call auction time for stocks: 9:15 am on the trading day- 9:25, 14:57-15:00 pm, continuous bidding time: Monday to Friday 9:30-11:30 am, 13:00-15:00 pm, no trading on statutory holidays.
One, stocks The problem of unsuccessful order cancellation:
1. Check the cancellation time. If it is 3:00 pm, the submitted order cancellation application will be processed automatically, and it will not be visible until 9:30 am on the second trading day. The order is cancelled successfully.
2. It means that the stock price fluctuates to the price of the order, and the order is automatically filled.
3. Order cancellation means that the order is cancelled before the order is filled, so that it cannot be traded. Before settlement on the day The order is valid on the same day. Generally, the settlement time is from the closing time to 19:00 on the same day. The order after the settlement is counted as the order of the second day. It is valid after the market opens the next day. Cancellation of the order, no need to cancel the order. The order has been filled, and the order cannot be cancelled. In other cases, the order can be cancelled normally.
2. Why can’t the order be cancelled:
1. If the investor wants to use the locked funds on the day Gold (when entrusted to buy, want to change the buying price or do not want to buy) or stocks (when entrusted to sell, want to change the selling price or do not want to sell), you must first cancel the order by canceling the order before you can use it. Locked up funds or stocks. If the original order has been filled before the investor completes the cancellation, the order cannot be cancelled.
2. The order to subscribe for new shares cannot be cancelled.
3. It is found that there is a record in the transaction column, but there is only the frozen quantity in the cash stock column, and there is no balance quantity and available quantity. It is because my country’s stocks implement T+1 trading, so the stocks bought on the same day are on the same day. It cannot be sold, it can only be sold the next day.
4. You can check the entrustment and transaction status in the inquiry column.
Buy freeze is definitely bought, because the stock you bought today cannot be sold, so it is displayed as buy freeze. There will be no increase in your available quantity and your stock balance will not increase until after the securities firm’s liquidation is complete in the evening.

⑷ When the stock is traded, the status of the order shows that it has not been executed and is irrevocable. What does this mean?

When selling stocks, they are all sold in the mode of order. Out, the time of the order is normal trading hours, and the price of the order is suitable, and it can be sold quickly. However, during the period of time that has not been sold after the order, you can apply for cancellation, and you will not sell again after the cancellation. , but many investors found that they failed to apply for cancellation after entrusting. Why is this?

Pending orders outside the trading hours. The opening hours of Chinese stocks are from Monday to Friday, from 9:30–11:30 in the morning, and from 13:00–15:00 in the afternoon. All places in China are the same, subject to Beijing time. During the declaration period, there is no declaration quantity matching the entrustment. The quantity of the entrustment is wrong, and the quantity to be purchased must be an integer multiple of 100 shares. If the order is placed on the same day but there is no transaction, the trading system will automatically cancel the order for you after the end of the trading session (3:00 pm). Before the next day, the delegated amount will be automatically returned to your account.

⑸ The fund I bought at Bank of China today is displayedIt’s a pending order, what does it mean to buy or not to buy?

When a pending order is traded, the amount subscribed and subscribed will not be deducted from the account immediately, but will be deducted and transferred in batches at the next normal trading time. For normal transactions, you can go to the bank to check the pending order transaction status or print the “Bank of China Open-end Fund Business Confirmation Letter” with the original transaction receipt and valid certificates within 2 working days.
The above content is for your reference. Please refer to the actual business regulations.
If you have any questions, please consult the online customer service of Bank of China or download and use the Bank of China Mobile Banking APP to consult and handle related business.

⑹ What is the matter with the automatic cancellation of pending orders?

Are you hanging too high or too low?

⑺ For the gold I bought at China Construction Bank, why has my pending order been cancelled? Where did the money go?

It’s fine. If it is confirmed that it has been cancelled, it means that there is no transaction. Put a hundred hearts, the money is still in your account.
If the account balance cannot be found, then check the margin balance, if it still cannot be found. That is only temporarily frozen, and it will be checked on the second trading day.
All hands, please accept

⑻ How to cancel CCB pending orders in silver

Find a pending order in the order list, and then double-click the pending order, it will be An undo instruction appears.

⑼ Help! Yesterday, I sold funds on the Bank of China online banking, and now it shows the pending order…. What does it mean if it is not cancelled

The deadline for valid applications for fund redemption is the closing time of the stock on that day. The redemption application submitted before will be considered as a valid application, and the application submitted later will be regarded as the application of the next day. That is to say, your application submitted after 3:00 on August 2 is considered as a valid application on August 3.

The redemption application will be confirmed on T+1, that is, your application will be confirmed on August 4, and then settled according to the closing net value of the fund on August 3. The funds are generally The account arrives on August 6th. If you redeemed the QDII fund, the time for the funds to arrive should be around August 8th.

A redemption application submitted before the stock market closes can be revoked before the market closes, but not after the market closes. The number can be cancelled before 3:00 pm, and it cannot be cancelled after 3:00 pm.

Commonly submitted valid subscription and redemption applications can be completed, unless the fund suspends redemption, or the redemption amount exceeds 10% of the total score.

In short, if your fund sells, it will be sold at the closing NAV on August 3rd. If the redemption amount on August 3 exceeds 10%, your entrustment may be postponed to August 4. If it is not ranked in the top 10%, it will be postponed to August 5, etc. So far, domestic There has never been a fund that has redeemed more than 10% of the total shares in a single day, so this possibility is almost impossible. Therefore, your fund should be sold at the closing net value on August 3.


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