What does the Bitcoin Club in the air mean?

①Is the Air Bitcoin Club worth investing in?

Virtual coins that generally involve leadership structures
are fraudulent coins similar to online pyramid schemes,
need to attract people to develop Online access to excess returns,
It is easy to be blocked by law enforcement agencies and cause losses to investors.
It is recommended not to participate blindly.

②What is the Bitcoin Air Club

The questioner is obviously advertising. In fact, the Bitcoin Air Club has nothing to do with Bitcoin, it just makes false propaganda under the guise of Bitcoin. Invest carefully in such projects to avoid being deceived.
If you are interested in digital currency, it is recommended to pay more attention to mainstream digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ritecoin, and Ethereum.

③ Is the Air Bitcoin Club a pyramid scheme?

The Air Bitcoin Club is a pyramid scheme.

[Direct Report Beijing, July 17, 2018] (Anti-MLM) According to a member who claimed to have joined Air Bitcoin in the second half of 2017, the director of Air Bitcoin Club in China One of them is Yao Hongtao, whose online identity is the chairman of Inner Mongolia Golden Eagle Group, who participated in the illegal pyramid scheme “wv Dream Journey” project. The founders of the company are Renato Rodriquez and Gutemberg dot Santos, who co-founded wcm777 and ViziNova, two projects identified as Ponzi schemes.

Yangtze Evening News reported a news on June 1, which was about Bitcoin in the air. The article mentioned that the police initially identified it as a new type of network pyramid selling organization.

(3) What does Air Bitcoin Club mean? Extended reading:

Article 7 of the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Prohibition of Pyramid Marketing stipulates that pyramid selling must meet the The following three.

1. Participants can join or introduce others to join by paying “capital fee” or “qualification fee” or paying “capital fee” or “qualification fee” in disguised form of subscribing goods (including services). Qualification;

2. Participate in the development of downline personnel by introducing others, and thus establish an organizational system with internal wealth redistribution relationships between upper and lower levels;

3. The organizer uses the participants Part of the fee paid pays the remuneration of the first participants to maintain the operation; the income of the participants is determined by the order of their joining and their development.

④ Is Aerial Bitcoin a pyramid scheme? Is it a scam?

Aerial Bitcoin is suspected of pyramid schemes and is a scam.

In July 2018, Yichun City Financial Office found a company called “AirBitClub” in the Internet financial risk investigation. It has no business registration and listing records. It uses studios to attract investment and teach and WeChat groups In the name of vigorously developing members, and promoting public awareness by engaging in public welfare activities.

The club claims: “Give us your money, and the club will help you invest in Bitcoin. Our intelligent analysis system can achieve profits by buying low and selling high, with an annual financial return rate of more than 50%.”


This business model is suspected of pyramid selling. Article 7 of the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Prohibiting pyramid selling stipulates that pyramid selling must meet the following three conditions:

1. Qualification fee” or disguised payment of “capital fee” or “qualification fee” in the form of subscribing goods (including services) to obtain the qualification to join and introduce others to join;

2. Participate by introducing others Develop downline personnel, and thus establish an organizational system with internal wealth redistribution relationships between upper and lower levels;

3. The organizer uses part of the fees paid by the participants to pay the remuneration of the first participants to maintain Operation; the benefits of participants are determined by the order in which they join and the number of development personnel.

(4) What does Air Bitcoin Club mean? Extended reading:

Risk Analysis of Air Bitcoin Project

1. The club is essentially a bitcoin fund, and the operation of the fund must be licensed and regulated by the local financial regulatory authority. As of April 2019, there is no legal basis for the establishment of Bitcoin funds in my country.

2. The club cannot achieve direct bitcoin transactions, investors’ funds cannot be freely entered and exited, and its company is located overseas, and it can close the door and run away at any time after collecting funds. The behavior of the club Suspected of illegal fundraising.

3. The club has branches all over the country, and its team operation presents a combination of dynamic and static and a multi-level model, with the nature of pyramid selling.

4. Citizens are relatively unfamiliar with new Internet finance and new technologies. Non-professionals should invest with caution. Similar to the 3M mutual aid that once collapsed, the use of the well-known Bitcoin to replace the legal currency (RMB) for investment is essentially a Ponzi scheme.

Reference source: Official website of Wanzai County Government – Air Bitcoin Club is suspected of illegal fundraising

⑤ About Air Bitcoin Club, some people say that he is Is there any real member of the fraudulent pyramid scheme to explain the rejection of fake members

I have oneA friend did this, and he pulled me to do it together, saying that he earned hundreds of dollars a day. I don’t think there will be a pie in the sky, I don’t have this fate. It belongs to the chicken, plan to eat a bite, and be practical.

⑥ Aerial Bitcoin Club scam. When will it go bankrupt?

Air Bitcoin Club was founded on September 17, 2015, and it has been more than 4 years since the verification of the domain name will be valid until 2024. The company has been operating normally and does not owe members a cent The money, a lot of money, is good or not. Only those who join can be lucky enough to share the wealth of the company. I never believe in negative news on the Internet. A company without negative news is not a good company. Do you understand?

⑦ I was deceived into joining the Air Bitcoin Club, now how to call the police and what materials are needed

Being deceived into joining the Air Bitcoin Club should now call the police immediately. Tell the police everything you know. For example, bank transaction records. Membership records, as well as on-site photos, etc. This kind of thing

⑧ My wife is in the air bitcoin club, she doesn’t listen to anything, she says it’s a liar, but she doesn’t believe it, what should you do?

I own the financial power of the family, control the salary and deposits, change the password of the bank card, and unbind her account, and only give her daily expenses. Also, declare to relatives and friends: The family has no problem with the economy. Whoever lends her money privately, don’t ask you for it.

⑨ The Bitcoin Club in the Air has closed down, how can I get the money out?

If the Bitcoin Club goes out of business, can I find the person in charge?

⑩ Is AirBit Air Bitcoin Club reliable?

New things, measure yourself


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