What does the Kushen cold wallet rely on to support the network?

A. Does the Kushen cold wallet support Chia coins?

Yes, the virtual coins of the real chain basically have official wallets

libraries God Wallet provides blockchain asset security solutions. The private keys of digital assets based on digital signatures do not touch the network, avoiding the risk of private keys being stolen by network hackers.

B. How to deposit digital currency into Kushen cold wallet

Find the receiving address of the accepted currency on Kushen wallet, copy and paste it to send The column can be sent.

C. Will the private key of the Kushen cold wallet come into contact with the network?

No, the communication of the Kushen cold wallet is The connection by scanning the QR code does not contact the network at all, so the private key has always been disconnected from the Internet, and the security factor is very high.

D. What is the online APP of Kushen cold wallet mainly used for?

The online APP is mainly responsible for online balance inquiry and broadcast transaction, and All the information involved in the APP on the network side is open and transparent, and there is no security risk.

E. What aspects of the Kushen cold wallet are superior in performance

Its biggest feature has two parts: hardware cold wallet and networked APP, on the one hand It can guarantee safe storage. On the other hand, it can query the balance and broadcast transactions through the networked APP, which greatly increases the security of storage.

F. Does the Kushen cold wallet have a networking system?

Yes, the Kushen cold wallet consists of two parts, one part is its hardware, the hardware is completely It is isolated from the outside world and has no networking. The other part is the networking terminal APP, which is specially responsible for online balance query and broadcast transmission storage, and this storage involves open and transparent information, and there is no security risk. You can rest assured. .

G. Does the Kushen cold wallet have the function of isolating the private key from the network?

Of course, the biggest feature of the Kushen cold wallet is the use of QR code for communication. The private key never touches the Internet to ensure the security of storage.

H. What are the benefits of the QR code communication used by the Kushen cold wallet

The QR code communication can make the private key not touch the network and scan the QR code directly The QR code can be connected, and the encryption of the QR code can ensure the security of the stored information.

I. How to use the Kushen cold wallet

The Kushen cold wallet also has a camera, which communicates with the outside world through a QR code, and An Internet-connected APP can be used with a hardware wallet. The APP also has a scan code function, and you can send payment information directly by scanning the code. The QR code is encrypted to ensure security.

J. Kushen cold wallet is a product launched by what company, is it reliable?

Kushen cold wallet is launched by Beijing Kushen Information Technology Co., Ltd. This company is mainly a professional company that provides blockchain digital currency security storage solutions. After using the Kushen cold wallet, I feel that the safety factor is still very high, and I personally think it is more reliable.

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