what does wic mean in a house

what does wic mean in a house?

WIC — Walk-in closet.Feb 10, 2021

One may also ask,What does WIC stand for in construction?

W.I.C.: Walk-In Closet.Common Abbreviations Used in Construction Blueprintshttps://www.thebalancesmb.com › construction-abbreviati…https://www.thebalancesmb.com › construction-abbreviati…

Besides,What is linen in floor plan?

A regular bath tub will be shown as a rounded corner rectangular inside a slightly larger rectangular. Garden or spa tubs will be larger rectangle and may have an oval shape inside them. A linen closet in or near the bathroom will be marked as linen or lc or lin.How to Read Floor Plans – Home Guideshttps://homeguides.sfgate.com › how-to-read-floor-plans-…https://homeguides.sfgate.com › how-to-read-floor-plans-…

In this way,What does so stand for in construction?

SO. Slip On. Clothing, Architectural, Piping.SO Construction Abbreviation Meaning – All Acronymshttps://www.allacronyms.com › constructionhttps://www.allacronyms.com › construction

Then,What does do mean on structural drawings?

Door Opening. Architecture, Engineering, Structural.DO Construction Abbreviation Meaninghttps://www.allacronyms.com › constructionhttps://www.allacronyms.com › construction

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What does POS mean on a house plan?

List of Abbreviations

Abbreviation Definition
pol flrs polished floors
pos position
pw, p/w per week
qual quality

111 more rowsList of Abbreviations | Docking Real Estatehttps://docking.com.au › list-of-abbreviationshttps://docking.com.au › list-of-abbreviations

What does SL mean on a floor plan?

SL. Surface Level. Architectural, Architecture, Technology. Architectural, Architecture, Technology.SL Construction Abbreviation Meaning – All Acronymshttps://www.allacronyms.com › constructionhttps://www.allacronyms.com › construction

What does PCO mean in construction?

Potential Change Order11. PCO (Potential Change Order) A potential change order is an item the contractor expects or anticipates might result in extra work or additional costs.14 More Construction Acronyms Owners Need to Knowhttps://cefloyd.com › our-blog › construction-101-14-mo…https://cefloyd.com › our-blog › construction-101-14-mo…

What does P mean in floor plan?

PANTRYP, PAN or PANTRY = Pantry. Depending on the plan, the pantry could be as small as the refrigerator or as large as a luxury walk-in closet.Home Plan Buyers: Learn How to Read a Floor Plan (Blueprint) – Bloghttps://www.eplans.com › blog › home-plan-buyers-learn-…https://www.eplans.com › blog › home-plan-buyers-learn-…

What does HP mean in floor plan?

Hp is the height of the window sill, i.e. the distance from the finished floor to the edge of the wall opening under the window sill. In our case, the window sill was designed at a height of 85 cm above floor level.How to read a floor plan? An easy-to-understand floor plan guidehttps://www.cubi.casa › how-to-read-a-floor-planhttps://www.cubi.casa › how-to-read-a-floor-plan

What are the architectural abbreviations?

Basic Architectural Abbreviations for Drawings

  • AFF – Above finished floor.
  • AFG – Above finished grade.
  • BOF – Bottom of footing.
  • BOW – Bottom of wall.
  • BP or B/P – Blueprint.
  • CAD – Computer-aided drafting.
  • DWG – Drawing.
  • Exc – Excavate.

Basic Architectural Abbreviations for Drawingshttps://abbreviations.yourdictionary.com › articles › basic-…https://abbreviations.yourdictionary.com › articles › basic-…

What does are stand for in architecture?

ARE Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Business » NYSE Symbols
ARE Architect Registration Examinations Academic & Science » Architecture
ARE Active-Resistance Exercise Medical » Physiology
ARE A. and R. Line Incorporated Regional » Railroads
ARE Arab Republic of Egypt Regional » Countries

20 more rowsWhat does ARE stand for? – Abbreviations.comhttps://www.abbreviations.com › AREhttps://www.abbreviations.com › ARE

What is the architectural abbreviation of finish floor line?

Architectural Abbreviations

# Pound OR Number
FF Finished Face or Finished Floor
FFL Finished Floor Level
FIXT Fixture
FLR Floor

110 more rows•Architectural Abbreviations – Archtoolboxhttps://www.archtoolbox.com › architectural-abbreviationshttps://www.archtoolbox.com › architectural-abbreviations

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