what is e speed figure in horse racing

what is e speed figure in horse racing?

Equibase Speed Figures The Equibase Speed Figure tells you how fast a horse has been running in its past races with a single number. Its sophisticated algorithms are based on the horse’s actual time in combination with other factors, such as the condition of the track.

One may also ask,What is highest e speed figure?

The record for the highest Beyer Speed figure is held by Groovy, the 1987 American Champion Sprint Horse who earned 133 and 132 in back-to-back races, in the Roseben and True North Handicaps at six furlongs in 1987.

Regarding this,What is a E in horse racing?

A/E stands for Actual over Expected. In this process we take the expected chance of winning implied by the odds, so if a horse is 2/1 or 3.0 (depending on your preference) it would have an expected chance of winning a given race of 1/3.0 = 0.33.

Also asked,What is the speed figure in horse racing?

Speed figures measure how fast a horse races, using a complex formula to normalize race times across all tracks, distances and surfaces. The figure is based on the horse’s actual finishing time along with other factors such as run up distance, rail distance and track condition (including wind when recorded).

In this way,What is E1 and E2 in horse racing?

E1 Pace Ratings measure how fast a horse ran from the start to the 1st call, which is 2-furlongs in sprints and 4-furlongs in route races. E2 Pace Ratings measure how fast a horse ran from the start to the 2nd call, which is 4-furlongs in sprints and 6-furlongs in routes.

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What was Secretariat speed index?

Secretariat’s average speed in Triple Crown races was 37.7 mph, fast enough to set a new record in each race. His accomplishments in these prestigious races still have not been matched.

What is the Beyer Speed Figure formula?

By comparison, the Beyer Speed Figures are much simpler to calculate. We first calculate the lengths per second at the end of the race. This is done by taking the PP distance in furlongs and multiplying it times 66 lengths per furlong, and then dividing by the final time in the PP.

What does Beyer par mean?

Beyer Pars Pars for Beyer Speed Figures represent the approximate average winning figure for a given class at a given track. These numbers reflect the relative strength of different racing circuits. At Belmont Park, maiden special weight races for older horses have a par of 87.

How do I find my horse's speed rating?

The actual calculation of the speed index starts with taking the three fastest winning times at a particular distance for the past three years at a given track. These times are averaged together, and that average is then the 100 SI for that distance at that track.

Is equibase free?

Equibase mobile can be accessed with any internet-enabled wireless device and has been optimized for iPhone and Android users. There’s nothing to sign up for or order and best of all, it’s FREE. Please note that while equibase.com mobile is free, your wireless provider may charge you for used air time.

Who is the fastest horse ever?

Winning BrewThe Guinness Book of World Records recognizes a Thoroughbred named Winning Brew as the fastest horse of all time, with a top speed of 43.97mph. However, other breeds have been clocked at higher speeds over shorter distances.

What is the fastest horse breed?

ThoroughbredsThoroughbreds are considered the fastest horses in the world and dominate the horse racing industry, while Arabian horses are known to be intelligent and excel in endurance riding. Take a look at some of the horse breeds used in racing, dressage and general riding.

What killed Secretariat?

Secretariat died in 1989 due to laminitis at age 19.

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