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Floki Rocket Farming is a full new decentralized platform and allows you to stake, play2earn and farm to get a passive incomeAs we will become a 100% community-driven protocol, RLOKI will become our governance token and holders will get the right to vote and be part of the further developments of the project ADD ECOSYSTEM DIAGRAM when READY

Floki Rocket Story

Floki’s father Elon Musk tweeted ON JUNE 25TH, 2021, “MY SHIBA INU WILL BE NAMED FLOKI”, and on October 4th he tweeted a photo of the adorable “Floki Frunkpuppy”. Floki is the ultimate companion and only wants to make his father proud. Elon wants Floki to be more than just another meme-cryptocurrency.

Floki seeks to impress Elon with unique tokenomics, and an ecosystem that will grow into the largest community in crypto. Floki knows that going big is the only way to impress his dad, thus the birth of Floki Rocket. Join us on Floki’s inevitable trip to the Moon!

Ecosystem of Floki Rockets

Static Rewards

As a truly decentralized and community-centric project, it is keen to ensure increased use cases for its tokens, thus driving its adoption. As a truly decentralized and community-centric project, it is keen to ensure increased use cases for its tokens, thereby driving their adoption, by taking 4% of the 12% tax on each transaction and redistributing it to all token holders of RLOKA.

12% of the tax on each transaction will be taken and redistributed to all token holders of RLOKI. Each
transaction will automatically increase the liquidity of the Pancakeswap pool.Floki Rocket Rewards

Investors are rewarded for simply holding their tokens, and the longer an investor holds their tokens, the more rewards they will receive.

The longer an investor holds their token, the more rewards they will receive. That’s not all, token holders are also rewarded for the success of the project. The success of the project will also be rewarded as the project’s trading volume increases.

Liquidity Pools

Each time liquidity is deposited into the pool, special tokens called liquidity tokens are issued to the source address. To the source address, they are proportional to the amount of liquidity added to the pool. They are proportional to the liquidity added to the pool. Each time a transaction occurs, the fees collected are allocated proportionally to all LPs (liquidity providers) in the pool, traded at that particular time of the transaction. In order to collect the underlying liquidity, plus the fees they accumulate during the period when the liquidity is locked
liquidity is locked, LPs must lock their liquidity tokens through DXSALE.APP. To explain in clearer terms, when a user provides an asset – liquidity to the pool – it automatically becomes a fungible resource. The tokens placed in the liquidity pool are referred to as values or derivatives.

are referred to as values or derivatives.

In this way, the provider gains ownership of the total amount of rewards provided. Supply. when Floki Rocket was launched, the initial liquidity supply was in the form of BNB/RLOKI LP tokens. This was done to reassure investors that the project team was committed to the success of the project and that there is no malicious intent or rip-off.

Why Floki Rocket?

Redistribution and Passive Income

  • 01:4% of every buy and sell transaction get distributed to the holders in $BNB. The more you hold the more you earn. Simply connect to our DAPP to claim your $BNB

Auto Liquidity

  • 02:3% of every buy and sell transaction is permanently added to liquidity to create an ever-increasing floor price. Liquidity is locked for 12 months, no risks of rug pull. You are in safe hands.

Rocket Fuel

  • 03:5% of every buy and sell transaction goes towards fuelling our rockets via marketing wallet coupled with charitable donations.

How to Buy?


Q1 2022
January / February
First NFTs collection release / Partner Game launch
Company Incorporation in UK
FlokiFarming platform release
New ecosystem presentation
Farming / Gaming token Launch
Special Floki event
Angry Rocket launch
First CEX listing
Launchpad opening
Rare NFTs edition release
Established CEX listings
Opening new farms
Opening pools

Q2 2022

Ethereum Launch
New project utility
Angry Rocket new version release

Q3 2022
Solana Launch
Stablecoin release
Powerful Ecosystem
Strong partnerships




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