What is IEO?

What is the first exchange(IEO)?

As the name suggests, the first transaction issue (IEO) refers to raising funds for new projects through the digital currency trading platform. Trading assets in these platforms are active behaviors, but usually can only be traded after developers raise funds and launch projects. Through IEO, potential investors can buy first in these assets. By promoting the trading platform for the payment of the money, the registered users of KYC information can be purchased before the opening of the open market.

IEO is supported by the trading platform, so the startup of the program must take its activities seriously. In most cases, the IEO proposal is strictly reviewed by the participating trading platform. In a certain sense, the trading platform provides guarantees with its own business reputation for IEO activities for approval.

IEOHow is organized?

Although blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development, thousands of digital currency startup companies and companies have been born in the industry. Many of them are attracting potential investors through ICO or IEO events. If the developer of the digital currency project determines the organization of IEO, you must follow a complex program before raising the first capital.

The project team must meet a number of requirements: a steady and reliable business model, experienced team members, practical technical use cases, and providing a white paper is the most important indicator. Organizing an IEO is equivalent to claiming that he will work hard to lead the project for a long time.

In addition, they need to determine that the first transaction will be issued to get the hard or soft top. A hard roof ensures that the investment will not exceed the upper limit. The soft top sets the initial goals that must be reached, but subsequently allowed investment.

Why is the block chain project-IEO

Raising funds for new digital currency or blockchain may be quite difficult. Like all other industries, in order to attract investors, competition is very intense. Not everyone can successfully introduce investment funds through traditional methods.

This is the land of IEO, which caterers to the needs of both digital currency holders. The trading platform participating in the participation can bring a certain reputation to the project of the funds, so IEO is trustworthy to some extent. After all, the trading platform provides guarantees for IEO with its own business reputation. Even so, all people should conduct an in-depth investigation before making any financial commitment.

IEo is undoubtedly trustworthy for projects who wish to raise funds through the trading platform. Most of the first transactions will be sold soon, depending on the project vision and use case. Project Currency will also go to the trading platform after-sales.

Next, we will introduce you to the difference between IEO and ICO, and the advantages and disadvantages of IEO!

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