What is kaiju kidz?(Pixelated NFTs)

What is kaiju kidz??

Kaiju Kidz is a limited collection created along side the genesis collection: Abandoned Kid Kongz (AKK) together forming Daycare Kidz. Only 5000 Kaiju Kidz will be created creating a scarcity within the Daycare Kidz collection. Kaiju Kidz come with tons of digital utility & perks including: Staking your Kaiju Kid in the Daycare (will be stackable) Voting rights within the Daycare Kidz Kouncil Whitelist opportunities with future collaborations, Free Mints for Future Daycare Kidz Collections Access to the interoperable Webb 3 pixel Metaverse Dao Treasury Vault for AKK & Kaiju Kidz holders to benefit Giveaways & Merch (more to come on community vote within the dao)


What the Daycare stands for!

Owning a Kaiju Kidz stands up against Rugs within the NFT space. Kaiju Kidz was created for victims of “Kid Kongz”. A community that was unfortunately given false hope, ignored and ultimately rugged. Instead of just letting a community & art collection go to waste, the community took matters into their own hands creating a swap which created AKK. Secondary sale’s now funnel into a community wallet, and towards the community. Kaiju Kidz and AKK complement each other creating strong utility within the Daycare Kidz Collection. let me know if that works haha

What is the background story of The Daycare Kidz?

The Daycare Kidz project began when our leadership team came together to save the community of a rugged project, Kid Kongz. A few dedicated and experienced community members began brainstorming ways to save the project, which soon transformed into an integration of an already in-the-works project that one of the team members was working on. From there, the project began gaining traction and ideas began turning into actions as a swapped collection Abandoned Kid Kongz was created, a DAO was formed, a community treasury was established, and the beginnings of the first internal project, Kaiju Kidz, soon began to form with an incredible amount of potential and future plans the deliver ever-increasing value to the community!

What will the community treasury be used for?

The community treasury will be governed by the DAO, in which 1 Kaiju Kid = 1 vote, and 1 Abandoned Kid Kong = 2 votes. The treasury will be used for many purposes including, but not limited to: Marketing, Expansion Costs, Giveaways, Charity Donations, and The Daycare Staking Reward Fund

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