What is TAPROOT? Is TAPROOT related to Bitcoin technology?

What is TAPROOT? Is TAPROOT related to Bitcoin technology?

What is TAPROOT? The TAPROOT has fundamentally expands the smart contract function of the Bitcoin network by bringing all chain transactions (simple transactions and higher transactions) to external observes.

The solution depends on the three techniques currently implemented or being implemented by Bitcoin: P2SH, MAST and SCHNOOR. Let’s take a quick look at this. P2SH or "Press Script Fischer" is a basic technology that is currently involved in "providing power for transactions on the network." The P2Sh introduced in BIP16 locks Your bitcoin behind the script that the script requires a specific condition before providing Bitcoin.

For standard transactions, this means that the private key will be used to verify that the coin is available. For advanced transactions, this may mean that more private keys need to be provided before the script is released. Conditions don’t have to be just a private key; or, you can use a password, time lock, or some other unique requirements (or more required simultaneously). The P2SH script (including publishing conditions) is stored as the hash. It is necessary to spend Bitcoin sent by P2SH, the recipient must provide scripts that match the script hash and data to make the script to true. These conditions will be displayed to the network after the coin is used.

The problem is that all conditions are revealed when the condition is revealed. If you set multiple signature protection conditions, and a password is also entered in P2SH, then the two passwords will be displayed after the coins are flourished. This is a problem because the external observer can infer the bits to which wallet is sent / verified. Some wallets do not provide advanced features, such as time locking or multiple signs, thereby narrowing the wallet range available for guess. In addition, with more code, there will be more code, we have explained why this is unfavorable.

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