What is the best way to mine after tomorrow?

① Please ask for help. After tomorrow, what is the best career for gathering.

Each one has its own advantages, and there is no perfect career. You can choose the hemp industry. For example, in the sandstone castle, you will often receive the task of fighting infected people and mercenaries. Treasure chests will also appear in the exploration, which requires a lot of hemp to continue fighting.
If you choose, you will regret it, and you will regret it not far away.

② In the harvesting industry after tomorrow, which of the three is best: logging, mining, and hemp harvesting

I heard that hemp harvesting is better. I have nowhere to cry, but I have to run around to pick hemp. If I have another chance, I will be certified to mine.

③ Which one is better, the miner or the lumberjack after tomorrow

③ h2>

Effect: Increase the rate of mineral explosion and mining speed when excavating stones.

Evaluation: Miners are better than Lumberjacks because mines are more useful in the early stage, and a map can have several times fewer stones than trees. After all, what is rare is the most expensive~ Miner Occupation Details After Tomorrow

In the early stage, the use of minerals is relatively large, and there is also a lack of them. Compared with the newly opened server, this profession is more popular, and the minerals dug are for personal use or sale. As for the later stage, it depends on how the game is updated later.

④ Which of the three gathering professions is the best after tomorrow (lumberjack, miner, hemp picker)

The best one is hemp picking in the early stage and mining in the later stage, I personally I prefer miners, because in the later stage, we need steel to make guns, and silicon crystal ore to make steel. In the later period, the production of polyester fabrics required both jute stems and broad leaves. Lumberjacks only had broad leaves but no jute stems, and hemp picking only had jute stems but no broad leaves.

⑤ Which one is the best in the gathering industry after tomorrow

Gathering after tomorrow

There are 3 additional routes for gathering talent, one group of cutting trees and digging, and picking hemp One group, one group of manor auxiliary skills. It is recommended to point the first set of skills, which can maximize the role of resources in the limited skill points.

⑥ After tomorrow, the camper chooses a miner, what career should I choose?

It depends on my own preferences, but if it is complementary, it is still a hemp worker, or a miner. ,Strength and strengthen, I play hemp picker, I think it’s pretty good, no ischemia wherever I go

⑦ Which one is better for automatic mining assistance after tomorrow

Using security With the help of mobile and ios mobile games, you can play tomorrow with an emulator on your computer, and the player experience you get is really unusual.

⑧ What kind of ore can be sold after tomorrow? What kind of ore can be sold for the highest price and most practical after tomorrow

Iron ore in the autumn forest

⑨ It will be enriched after tomorrow Where are the most mines

After tomorrow, there are more enriched mines in clear sky wheat fields, autumn forests, summer rain highways, and the suburbs of far-star cities. Players can mine on these maps.

Players can activate the special mining expert skill when their gathering proficiency reaches level 90. We have upgraded this skill to level 5. When mining ore at level 9, there is a 14% chance to obtain the exclusive secondary resource phosphorus. Graystone, players can improve this skill level a lot, which can increase the chance of obtaining a lot of apatite.

Introduction to other situations after tomorrow.

After tomorrow, the virtual joystick will be the main operation method, and camp construction, map exploration, resource collection, combat confrontation, etc. will be the main methods to help players gradually improve their abilities and manor levels. At the same time, the game also strengthens the concept of players independently collecting resources, making tools, building homes, and camps, and more emphasis on mutual cooperation between players, and finally operating an exclusive camp.

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