What is the impact of 5g and blockchain

1. How big data + Internet of things + blockchain + 5G and other high-tech + can help the e-commerce industry

Smart logistics has appeared in our reality in life. The reason why companies such as Alibaba and JD.com make frequent moves in smart logistics is to snatch the attention of capital. Smart logistics is the trend of future development. It integrates almost all the current hot technologies. It is not only the best tool to attract capital accumulation and increase market value, but also one of the best competition methods in the logistics industry.

The biggest advantage of smart logistics is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and plan for the future through data.

Smart logistics includes hardware and software, and there are stackers in hardware. AGV handling trolley, manipulator, output line, three-dimensional library, hand-held code scanning gun, etc., there are software, WCS equipment system, WMS storage system, DPS sorting system, MES manufacturing system, monitoring system, BI Kanban, etc., and the promotion of 5G More benefit from the software, the software and hardware are linked in real time, and the data is transmitted and shared in time.

2. Internet of Things. What is the connection between 5G and blockchain

I do not know since when, the Internet of Things and the blockchain have been deeply related, and this year has become more and more intense. Whenever the Internet of Things is mentioned, the blockchain must be followed; when the blockchain is mentioned, the Internet of Things must also be brought into the topic. The public can’t help but wonder, is the Internet of Things rubbing the blockchain’s heat, or is the blockchain hard-pulling the Internet of Things to block the “bullet”? Let’s find out.

The word Internet of Things is mentioned almost every day in today’s life. According to data, there were about 8.4 billion smart devices connected to the Internet in 2017, such as thermostats. , cameras, street lights and other electronic products. According to foreign McKinsey & Company data, this number may reach 25 billion by 2025, and the entire economy will reach as high as 6 trillion US dollars.

Are you blinded by such a huge number? Although the Internet of Things technology has been widely used all over the world, its defects have gradually become prominent.

According to the traditional model, the Internet of Things is often collected by the data center (server) of the device manufacturer to collect the information of all connected devices, which determines that the server needs to have powerful operation and storage capabilities. Moreover, with the exponential growth of IoT devices, the maintenance cost of servers will also greatly increase, making it difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to maintain.

At the same time, in terms of communication compatibility, the global IoT platforms lack a unified language, which easily causes multiple IoT devices to communicate with each other. This is due to the obvious fragmentation characteristics of the IoT industry. Whether it is smart homes, smart home appliances, robots, smart cars, etc., the networks they are connected to are fragmented and closed. Moreover, the status quo of the Internet of Things industry is still full of mountains, and their respective influences are relatively limited, and it is difficult to reach a unified standard in a short period of time.

Based on this, the Standard Chain team has put forward the concept of fog networking based on the accumulation of previous experience in the Internet of Things and the characteristics of blockchain.
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3. What is the blockchain, it will explode in the 5G era

In When 5G begins to be fully popularized and applied, the role of blockchain in enhancing the value of data elements becomes more and more obvious. In the 5G era, it will explode and play a more important role. Huobi University, an industry education institution focusing on blockchain applications, has launched online live classes, and it is recommended to study.

4. What is the relationship between blockchain technology and 5G? Does the country or recruitment company recognize the certificate of blockchain application analyst?

There is no direct connection between the two , Blockchain is a technology for data storage, transmission, identification and encryption, while 5G is a communication technology. At present, there is no such certificate as a blockchain application analyst. If there is one, it is issued by the liar.

5. Is 5G+blockchain and cubic is a concept?

5G is 5G

blockchain is blockchain


The cube is not very clear, do you want to ask about quantum computing

The three logics are different, and it feels a little bit of mutual promotion

5G is It solves the problem of wireless transmission rate, which is many times faster than 4G.

The predecessor of the blockchain is the PPP protocol, which is a point-to-point transmission protocol

It is used to solve the congestion problem of the central node. , to improve the download speed

Quantum computing is a breakthrough of Moore’s Law, which can solve the limit problem of computing speed in a limited space

For more information, please refer to this article. Blockchain, can you explain it in an easy-to-understand way?

6. Facing the advent of 5G and the blockchain era, what will happen in the future

The time bottleneck of the speed of blockchain data synchronization is not the network speed. Create one every approximately 10 minutes.The block of � is stipulated by the Bitcoin protocol, and the purpose is to limit the rate of block generation. At the same time, it is also to balance the mining difficulty.

7. What does blockchain + electronic contract + 5G mean

Blockchain + electronic contract + 5G complement each other and give full play to their respective advantages, 5G and regional The effective integration of blockchain will provide a more efficient, secure and fast service experience for electronic contracts.

“Blockchain + Electronic Contract”, based on blockchain technology, we can provide users with electronic signatures, electronic contract management, and blockchain evidence preservation and other services.

Compared with 4G, 5G has the characteristics of higher transmission rate, less communication delay, wider network coverage, etc., which can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the blockchain and allow off-chain data to be transmitted in a wireless environment. faster. The decentralization, non-tampering, encryption security and other characteristics of the blockchain can also solve the privacy, security, trust and other problems existing in 5G, and improve network information security and service efficiency.

We will help the safe and healthy development of the digital society and economy through blockchain, electronic contracts, and 5G technology, and help enterprises build a credible smart contract platform.

8. Ma Jinghua: 5G and blockchain are the best tools to improve influence

In the forum session of this summit , the on-site guests conducted in-depth discussions on the theme of “Media Trends and Trends”, and made wonderful interpretations according to their respective enterprise characteristics and industry experience. Ms. Ma Jinghua, former vice president of BMW Brilliance PR, brand director of Volkswagen, and now vice president of the International Department of Dalian Tiansi Museum Education Group, said:

I very much agree that any business must have a strategic goal. Its vision, mission, and goals must be clear. 5G and blockchain are both technologies, and this priority must be clear. Especially in the future, brand communication is very important. The basic principles of brand building, the relationship between elements and consumers, how to maintain the value of this brand, how to measure the value of this brand, the basic business rules will not change, I hope everyone Calm down and understand these rules, learn these things, and keep them in your mind. At this time, you will not lose your direction when the big waves hit, and you will not be confused by the colorful technology.

Specifically, 5G is characterized by low latency and high transmission speed, which puts forward high requirements for the quality of media personnel and public relations personnel. Then there are changes in content distribution channels and methods. The Internet of Everything, everything is media, smart cities, and smart homes brought by 5G, including everyone, has become a media. In this case, how do you influence the public and how do you spread your message? Everyone should consider it from a higher level. Because of its low latency and high speed, coupled with the rise of short videos, the customer experience is higher and the requirements are higher. How do you adapt as public relations and media?

As a media company, or media media personnel, there must be a clear strategy. What should my company do when both technologies are intertwined. In my personal opinion, whether it is 5G or blockchain, it is actually the best tool to increase influence. We seize this opportunity, follow this trend, and strengthen ourselves. This is an opportunity, an era of building influence, which is rare.

For the blockchain, I learned a little bit, because one of my classmates wrote the first book on the popularization of blockchain technology in China. As Mr. Fu just said, the core of blockchain is the protection of original creators, the protection of original creators and works, and the platform and standard for creators to measure their self-worth and products. This provides a great protection for the creation of media and the creation of content by media practitioners. In the future, as long as everything we write is good and unique, there will be more than N people who will buy it and give you a thumbs up. In fact, this is already very popular in the United States.

Blockchain is also helpful for distribution channels. Anything you make rough will have traces, and the good things you write will be confirmed, widely cited, and create higher value, and you have the power to be yourself. Therefore, media companies must create a blockchain strategy as soon as possible, take advantage of the trend, and seize this opportunity.

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9. What impact does 5g bring to the development of mobile Internet

Mobile Internet and Internet of Things are the two major acceleration engines for the development of mobile communications in the future, and will be the driving force for 5G. Provide broad prospects, because the mobile traffic brought by the development of the mobile Internet will increase by a thousand times.

Advantage impact

  1. Users’ needs have driven the development of emerging intelligent services, and mobile communication networks have been developing towards providing high-speed and intelligent services.

  2. 5G mobile communication network can help users realize the popularization of global smart terminals as soon as possible, and increase the�� The development of mobile Internet.

  3. Add more updates and more useful service content to the mobile Internet.

  4. The entire communication system and the industry related to the communication system, the mobile Internet has undergone profound changes.


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