what is the most common hogwarts house

what is the most common hogwarts house?

While plenty of respondents were sorted into Gryffindor (Harry Potter’s House) or Slytherin (home to many of the books’ budding villains), a majority were in either Ravenclaw (home to the studious and industrious) or Hufflepuff (the House of humility and diversity).Sep 1, 2017

Beside above,What is the most popular house in Hogwarts?

GryffindorIt’s why Gryffindor, the most famous house in all of Hogwarts, was so popular. You can forget about Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff completely.Harry Potter at Christmas: Why Hufflepuff is best Hogwarts househttps://www.stylist.co.uk › books › hufflepuff-harry-potte…https://www.stylist.co.uk › books › hufflepuff-harry-potte…

Long,What is the least common Hogwarts house to get into?

Step aside, Hufflepuff: There’s a new least popular Hogwarts House – and I belong to it. I’m sorry, fellow Ravenclaws. There will never be a day when Gryffindor is not the most popular Hogwarts House. And Slytherin seems to always have its place among the outcasts and the rebels.Step Aside, Hufflepuff: There’s a New Least Popular Hogwarts …https://www.mugglenet.com › The Daily Prophethttps://www.mugglenet.com › The Daily ProphetCached

In this way,What is the stupidest Hogwarts house?

Although they all have their own kinds of negatives, one house that stands out as a candidate for the worst is Ravenclaw.Harry Potter: 15 Reasons Why Ravenclaw Is The Worst Househttps://screenrant.com › harry-potter-ravenclaw-worst-hou…https://screenrant.com › harry-potter-ravenclaw-worst-hou…

Correspondingly,Is Hufflepuff the most common house?

This is basically like Christmas for Harry Potter fans. The quiz yielded some interesting conclusions, including which Hogwarts house most Americans would likely join. It turns out that Americans are far and away more likely to be Ravenclaws, with Hufflepuffs in a reasonably close second place.This is the Hogwarts house that most Americans are sorted intohttps://hellogiggles.com › Entertainment › Bookshttps://hellogiggles.com › Entertainment › BooksCached

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Are there any evil Hufflepuffs?

Yes, Hufflepuff dark wizards likely exist. In an interview, JKR confirms that there are people connected with Death Eaters in the houses other than Slytherin, and does not in any way attempt to specifically exclude Hufflepuff.harry potter – Were there (or are there) any Dark Wizards who were Sorted …https://scifi.stackexchange.com › questions › were-there-o…https://scifi.stackexchange.com › questions › were-there-o…

What Hogwarts house is J.K. Rowling in?

GryffindorAnd, naturally, J.K. Rowling herself is a Gryffindor.22 celebrities reveal the ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts house they were sorted intohttps://www.insider.com › what-harry-potter-hogwarts-ho…https://www.insider.com › what-harry-potter-hogwarts-ho…

What is the laziest Hogwarts house?

But because students are often placed in houses that contradict their personalities at the beginning of their Hogwarts education, Slytherin has wound up with plenty of lazy students too.Harry Potter: 5 Most Ambitious (& 5 Laziest) Slytherins – Screen Ranthttps://screenrant.com › harry-potter-ambitious-lazy-slyth…https://screenrant.com › harry-potter-ambitious-lazy-slyth…

Who is the smartest Ravenclaw?

1 Smartest: Rowena Ravenclaw.Harry Potter: 5 Dumbest (And 5 Smartest) Ravenclaws | ScreenRanthttps://screenrant.com › harry-potter-ravenclaw-dumbest-s…https://screenrant.com › harry-potter-ravenclaw-dumbest-s…

What is the 2nd best Hogwarts house?

2. Ravenclaw – Smart and clever.Ranking the Harry Potter Houses in the Most Obscure Ways Possiblehttps://allears.net › 2021/04/26 › ranking-the-harry-potter…https://allears.net › 2021/04/26 › ranking-the-harry-potter…

Which is the hardest Hogwarts house to get into?

On Pottermore, though, Ravenclaw is the House with the least people. I, Amy, think Ravenclaw might be the “hardest” house to get into, but that’s my personal belief because Ravenclaw is about more than smarts, etc.What would you say is the hardest house to get…https://hogwartshousehabits.tumblr.com › post › what-wo…https://hogwartshousehabits.tumblr.com › post › what-wo…

Is Slytherin a rare house?

Muggle-born Slytherins existed, but were very rare, as noted insultingly by Scabior the Snatcher. There had also been definite examples of half-bloods sorted into the house, including Tom Riddle, Dolores Umbridge, and Severus Snape.Slytherin | Harry Potter Wiki – Fandomhttps://harrypotter.fandom.com › wiki › Slytherinhttps://harrypotter.fandom.com › wiki › Slytherin

Is Ravenclaw a good house?

We all know that Gryffindor is typically associated with good and Slytherin with bad, but where does that leave Ravenclaw? The underrated house prides itself on academic excellence, with its members typically being devoted to their studies and excelling in intelligence, rather than ending up in dangerous situations.Harry Potter: 5 Things That Prove Ravenclaw Is The Best House (& 5 …https://screenrant.com › harry-potter-things-that-prove-ra…https://screenrant.com › harry-potter-things-that-prove-ra…

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