What is the period of the mining industry

(1) The mining industry

Both prospects are good. If you do not exclude mining, the prospect of mining is better, because the application of mining is narrower than that of civil engineering.
If you are in the early stage, the key depends on your personal ability. I have seen mining graduates who worked as chief engineers of coal mines within 7 years of graduation, or state-owned coal mines. I have also seen civil engineering graduates looking at design companies, with an annual salary of tens of millions .
Mining engineer, currently has no certificate, has a professional title, junior, intermediate (engineer), deputy senior, senior high
National registered geotechnical engineer application requirements, you can know it through the Internet, can you see it at a glance

(ii) When will Guodun Mining be listed?

Currently mining is banned, so it will not be listed.
The production process of virtual currency is called “mining”, and the most important cost is the electricity fee required for the operation of “miners”, so “mining farms” are concentrated in areas with sufficient electricity and cheap electricity, such as Xinjiang, which is rich in thermal power , Inner Mongolia, and Yunnan, Sichuan, and Guizhou, which are rich in hydropower. In January 2022, 11 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document to rectify virtual currency mining: it is listed as an eliminated industry.
Listing is a securities market term. The narrow sense of listing is the initial public offering Initial Public Offerings (IPO) refers to the process by which companies issue additional stocks to investors through the stock exchange for the first time in order to raise funds for corporate development. When a large number of investors subscribe for new shares, the shares need to be allocated by lottery, also known as drawing new shares.

(iii) How long does it take for bitcoin mining to pay off

Recently, the price of bitcoin has continued to rise, reaching a maximum of $41,000. According to Mr. Liu, the manager of the mine, there have been customer inquiries and orders recently, but the output of mining machine manufacturers is insufficient, and a large number of mining machines cannot be obtained. Now it takes 5 months or more. His clients basically added positions in the middle of this year. At present, the price of mainstream mining machines ranges from 30,000 to 60,000, and it takes about 12 months for mining to pay off.

So, if you really have the idea of ​​mining, don’t be carried away by the impulse, you should take it slowly. Today, the continued rise in the price of Bitcoin is largely due to the fact that many mainstream investment institutions or investors have become interested in digital assets and have begun to hoard Bitcoin.

Bitcoin investment has great risks. It is not uncommon for the phenomenon of sudden rise and fall, and there are also many people who lose their money. Therefore, it is not advisable to follow blindly, and investments should be kept calm.

(3) When is the mining industry extended reading

Bitcoin plummeted by more than 10%:

1 Earlier on the 11th, Bitcoin once fell below $37,000 per piece, with a minimum of $35,141, the largest drop of more than 10% in the day. According to the data of Bitcoin Home.com, the liquidation volume in the past 24 hours has reached 1.165 billion US dollars (about 7.530 billion yuan), and within 24 hours, a total of 115,138 people have liquidated their positions.

For the sudden drop, some netizens said: “What should come will always come”. Some prudent investors said that at such a high level, I will clear my positions first and go empty.

㈣ What are the characteristics of the mining industry

It is coal mining, sunset industry! There is no future! Take a look at the mining engineering major! A lot of people are talking nonsense on the Internet! What kind of mining major has high employment rate, high salary, family members, and mine manager. . . What is a coal mine know? Search the Internet for real coal mines, there are so many things! Brother is a dry coal mine! Just got back from the mountains today, so lucky for you! Let me tell you about coal mines. People who work in coal mines are called coal blacks. In the past, they were all done by prisoners or desperate people. Now they are much better and their pay has improved, but their social status is still very low! The typing is too tiring, the following is not complete, but it is true! Take a look at
Take a look at the mining engineering major! A lot of people are talking nonsense on the Internet! What kind of mining major has high employment rate, high salary, family members, and mine manager. . .
1 High employment rate: can it be high? Within 3 years after arriving at the mine, most of it will go, who will do it? The class that came a year later than us was the worst. More than a dozen people came to our bureau. They worked for less than 3 years and sacrificed 3 people. They were also unlucky. Two of them were vice captains of the coal mining team. , the others have been withdrawn.
2 The salary is high, I have worked at the department level, except for welfare and hardware, I have received more than 80,000 yuan. Generally, starting from a technician is the most difficult period. It is not as good as a worker. As long as you need to write something on duty, engage in technology, business, etc., even if it is party building, it is the work of technicians, and at the same time, you have to go down the well to follow the work. More than 25 wells go down in a month. Like ordinary workers, many of them run away during this period when they can’t stand it. Generally, they all add more than 5,000 a month! But suffering that sin is something you didn’t expect when you were in school. Not only is the work hard, but the management of the coal mine is a bit rough. After all, most of the coal mines are contract workers, and the methods of ordinary literati can’t control it. School graduates may not be able to eat in the coal mine, after all, it is not high-tech. leadership and soilJust like a boss, treat your subordinates rudely and scold them casually! Don’t think about doing it if you want dignity. Even at the department level, it’s the same, every morning there is an early adjustment meeting, which is simply a meeting where the mine leaders scold the minions, and they leave when they can’t bear it!
3 Bring your family, who do you bring. Coal mines are all in the valleys, whoever wants to come with you, who wants to keep their youth there. Hard work, overtime work every day, high safety pressure, and harsh environment. Since I was a technician, I have been on duty for a long time, on my own shift, and on duty for the leaders above. I don’t even think about the holidays. It seems that I wear dirty work clothes every day. Under the sun, I can go back to my home 2 or 3 times a week (the home is in a small town 30 kilometers away from the coal mine). Some of my classmates are in more remote mines and only go back once a month! Picture what! I often ask myself, why didn’t I learn a craft, even a haircut or a chef! Now I can only deal with black coal, coal sunspots, and migrant workers every day! But besides, I am lucky, I found a good wife! Much better than those colleagues who are single now and don’t want to find one from their hometown and countryside! Some of those who are looking for a daughter-in-law from the countryside will arrange for those who are related to go to the lamp house, bathhouse, and canteen (leaders can go directly to the office), and the dry cleaning of the coal factory is not a problem. The daughter-in-law of the family is willing to do this work.
4 does not necessarily go to the mines. If you learn mining and don’t go to the mine, the employment opportunities are too narrow. If you study electromechanical and geodesy, you can change careers. Where can you go if you learn mining. Design Institute? The problem is not so many people! You can’t do well in a coal mine, do you still want to go to a design institute? If I could go, I would have gone early! Who is going down the well!
5 When the mine manager, dream! A mine has several managers and deputy managers! To put it simply, the curtain behind the coal mine network is darker than coal! It doesn’t matter how good you are, then you only have to be exhausted! If you are doing things in earnest, you will not even be advanced.
6 Billionaires, Arabian Nights. To be able to become billionaires, all the children of high-ranking officials in China have come to mining. Your father is the mayor, if not the county magistrate, then it is possible. But if there is such a father, he will never let you work in the coal mine.
7 Higher education is popular in coal mines. Not necessarily, there are graduate students from the previous year among my colleagues, and there is no business to say! It doesn’t matter, his immediate boss is giving him unfinished work now, and he didn’t say goodbye, so he deliberately punished him. Privately said that this guy will not be involved, Qing Gao, there is no high-tech in coal mines, and a college student is more than enough. Look at what my workers did, and get an adult college, isn’t it different!
8 Mining is unpopular. The slanted edge of the sword is surprisingly successful! Misunderstood son! Why is it cold, no one is going to do it, so cold! The country has not thought about this industry, this industry is the most inferior industry, if you want to make a name for yourself in this industry, it is a fool’s dream! I’m embarrassed to say I’m dry coal mining when I go out! And in order to appear a little more dignified in front of others, the classmates in the coal mines and others are all pretending to be big money, pretending to be generous, and talking big, why? Just a little bit of self-respect!
9 State-owned large coal mines are safe. Is stronger than a small coal mine! The national advanced and even the world’s advanced coal mining enterprises reported on TV! Not the same, there are accidents, and what you can see on TV are all big ones, and there are too many sporadic ones! Coal mines have a safety indicator called “million tons of fatality rate”. Do you know what it is? Casualties per million tons of coal. It shows that it is very difficult for coal mines to be undead!
10. Opencast coal mines are better than underground coal mines! Nonsense, don’t talk nonsense if you haven’t done it. It’s all hard work, and the conditions of open-pit coal mines are even worse, with wind and sun, coal dust, and dust! The employment scope is narrower and the working place is more remote. Several open-pit mines in our unit enter 100 people each year and leave 90 people each year, recruiting and leaving every year. The key: the salary is average, the working environment is poor, it is impossible to find a girlfriend, and I can only go home once a month. (But it doesn’t have a gas explosion)
Coal mines are bitter! Change your postgraduate studies! Don’t be like my brother, youth has left such regrets! For the family, for the children, and for the short life.

㈤ What does mining mean on the computer

Mining: Bitcoin mining is a process of using computer hardware to calculate the location of Bitcoin and obtain it.

㈥ What is Bitcoin mining? How much does a mining machine cost? Does it still make money from mining?

Now it has passed Bitcoin mining During the bonus period, the output will be halved soon, and now it is a bear market. Unless you have strong funds and a very low-priced power supply source, don’t enter the mining industry again

㈦ Mining is legal

Because the blockchain industry is still in the early stage of development and the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, some people choose to take risks and break the law in order to obtain improper benefits. This situation is common in all walks of life. ��� Now, it cannot be said that the entire industry is illegal because someone in a certain industry has done something illegal. This kind of misunderstanding and prejudice is not easy to appear in other mature industries, but in the same situation, in the blockchain industry unfamiliar to the public, people unconsciously form misunderstanding and prejudice. After years of development, the mining circle has become larger and larger, and compliance in all aspects has become better and better; however, many people still have misunderstandings about mining, and even some miners believe that mining is a gray industry. It is this misunderstanding that makes many people stay away from mining, and the entire cryptocurrency mining industry has been unfairly evaluated. Therefore, some people miss the fate of mining and rub shoulders with wealth regret. Today we interpret mining from a legal perspective. Because of the misunderstanding of the mining industry, even old miners have doubts about whether mining is illegal, and worry that their mines, mining machines and other assets will be confiscated. First of all, I will give you a reassurance. As long as the mine is compliant and the mining machine is purchased through formal channels and hosted in a formal mine, your relevant assets will be protected by law. Let’s first briefly explain what cryptocurrency mining is. Take bitcoin mining as an example. Mining is to use a professional bitcoin mining machine to solve a calculation problem given by the system. The miner who gets the answer that meets the system requirements first can get bitcoin rewards. Mining is the act of using mining machines to produce bitcoins. Through the above introduction, we know that mining involves two elements: one is the machine that produces bitcoins – mining machines; the second is the product of mining – bitcoins.
If all the links involved in mining are legal, then mining is undoubtedly legal. The links involved in
mining include:
site – mine;
equipment – mining machine;
product – bitcoin; there are two mining machine manufacturers in my country – Canaan Yunzhi And Ebang International has been listed on Nasdaq. Based on this, it can be judged perceptually that the mining machine is legal, otherwise how can the company that produces the mining machine go public. From a legal point of view, a Bitcoin mining machine is a special computer using ASIC chips. Miners purchase from legal channels, and as long as they use the mining machine normally, they are protected by law.

(viii) What kind of industry is mining?


Mining refers to solid (such as coal and minerals), liquid (such as crude oil) or gas Extraction of naturally occurring minerals such as natural gas.

Includes underground or above-ground mining, the operation of mines, and all ancillary work generally performed at or near a mine site to process raw materials, such as grinding, beneficiation and treatment, are included in this category Activity. It also includes the preparations required to make the ingredients available for sale. However, it does not include water storage, purification and distribution, as well as geological exploration and construction engineering activities.

(8) When is the mining industry extended reading

The driving factors for the development of the mining industry in my country mainly include the following aspects:

One is the country’s industrial policy. The mining industry needs a lot of capital in the construction process. In addition, my country’s mining industry is still in the initial stage and is greatly affected by the state’s macro-control.

The second is the level of mechanization in the mining industry. Mine ventilation is the key to ensuring the safety of miners. Poor ventilation can lead to silicosis in miners.

The third is the domestic market demand. An important driving factor for the rapid development of my country’s mining industry in recent years is the strong market demand for natural resources.

Fourth is the technical development level of my country’s mining industry. The development of circular economy and environmental protection is the direction of the development of the mining industry, which requires strong technical support.

㈨ Mining is the first industry

Countries in the world divide various industries into three categories: primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry. The primary industry refers to industries that provide means of production, including planting, forestry, animal husbandry, aquaculture and other production sectors that directly target natural objects. The secondary industry refers to the processing industry, which uses the basic means of production to process and sell. The tertiary industry, also known as the service industry, refers to other industries other than the primary and secondary industries. The tertiary industry is extensive. Including transportation, communications, commerce, catering, finance and insurance, administration, household services and other non-material production sectors.
Industrial classification is not completely consistent across countries. In my country, the mining industry belongs to the secondary industry category B, see “National Economic Industry Classification” (GB/T 4754-2002)

㈩ The future development prospects of the mining industry

Coal mines Overcapacity, referring to the “2016-2021 China Mining Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report” shows that in recent years, domestic and foreign underground mining technology has developed rapidly, and many new mining technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment are in Underground mines are used. Some domestic mines and a number of advanced mining technology and equipment have entered the world’s advanced level.column.
From the above statistics, the underground mining of iron ore is still dominated by caving mining, and the underground mining of non-ferrous and gold mines is still dominated by open-field mining and filling mining. Over the past ten years, the backfill mining method and backfill technology of underground metal mines have developed rapidly, and the caving mining method and the open field mining method are also constantly improving and innovating in technology. Therefore, the rapid development of underground mining technology of metal mines in my country has been promoted, and the process technology of some mines has reached the international advanced level.


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