What is the use of Huobi transferring money to the mining pool?

A. Is Huobi Pool a scam?

Huobi is a domestic bitcoin trading platform

B. The money has been kept in the Huobi.com account, is it safe not to withdraw cash?

I have been fooled, the Huobi.com money can’t be withdrawn, and even the account can’t be accessed, and my money has been defrauded.

C. How to mine in Huobi Pool

1. Open Huobi Pool and start registering a new account, as shown in the figure below.

D. The assets in the Huobi general account cannot be found in the withdrawal and transfer.

Summary, hello . I will answer your question. Because typing and organizing the information takes a certain amount of time. I hope you’ll be patient, about five minutes.

E. What chain does Huobi Wallet use to withdraw bitcoin?

The link used is of course our own withdrawal connection, we withdraw coins When the transferred connection needs to be withdrawn, you need to transfer to this link before you can withdraw to your own account.

F. What will Binance Pool do?

If you want to scale it, you must have a large number of servers, and ultimately Make it like a mall?

G. What should I do if the USDT transferred from Huobi Pool cannot be transferred out? It’s a pity that the money is still borrowed!

Huobi supports intra-account transfer, click on finance – intra-account transfer, you can transfer USD spot currency to RMB spot

H. Huobi How to mine coin pool?

Huobi has no mining, only spot, contract, OTC

I. Can USDT on Huobi.com Transfer to imtoken wallet

USDT on Huobi cannot be transferred to imtoken wallet. Because imtoken does not support USDT Bitpie wallet support.

USDT is based on the BTC block network and can be withdrawn normally, depending on whether the other platform supports receiving it. Invalid because imtoken wallet is not connected to USDT.

USDT can be transferred to bitpie. However, it is generally not recommended to keep USDT for a long time.

The imtoken wallet is an exclusive Ethereum wallet that can only be used to store Ethereum tokens. The USDT Tether is swapped with the US dollar, 1USDT=1 US dollar.

(9) What is the use of transferring money from Huobi to the mining pool? Extended reading:

What to do for USDT Tether purchased on Huobi Online A transfer action transfers the currency of the fiat currency account to the trading account, and then the button for withdrawing currency will appear below the USDT ratio. If there is no transfer, the button for withdrawing currency will not appear. Then you can see if the imtoken wallet platform can receive this coin, which can help you find the answer.

After that, just transfer USDT from Huobi.com to imtoken. If imtoken does not support it, just find another wallet that can support USDT.

Advantages of Huobi:

1. It is safe and reliable, easy to use, and the product user experience is particularly friendly.

2. Support OTC fiat currency transactions, support WeChat, Alipay and bank card transfers.

3. It is simple to apply for registration, there are many currencies, and the transaction volume is large, which is convenient for buying and selling at any time.

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