What major to study to enter the Metaverse

❶ The Metaverse is so popular now, what major can I do after I graduate from junior high school?

The Metaverse is a concept, it’s hard to say what to study, I really want to leave In this way, read a lot first, improve your knowledge, and prevent you from being cut off in the future

❷ What is the concept of the metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual space in the dimension And the real digital world in the time dimension; in terms of authenticity, there are both digital replicas of the real world and creations of the virtual world in the metaverse.

From the standpoint of independence, the metaverse is a parallel space that is closely connected with the external real world and is highly independent; from the standpoint of connectivity, the metaverse is a space that includes networks, hardware terminals, and users. Incoming a sustainable, wide-coverage virtual reality system.


Metaverse I Ci, born in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche,” depicting a sprawling virtual reality world where people use digital avatars to control and compete with each other to improve their status. A forward-looking future world.

A more recognized source of thought about the “metaverse” is American mathematician and computer expert Professor Verno Vinge, who creatively conceived the idea in his novel “Real Names” published in 1981. A virtual world where you can enter and gain sensory experience through a brain-computer interface.

❸ In 2021, the Metaverse will become popular, what can I learn to engage in this industry

The Metaverse is very popular now, and then learn Internet-related majors can take up this position. Yes, the metaverse is a conceptual thing and employment is very nice.

❹ What is the Metaverse

The Metaverse generally refers to the Metaverse, which is a collection of virtual time and space, consisting of a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual Reality (VR) and the Internet (Internet).

Metavers is composed of Meta and Verse, Meta means transcendence, verse means universe, together usually means the next stage of the Internet, virtual reality supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies Internet.

Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, and simulation technology. With the continuous development of social productivity and science and technology, the demand for VR technology in all walks of life is growing. VR technology has also made great progress and has gradually become a new field of science and technology.

Classified according to the system function angle

The system functions are divided into several categories such as planning and design, display and entertainment, training and drills. The planning and design system can be used for experimental verification of new facilities, which can greatly shorten the research and development time, reduce design costs, and improve design efficiency. It can be used in urban drainage, community planning and other fields. For example, VR simulation water supply and drainage system can greatly reduce the original need for Expenses for experimental verification.

Display entertainment system is suitable for providing users with a realistic viewing experience, such as digital museums, large-scale 3D interactive games, film and television production, etc. For example, VR technology was used by Disney to shoot special effects movies as early as the 1970s ; The training and exercise system can be applied to various dangerous environments and some fields where it is difficult to obtain operating objects or the cost of practical operation is extremely high, such as surgical training, space station maintenance training, etc.

The above content reference: network—vr, network—metaverse

❺ Will the metaverse be particularly promising to learn what technologies to engage in related industries

1. What is the metaverse?
If the world we are in now is a real world, a real universe, then the metaverse is actually a virtual world. You can understand it as transferring ideology into another world, similar to the sim game we play.
2. What can the Metaverse achieve?
Actually, the metaverse is not necessarily related to the game itself, and there are not only games in the virtual world. But since people have let go of the real world and entered the metaverse, they must be pursuing a richer spiritual life, and entertainment is essential. Therefore, the development form of the metaverse will be closer to the virtual social universe of the Internet. As for entertainment, whether some elements similar to cloud shopping, cloud experience, and even cloud office will be integrated into the metaverse, it is still unknown.
3. What technology is needed for the establishment of the Metaverse?
The establishment of the metaverse itself requires scenes and modules. The so-called scene can be understood as infrastructure, which is to convert the data scene that needs to be simulated into a similar virtual scene. The scene technology of the Metaverse itself is similar to the scene of simulated VR games, so VR manufacturers themselves have the most primitive and basic scene construction technology, while manufacturers of dimensional games, as well as the basic techniques for building a dimensional universe scene. Secondly, the Metaverse itself requires device access, that is, after the virtual scene is built, it must have AR and VR devices to access it, and the hardware cannot escape it at all. Therefore, in addition to software technology, hardware technology is also a technical activity that requires continuous upgrading.
What our country needs now is technological leaps and breakthroughs, such as chips, innovative drugs, and industries that are extremely dependent on imports. But manufacturing is the cornerstone of our country and the trump card for opening global markets. We will not necessarily follow the same route as the world, but most of the manufacturing-related things in the world must be Made In China. Therefore, if there is any emerging thing, it must be linked with Chinese manufacturing, and finding a corresponding production enterprise is a steady happiness.

❻ What is the latest concept of “Metaverse”

Metaverse is to enter a virtual world with the help of real VR headsets or brain-computer interfaces and other devices In the real world, you can conduct social activities, competitions, life and other activities, and experience everything in the virtual world immersively.
In short, it is based on modern technological equipment to build a virtual world that is indistinguishable from the real world, in which we can live, socialize, work, etc. It can be said to be a virtual reality space parallel to the real world .

❼ What is the metaverse? An easy-to-understand explanation. What are the majors related to the metaverse?

The metaverse is a new concept, an integration It is a new Internet application and social form that combines virtual and reality generated by a variety of new technologies. It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror of the real world based on digital twin technology, and builds an economic system based on blockchain technology. The world and the real world are closely integrated in the economic system, social system, identity system, and allow each user to produce content and edit the world.

❽ What is the relationship between metaverse NFT and metaverse

About the metaverse, we must first make clear that the metaverse does not really exist world, but a virtual digital world. The creators of the metaverse are us humans. So where did the metaverse come from? In fact, the concept of the metaverse comes from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”. What is described in “Avalanche” is a world in which humans manipulate their own consciousness clones to complete various tasks. In this world, human beings have a very strong sense of immersion experience, and they cannot even distinguish the difference between the real world and the virtual world. Now what we call the metaverse is based on this foundation, our inheritance and reproduction of this classic concept.
The foundation of the realization of the Metaverse is the maturity of our blockchain technology, VR, AR and other technologies as well as the mature layout of related industries. Among the elements of the metaverse, there is one member that is very important. It can be said that its existence determines the economic framework of the metaverse, whether it can be formed, and whether the metaverse can prosper or not. Its name is NFT, and its full English name is Non-Fungible Token. When translated into Chinese, it is called a non-fungible token. Regarding the non-fungible token, we can understand it in this way, it is unique and cannot be copied, and the unit of the non-fungible token is only 1, that is, it can never be split, which ensures the assets of the metaverse. Safety.
In the metaverse, the most extensive role of NFT is to provide a marker of ownership of native digital assets. A photo and a painting can be used for NFT. As long as the NFT exists, it is basically not afraid of others. Now, because no matter what, what is yours is yours, and you can quickly find the owner through NFT.

❾ What does the Metaverse mean

The Metaverse generally refers to the Metaverse. Metaverse is a collection of virtual space and time, which consists of a series of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet (Internet).

Metaverse is composed of Meta and Verse, Meta means transcendence, verse means universe, together usually means the next stage of the Internet, a virtual reality network supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies world.

The term Metaverse was born in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which depicts a huge virtual reality world where people use digital avatars To control, and compete with each other to improve their status, up to now, the description is still ahead of the future world.

Roblox’s definition of the metaverse includes eight elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversity, anytime, anywhere, economic system, and civilization. There are many elements, and behind each element, there is a series of explanations. In short, one sentence is not clear, which also shows that thisThe ambiguity of the concept of ��.


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