What mining method is the most efficient in minecraft

❶ Minecraft how to mine fast and improve mining efficiency skills sharing


The question is ambiguous… If you simply emphasize speed, of course it is The better the draft, the faster the mining speed, but there is a cold knowledge that although the gold draft has low durability, it is a little faster than the diamond pickaxe when digging many blocks.
If you want the overall mining effect, fishbone mining is recommended, which is to extend a branch (highly customized) every two blocks on a main line, so that a block can be searched without dead ends. of all minerals.

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❷ “Minecraft” veteran mining skills

1. Natural mines: This is a relatively easy time for us, because we can directly enter the mines and hold Torch to find, but this kind of mine is more suitable for finding iron ore and coal ore, but also pay attention to the monsters in the mine, often there are more monsters hidden in natural mines. Players can also look for resources in natural mines outside, which are relatively common, such as iron and coal.

2. Fishbone mining method: Players can use this mining method when they are at a certain low level. The ore contained in each rock layer is also different. The rarer the ore, the deeper it is. When it reaches a certain level, the player can dig left and right, so that the probability of finding the ore is relatively high, and of course it can also radiate to the surrounding. mining.

3. Vertical mining method: This mining method can only be tried by experts. Because players don’t know what they are digging down, maybe it’s magma, maybe it’s a monster’s mine, etc. It’s full of unknowns. When I was a novice, I fell into the magma all of a sudden, and everything disappeared. What a tragedy. This kind of mining has to dig two squares to detect the situation under the other square. Although it is a bit troublesome, it is safe.

4. Ladder mining method: This is the method that Diandao often uses when he is a novice. I feel that this kind of mining is safe and can stop the progress of monsters, which is very practical. But in the later stage, players will feel that the mining speed is slow and troublesome, and players with a little adventurous spirit will not use this mining method later.

Game Features:

Minecraft has no borders (the map grows dynamically), no endings, and no levels and scores . Although there are dangers such as monsters, surviving in the game is usually not difficult. Even after death, the player can respawn at the initial location, and the items on the body will drop and disappear after a period of time. In short, this open game has no clear game purpose, and players can enjoy the fun of exploration and creation in it.

“Minecraft” adopts the first-person perspective, and the square world with sharp corners gives a unique feeling. Although the quality of the picture is relatively rough, the overall feeling is very present, and the picture can be improved by selecting a texture pack.

❸ Minecraft how to mine the most efficient

If your version is above the ocean update, you can put yourself into a swimming state with water, and then dig forward one block, the fastest If you are not afraid of death, you can go to a natural mine
This kind of MOD, it’s easier, make a backpack of stone pickaxes to chain all the stones, and then use a better pickaxe to dig out the minerals you want.
When the game starts to find diamonds, it is best to only dig five diamonds, do A diamond pickaxe and an enchanting table, and then when you have luck III, you can dig other diamonds

❹ How to mine mine efficiently

Recommend you a mod, I Minecraft 1.7.10 ore detection MOD, cheating mod, mother no longer have to worry that I will not mine, I can’t put the download address here, but I saw it in the 18183 minecraft area last time, you can directly connect to the Internet Download “18183 Minecraft” and then you can download it, I hope it can help you, I hope you can adopt it!

❺ Ask for “Minecraft” high-efficiency mining skills guide

me How to mine efficiently in the world? Mining in my world is a more frustrating thing, so how can it be easy and efficient to mine? The following brings you a guide to efficient mining skills in Minecraft, I hope you like it.
1. Dig down vertically, be careful not to dig the blocks under your feet, dig to y=11, dig in one direction until you don’t want to dig any more, go down the mine for the second time and then dig in the other direction, use a ladder to go up .
2. If there is a shortage of iron, coal, etc., go to a natural mine. If you are short of obsidian and diamonds, go to a fishbone mine.
How to mine efficiently
First of all, we need to prepare enough ladders, and then open a vertical channel next to it, it is best to dig in an alternate way, put the ladders while digging, and dig all the way downTo the bedrock, and then dig four blocks up, you can use it as a temporary home, and be prepared to stay in the mine for a long time without going out. This method of digging is the fastest and fastest method of digging. If If you don’t want diamonds or something, just dig up 12 blocks and keep digging sideways.

❻ How to mine high-efficiency MC mining strategy in Minecraft

Because the safety layer of the mine also has a reasonable amount, all ores (especially diamonds) are in y Areas with coordinates 10 to 15 are generally considered the best areas to start digging in. Exactly, the height of the optimal mining layer is controversial, and there is no uniform answer. To find this, it’s easiest to dig in using the debug screen (F3). Or you can look for lava pools, which tend to form about 11 layers. (Mining at this level, if you pour water, will ensure the ground is intact. You can even dig to bedrock, find and stand on the highest bedrock, and climb up 6 blocks. Once you get to where you want to dig Rock formations, you can open a mine and choose to start mining using one of the techniques below.

Prepare to mine

It is always good to bring some food, wood, weapons, torches and water. If you’re on a multiplayer expedition, you’d better bring a bed to save time so you don’t have to go back to your house to sleep. Also, it’s a good idea to bring a few extra stone pickaxes and an iron pickaxe. You can Use a stone pickaxe to mine stone/coal/iron ore, use an iron pickaxe if you can’t get it with a stone pickaxe. If you’re looking for obsidian, you should carry a diamond pickaxe. Get lost in a cave without food or a sword, you May die soon.

If you get lost, try marking your current location with torches or (highlighted) blocks. This will also help you restore your Items. Dig out a safe room containing a furnace, workbench, bed and a chest that may take you some time. If you’re an enthusiastic miner who spends a lot of time in caves, you may want to be on the surface Build a house with basic survival necessities.

Build a rail system that allows players to quickly transport their minerals back to the surface. This requires transporting minecarts, minecarts, and activating rails , be careful lava burns your stuff. Be careful where you mine, you may want to keep it as it is, and rocks are no exception. If you have a transport minecart, you can put mines in.

For details, please refer to minecraft network:

Tutorial/Mining Technology – Minecraft Wiki

❼ How to mine the fastest speed in minecraft 1.72

You can start with mineral distribution, tool efficiency, and mining methods
Minerals will have distribution layers, some of which have the most minerals, you can look for them, for example, coal has 48 layers , 42 layers of iron, 28 layers of gold, 14 layers of lapis lazuli, 12 layers of redstone and diamond at most
Secondly, improving the efficiency of tools can speed up the speed of digging stones, and can find minerals faster
The way to mine can use fishbone mining

❽ the most effective mining method in minecraft

digging vertically, digging diagonally, digging down 5*5 Spiral staircase, fishbone mining method (herbrine is here)

❾ How to mine the most efficient MC mining skills in my world

Dig to the 11th floor diagonally, Put things in order and dig a room of the size you are satisfied with, and dig a tunnel between every two blocks

❿ Minecraft: How to improve mining efficiency

Use a good pickaxe child, it is best to use a diamond pickaxe. Then enchant the efficiency 5, if there is a command block, it can also do 100 efficiency of.


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