What should be paid attention to in bitcoin contracts

Ⅰ Bitcoin contract gameplay rules

Trading hours
Contract transactions are 7*24 hours, only settled at 16:00 (UTC+8) every Friday or Trading will be interrupted during delivery. In the last 10 minutes before delivery, the contract can only be closed, but not opened.
Trade Types
Trade types are divided into two categories, opening and closing positions. Open and close positions are divided into two directions: buy and sell:
Buy and open long (bullish) means that when the user is bullish or bullish on the index, he newly buys a certain amount of a certain contract. Carry out the “buy to open long” operation, and the long position will be increased after the match is successful.
Selling to close long position (long position closing) refers to the sell contract that the user makes up for the future index market when he is no longer bullish, hedging with the currently held buy contract to offset the exit from the market. Carry out the “sell to close long” operation, and the long position will be reduced after the match is successful.
Sell and open short (bearish) refers to a new sale of a certain amount of a certain contract when the user is bearish or bearish on the index. Carry out the “sell to open short” operation, and the short position will be increased after the match is successful.
Buy to close the short position (short order to close the position) refers to the buy contract that the user no longer bears on the future index market and make up the contract, which is offset with the current sell contract to offset the exit from the market. Carry out the “buy to close short” operation, and the short position will be reduced after the match is successful.
Order method
Limit order: The user needs to specify the price and quantity of the order. Limit orders can be used to open and close positions.
Order at the counterparty price: If the user chooses the counterparty price to place an order, the user can only enter the order quantity, and cannot enter the order price.
The system will read the current latest counterparty price at the moment of receiving the order (if the user buys, the counterparty price is the sell 1 price; if it is sell, the counterparty price is the bid 1 price), and then place the order. A limit order for this counterparty price.
After a user opens a trade, he/she has a position, and the positions of the same contract in the same direction will be merged. In a contract account, there can only be a maximum of 6 positions, that is, a long position in the current week contract, a short position in the current week contract, a long position in the next week contract, a short position in the next week contract, a long position in the quarterly contract, and a short position in the quarterly contract.
Order Restriction
The platform will limit the number of positions held by a single user in a certain period of contracts and the number of orders placed for a single position opening/closing to prevent users from manipulating the market.
What is the Bitcoin contract gameplay? Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has some understanding of the Bitcoin contract gameplay. The Bitcoin contract is simply not complicated. There are two main functions of the Bitcoin contract. One is to hedge the future. Risk, also known as hedging. The other is that the Bitcoin contract has leverage, so it can amplify the gains with a small amount of money. Of course, if the investor makes a mistake in judgment, it will also amplify the loss.
1. What is contract transaction?
Contract trading is actually very simple, it is a two-way transaction, you can buy up (long) or buy down (short), and you can sell as you buy, buy in the last minute, and close the position when the order is profitable the next minute, as long as It can be profitable in the right direction, and the contract trading mechanism is more flexible, which is also the current trend in digital currency investment.
2. What is a perpetual contract and what is the difference between it and an ordinary delivery contract?
Perpetual contract is an innovative financial derivative, which is similar to traditional futures contract, the biggest difference is: perpetual contract has no expiration date or settlement date, and users can hold positions indefinitely.
In addition, the perpetual contract introduces the concept of spot price index, and through the corresponding mechanism, the price of the perpetual contract returns to the spot index price. Therefore, unlike traditional futures, the price of the perpetual contract will not change most of the time. Too much deviation from the spot price.
Imagine a futures contract for a physical commodity, such as gold. In traditional futures markets, these contracts mark the delivery date for gold. That is, gold should be delivered when the futures contract expires. Since in the traditional futures market, one party is required to actually hold gold, this will lead to the “holding cost” of the futures contract.
The essence of a perpetual contract is the same as that of a delivery contract. The difference is that the delivery contract has a delivery date. On the delivery date, no matter whether your order is profitable or in a loss, you will be forced to sell it. Yes, you can sell whenever you want, there is no delivery date.
3. What are the advantages of operating perpetual contracts?
Perpetual contracts are not limited by time and have no delivery date. Traders can hold for a long time to obtain greater investment returns. At the same time, perpetual contracts provide up to 100 times leverage, and traders can flexibly adjust after opening positions according to their trading needs. The platform provides flexible risk protection while ensuring the best trading experience for traders.
The automatic liquidation mechanism ensures the interests of traders and is used to determine who is responsible for forced liquidation, effectively ensuring that the interests of traders are not affected by huge losses caused by high-risk speculators. And adopt a double price mechanism, withThe mark price is used as the trigger price for liquidation, and the mark price refers to the spot price of the global mainstream trading platform in real time.
Perpetual contracts can only use 1% of the market value of the coin to participate in the transaction, which is impossible for hoarding coins, and it takes up very little funds. That is to say, at a price of around $10,000 in BTC, one BTC can be traded for around $100 on a perpetual contract. The most important thing in operating a contract is the direction and position of buying and selling. The most important thing is to operate on the perpetual contract platform of a regular exchange, and you can enjoy one-to-one guidance every day to help you grasp the biggest market situation and avoid the risk of reverse operation.

ⅡHow to play digital currency contracts and what to pay attention to when making contracts

Technology and news are important references, and the other is human psychology. The key is to play with psychology. The currency market is changing rapidly. When you realize that your judgment is wrong, you should get out of the car in time. If you judge correctly, you must be calm and don’t be thrown off. It is also important to choose one that you can trust. 58COIN, an exchange founded in 2017, after three years of development, the transaction volume in the market is as high as 8 billion, which is very active. It is the most technologically advanced bitcoin contract trading international station, providing up to 100 times leverage for bitcoin products, as well as high leverage for other digital currency products.

Ⅲ What issues should I pay attention to in bitcoin transactions?

First of all, we should pay attention to whether the exchange is reliable, because there are many exchanges on the market now, and there are many kinds of exchanges. , so you must keep your eyes open to choose an exchange. Only those with a digital currency license can choose, such as Huobi, Saturn, etc.
Then store the bitcoins, the ones with a large quantity can be placed in the bitcoin wallet, and the ones with a small quantity can be placed directly on the exchange.
Be careful when trading and don’t trust others.

Ⅳ What issues should be paid attention to in bitcoin transactions

The most important thing in bitcoin transactions is to choose a trading platform

Ⅳ What are the rules for bitcoin delivery contracts that need to be paid attention to

The next week and quarterly contracts will participate in the settlement. After settlement, the profit and loss will be recalculated at the settlement benchmark price, and the profit can be transferred out after settlement; If the user closes the position before settlement, the margin and realized profit and loss required to open the position after settlement can all be transferred out of the virtual contract account.

Ⅵ What issues should novice traders pay attention to when trading Bitcoin

Fund safety is always the first priority

Ⅶ What It is the basis of Bitcoin contracts

Bitcoin contracts

Bitcoin contracts are contracts that can be traded without actually owning Bitcoin. It is very different from currency-to-currency transactions, which must be physically held in digital currency.

Bitcoin contracts allow you to predict Bitcoin price movements and hedge risk. This way of trading means you are investing in price trends, not the asset itself.

When trading Bitcoin contracts, you can decide to go short or long. Choosing to go long indicates that you expect the price of Bitcoin to rise. On the other hand, choosing to go short indicates that you expect the price to fall.

Leveraged trading

You can choose to trade with high leverage, which is a feature of Bitcoin contracts. Using leverage means that you do not have to invest 100% of the transaction amount when trading contracts. Instead, you only need to deposit an initial margin, which is only a fraction of the total contract value.

Leveraged trading allows you to have a large exposure with a small amount of money while managing risk.

Perpetual Contracts

Although there are many different types of contracts, this article focuses on perpetual contracts. As the name suggests, these contracts have no expiration date. Traders who use perpetual contracts to go long or short can hold their positions indefinitely, unless the contract is liquidated, which means they will not lose more than their initial margin.

In perpetual contracts, Bitcoin is priced based on a specific index price. Index prices are based on the average price of Bitcoin across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin contracts have become a very popular trading tool. Contract trading opens the door for many traditional investors who are not ready to allocate funds to digital assets but still want to benefit from attractive price volatility.

To open Bitcoin contract trading, you need to find an exchange that offers contract trading. The AAX platform, in a compliant and secure environment, provides you with bitcoin contract trading services.

Ⅷ Bitcoin contract trading how to play

Contract trading is actually very simple. There are only two directions to go short and go long.
After selecting a direction, if the market price is correct and the appropriate profit point is reached, close the position in time or set the take profit level.
If the quotation is wrong, and� Stop loss to avoid bigger losses.
Of course, in the long financial evolution, there are also some experienced analysts who are looking up and down to develop a new method that preserves capital and can be properly profitable.
For example, in double-position hedging, in which two positions of AB and AB are placed in opposite directions at the same time, no matter which direction the market goes, one position is profitable, which can achieve the effect of capital preservation.
This kind of Double position hedging can also be profitable, but how to generate profit? For specific steps, you can ask questions, or leave a private message


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