What should I do if I encounter a person from the heart of the earth when mining

『One』Why don’t you encounter him when mining in the mobile version, but in the international version? Why

The mobile version of Minecraft is different from the computer version, And you will not encounter special monsters when mining, so you can play with confidence.

『II』In the mini world, I dug and found a dungeon, but I was not a savage when I dug it down, but a man from the center of the earth appeared and knocked me out, why is this! It’s not that the dungeon doesn’t have a heart.

I don’t remember, it seems that there are, and all kinds of monsters will appear. Therefore, when going underground mining, you must bring a bucket of water, which can prevent people from the earth and pour magma.

“Three” Do earth people exist? Why did the Soviet Union’s “dig through the earth” plan stop in the middle of the way

Apart from human beings, are there civilizations higher than classes on earth? I believe everyone has heard of the geocentric man theory. In order to find the geocentric man, the former Soviet Union spent a long time doing archaeology and even wanted to dig through the earth. Some weird things, so they stopped the plan to dig through the earth. What happened when the Soviet Union dug through the earth?

For so many years, the legends about the people in the center of the earth have never stopped. The civilization of the center of the earth is like “Peach Blossom Spring”. They live in a fairy world. If we say the center of the earth If human beings exist, they do not seem to have affected human development for so many years, so everyone should not worry too much about the threat that geocentric humans will pose to human beings. Human understanding of the study of the earth is not thorough enough, let alone hope that in the future human beings will be able to find land. The figure of Xinren, after reading this article, do you think there is still a civilization on earth that is the same as human beings?

『4』How to avoid zombie attacks when mining in Minecraft

Mining in Minecraft, let’s take you to learn about mining in Minecraft Let’s take a look at the latest and most complete strategy and news information about the mine~

How can mine protect itself when mining? Generally, when we dig underground, we will inevitably encounter To a lot of zombies, so how should we protect ourselves when mining? The iron bone glp will tell you below.

Tunnel collapse systems are one way to protect your mine. This is essentially the miner pressing a button to retract the sticky piston from the wall and unplug the torch from the wall. These torches support the sand or gravel above, preventing it from falling.

When the sticky piston retracts, the torch is no longer attached to the wall, and then disappears. This allows sand or gravel to fall, blocking the tunnel. This can be used to block tunnels in the mine network from being attacked, while still allowing passage through the blockade.

It can also be used to catch “quarantine” raiding mobs and prevent them from wandering around in the mine.

For more exciting strategies, please pay attention to the iron bone network mine world area.

『Wu』 Ji Ji Ji, this is when I was mining in my world, I encountered this kind of monster in the mine, how to defeat him

This doesn’t seem to be in my world de
Check, have you added any mods

『Lu』 What is it that I encountered when mining in my world

Stone Bricks

『柒』 What to do if you are afraid of mining in minecraft

(1) Playing online mode can eliminate 35% of the fear.
(2) Adjust the gamma value of the game to 3000. (There are specific operations on the Internet)
(3) The best way to eliminate fear is to face it.

『渌』 Scientists have discovered the underground entrance. Does the “geocentric man” really exist?

The structure of the earth has always been a problem for scholars. At first, there were indeed some people who believed that the interior of the earth was likely to be hollow. This is not some three religions, but a real astronomer of the Royal Society of England: Halley.

『Jiu』 The legendary man in the center of the earth actually exists, what should human beings do?

No, myths arise from productivity and people’s In the primitive era when cognitive ability was very low, at that time human consciousness began to develop, but the thinking ability was extremely simple. To imagine and fantasize

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