what software supports trx

1. What is RTX software

TM (Tencent Messenger) is actually QQ, but it’s just a different style. TM is generally used by netizens in office situations, which is different from msn’s design style. resemblance!

RTX is Tencent Express launched by Tencent, which is specially used by enterprises and companies. It includes client-side and server-side software. You can download and install it yourself, make your own server, and open the client number, usually 4-5 digits, and set it yourself.

This software can be used for online communication among internal employees of the enterprise, and it is very convenient. You can also apply for Tencent’s external enterprise number, which can be interconnected with QQ.

In addition, the most important one is that RTX can send 15 text messages per day for free per external number. This one is very attractive. It is recommended that the landlord install one and try it out.

Download Center: http://rtx.tencent.com/download.shtml

2. What kind of software is rtx

RTX It is an instant messaging tool and an internal communication software made by Tencent for corporate customers.

3. Which development languages ​​are supported for the secondary development of RTX software

RTX API interface is suitable for any development language and platform (VB, VC++, ASP, JAVA, C#, PB, Delphi, LotusScript, etc.).

4. What file is .trx

It is all copied, I hope it will help you

1. TRX is in the communication It is the transceiver unit, which is usually also regarded as the carrier frequency.
2, TRX: transceiver.
Overview TRX adopts a modular structure, including both baseband processing units and radio frequency processing units. The TRX receives signals from the mobile station through the antenna, separates the information into signaling information and voice information through demodulation and transmits it upwards. Downlink signaling information and voice information are processed by TRX and then sent to the antenna, and then sent to the mobile station. The TRX also receives various management and configuration information issued by the TMU, and reports various states and alarm information of itself to the TMU. Including baseband signal processing unit (TBPU) and radio frequency signal processing unit (RPU).
3. This is a temporary file generated by Windows, which is essentially the same as virtual memory, except that temporary files are more targeted than virtual memory and serve a program alone. Also, if you use WORD to edit the document, you will also find a batch of files starting with ~ and ending with TMP in the WORD installation directory. These are temporary files generated by WORD, but if your WORD has not been closed, you want to delete it. However, they may find that they cannot be deleted, and the system repeatedly prompts read and write protection. How can this be done? Here’s a comprehensive talk about these temporary files and how to deal with them:

Generally speaking, when you are running a large tool software, you should not touch the temporary files, for example, Photoshop will process graphics Sometimes huge temporary files are generated, and if you think it’s not a file you created and attempted to delete, it can cause Photoshop to freeze. If you are not currently running the program, you can delete all the temporary files you find, so as to avoid them accumulating like a mountain for a long time and occupying disk space. It will cause confusion in the file allocation table, resulting in file cross-linking errors. But not all temporary files can be generalized.

5. Is there any software similar to RTX RTX?

Our company used RTX in the past. Many colleagues are disgusted with this product. First of all, the UI is really terrible. , it is easy to drop and crash during use, and you need to pay money every year. Then it was changed to another one.
If you also want to find an enterprise communication tool, you should look for something else, Tencent will not want it.
As we are now using the first enterprise trust, it is an Internet product, and it is deployed in the cloud. It is free to use, which saves our own management and saves costs. The client has been updated all the time, and the customer service response is fast. This is the way to make products with heart.

6. What are the instant messaging software that can replace RTX

Use imo, it is much better than RTX to add options for external contacts, so that you can use it like The same use of QQ, employees will not always complain. After all, in the industry of enterprise instant messaging tools, imo is professional and close to perfection, unlike some who started out as OA or packaged software. In recent years, the enterprise IM market has become popular before turning its guns on enterprise instant messaging.

7. Looking for free software like “Tencent RTX”

There are many, imo’s Internet Office, Microsoft’s UC, Big Ant, Golden Target, very many.

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