What to do if the cold chain wallet key is forgotten

① What to do if imToken wallet password is forgotten

Summary Hello, if you remember the mnemonic or private key, this is the process: Reset password tutorial: “I”— -> “Manage Wallet” -> Select the wallet to be modified -> “Change Password” -> “Import Now” -> “Mnemonic | Private Key”

② What to do if the 16-bit key of the Binance Authenticator is lost

Summary When we lose the private key, we can try these three ways to retrieve the private key.

③ What should I do if I forget the wallet key of Lianxin?

If you forget the wallet key, you can only operate it by clicking on the forgot password and fill in the original I have verified some information, so I should be able to retrieve the password

④ I forgot all my private key and password in the TRON chain of tp wallet, what should I do now, there are A lot of money, I was very anxious.

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-11-01

⑤ What should I do if the wallet payment password is forgotten

There is a recovery password Function, you can look carefully,

Pass identity verification, SMS verification can retrieve the password.

⑥ For Ripple wallet, how to retrieve the key if I forget it

It can be retrieved even if you have the wallet file, there is a solution on Zhihu.

⑦ Hello leaders, have you lost your Huobi wallet security key? How can I retrieve it?

If you lost your security key, you can try to retrieve it with the help of a mnemonic phrase, it is estimated that there are not many Hope

⑧ Pi wallet mnemonic reset and forget what to do

If you forget the mnemonic, you can only recreate one, and then import your The private key assets will not be lost. If you forget the private key of the mnemonic phrase, there is nothing you can do, which is equivalent to losing your wallet.

Pi Wallet is currently available to Pioneer via the Pi Node desktop software. To create a Pi Wallet, anyone can download the node desktop software, install the desktop software on their computer, and access the wallet in their side menu. You don’t have to run a blockchain node to use the Pi desktop interface that includes a wallet.


To introduce the Pi wallet, it is worth briefly explaining what a crypto wallet is. A crypto wallet is essentially a pair of “keys”: a public address and a secret password (or secret key). While the wallet address must be shared with others in order to transact with you on the blockchain, the password must be kept secret as it is like a bank account password needed to move any asset.

The launch of Pi Wallet means that Pioneers are invited to generate their wallet address and password.

⑨ What should I do if I forget the password of my bitcoin wallet

Common measures for lost private keys, passwords, etc.:
1. Delete by mistake Wallet
This is the same operation as me. What should I do if I encounter this kind of thing? In fact, as long as you remember the private key, download a wallet again, import the private key into it, and reset the wallet password. .
2. The mobile phone is missing or broken
If your mobile phone is accidentally stolen or broken, as long as the private key or mnemonic is still there, you can download a wallet again and put the private key (or mnemonic) and enter it, just recreate the wallet.
3. The private key is forgotten, but the mnemonic (or json file) is still there
If your private key is lost, but the mnemonic or (or json file) is still there, then you don’t need to Worry, the mnemonic can help you retrieve the private key,
4. The private key is forgotten
The wallet is not deleted If you forget the private key, but the wallet is still on the phone, this is very good Once done, you just need to log in to the wallet with the password and back up the private key again.
5. I lost the private key, password, and mnemonic
Sorry, no one in the world can help you!
6. Forgot the password or entered the wrong word
This is the same as we usually log in to some other apps. If we forget the password or enter the wrong password several times in these apps, just click on the forgot password and retrieve it again. Back to the decentralized wallet, we need to use the private key or mnemonic to import the wallet to reset the password!
7. Forget the mnemonic
Import the wallet with the private key, just back it up again !
8. Forgot keystore
If your wallet is not deleted, this is the same as your private key, but the wallet is not deleted, just log in with the wallet password and back it up again; but If your wallet is deleted or uninstalled, you need to use the mnemonic or private key to import the wallet and back up the keystore again!

⑩ The cold wallet has been withdrawn and the mnemonic has been forgotten.

Summary In fact, this problem did not happen to one or two people, including the witty ones. At the beginning of the year, the wallet registered a screenshot to save the mnemonic phrase.�The mnemonic is deleted and cannot be recovered! At that time, there were still more than 100,000 tokens in the wallet, and I was also very anxious. There was no solution for many consultations. The tutorial on how to use the token wallet also suggested that forgetting the mnemonic phrase means losing the wallet. My friend suggested: don’t quit, don’t update software, mobile phone Don’t lose it!


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