What’s ahead for crypto in 2022?(What’s Next for)

What will the crypto market bring in 2022? In the past year, we have seen many exciting developments. In the new year, we will not only see further price increases, but also many interesting innovations. Let’s explore together what the 3 necessary trends for cryptocurrencies are in 2022. If these are applied, we will definitely see the rise of the crypto market and Bitcoin approaching the $100,000 mark.

1 Wider adoption of the metaverse

The recent announcement that Facebook has renamed its parent company “Meta” has ignited metaverse fever. This digital space is also made up of numerous blockchain projects, with games like Axie Infinity or Sandbox generating unexpected buzz last year with the “earn while you play” concept.

This fever should last until 2022. The possibilities for a decentralized metaverse are endless. The metaverse can offer digital products through NFT. Large companies are gradually starting to realize the potential for huge business opportunities and are investing heavily in the metaverse. The metaverse will continue to grow in tandem with the crypto market in 2022.

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2 pass-through and 2 NFT

The next trend cannot be separated from the discussion of NFT. NFT has become a mature technology in 2021, and the art market has been completely disrupted by NFT. More and more digital auctions are taking place, and ordinary people can participate in them.

The process of tokenization is the conversion of physical objects into digital pass-throughs, such as NFT, and this trend is not only developing in the art market. Tokenization could make great strides in the crypto market pit in 2022, and NFTs will play an important role in this process.

3 Blockchain hybrid

Hybrid blockchains could become particularly popular in the crypto market in 2022. Classical blockchains have been struggling with known issues such as scalability, long and expensive transactions, and high computational workloads, especially with proof-of-work consensus mechanisms. Ether is currently moving to proof-of-stake.

Hybrid blockchains can use a variety of consensus mechanisms. This saves a lot of energy and makes the blockchain more efficient. Transactions can be executed on the sidechain, which reduces the burden on the main network and thus greatly increases scalability.

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