What’s special about Bitcoin and Ethereum

1. What is the biggest difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin is also the originator of digital currency. Ethereum is not
2. Bitcoin is only used for currency circulation. Ethereum added smart contracts. Developers can develop blockchain applications based on Ethereum, just like a comparison between an old computer and a smart computer.
3. Bitcoin is pow mining. That is, whoever works the more gets paid more. Ethereum is pow plus pos mining. Pos is proof of stake, that is, whoever holds more coins has more right to speak. The rewards are also relatively higher.
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2. What is the relationship between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum are both digital currencies, they are not related to Bitcoin. Unlike coins, the main purpose of ether is not to build itself as a payment alternative, but to facilitate and monetize the operation of ethereum so that developers can build and run distributed applications.

3. The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Blockchain vernacular description:
Mahjong is the earliest in China The blockchain landing application:
A’s idea of ​​playing mahjong is equivalent to creating a block:
A calls B, C, and D to be “decentralized” point-to-point transmission.
ABCD has formed a consensus, the action of touching is “mining”, and the four people are “miners”.
Mahjong is the hash value. And the Hu card is to collide with the correct hash value, and you can get the corresponding chip reward, which is the so-called Bitcoin.
The four people each recorded the record of the first round. In the entire blockchain, this is only one node. If a total of 20 games of mahjong were played that day, that is, 20 nodes (blocks), 20 The blocks are connected together to form a complete ledger, which is the blockchain.
Everyone has one of this ledger, so it is a distributed ledger
According to historical records, China is the earliest application group in the world in terms of blockchain, so you can proudly say: China is in the blockchain The application should lead the world by more than 1000 years!
Awesome, my country is [strong][strong][strong]

4. What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin Bitcoin and Ethereum are both digital currencies, with Bitcoin ranking first in terms of market value, followed by Ethereum. After registering with Bitnet Exchange, you can invest in them.

5. Which is better, Bitcoin or Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum have different rules, so are there any differences in the way of trading and investment?
Ethereum has long been known as a serious competitor to Bitcoin. Until Andreas Antonopoulos (author of “Mastering Bitcoin”) claimed that Ethereum was no longer a competitor to Bitcoin, which sparked heated discussions on social networks.
People are starting to make comparisons between the two, discussing how the two digital currencies differ in investment and trading.
Bitcoin Ether
Ether’s Trading Potential
Bitcoin is used more as a store of value while relying on Chris Burniske, analyst and director of blockchain products at ARK Investment Management Ether, which executes smart contracts on the Ethereum network, is seen more as a transaction tool.
Both Bitcoin and Ethereum systems are built on the basis of blockchain, in which transactions will be publicly recorded, currency and asset transactions are more convenient and preferential, and cumbersome middlemen are removed.
In December 2015, the price of ether was less than $1, and now it has risen to $15, an increase of nearly 15 times in just 6 months. This achievement is due to Ethereum, whose financial contracts are executed entirely in software, a feature that attracts a large number of users to invest.
With the previous example of Ethereum, the success of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is not surprising. The Ethereum-powered crowdfunding platform raised nearly $150 million from more than 10,000 anonymous users. Each participant is given voting rights, they can allocate funds, choose projects, and once the projects they invest in are successful, they can also receive a certain degree of dividends.
Ether and Bitcoin have different user bases
There are currently 670 Bitcoin ATMs in the world and thousands of points of sale support Bitcoin payments. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has not yet emerged in the field of electronic payments. The main current use of ether is to support the ethereum network (such as the DAO) to run programs. David Duccini, executive director of the
Strength in Numbers Foundation, said:
Users’ expectations of ether are different from bitcoin. Both cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold speculatively, but ether’s original function is to power applications. Therefore use�Need enough ether to run your app. This is also the problem facing the DAO – unless the DAO can continue to generate new ether, the payment platform will be in danger of outage.

6. What is the main difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Ethereum Buterin blew himself up

7. What advantages does Bitcoin have over Ethereum

Bitcoin VS Ethereum, two groups of believers do not like each other: one calls each other “Bit God”; Ethereum Scam”. Hierarch, you want these two communities to be connected, not only retaining the underlying architecture of the Bitcoin Peer to Peer electronic currency protocol, but also inheriting the Ethereum Smart contract on the application layer. For example, you mentioned that it can be well compatible with Ethereum virtual Machine, it seems that you are playing a wishful thinking, and you have picked up all the cheapness in the world.

8. What is the relationship between Bitcoin and Ethereum

All are deceitful, many people have been deceived, don’t believe it They, there is no free lunch, and there will be no pie in the sky

9. The difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin is a currency , is a bunch of data generated using a certain algorithm and data structure, and it will not stop and can’t stop. As long as this pile of data stops increasing, then we consider Bitcoin dead. This pile of data can be used for many things, and now we can use it as currency, and we can also use it to do things like smart contracts. This pile of data can be used for many things, and now we can use it as currency, and we can also use it to do things like smart contracts.
2. Ethereum is a smart contract and decentralized application platform. Calling it a “platform” is also a projection among our users. The concept of platform is very interesting. For example, we say that Windows is a platform, and WeChat is also a platform. For example, we say that a university is also a platform, and society is also a platform. The so-called platform is where we can do things. The deep mining of Ethereum is actually the same as Bitcoin. It is also a pile of data generated by using a certain algorithm and data structure. This pile of data also continues to increase and cannot stop increasing.
3. Advantages of Bitcoin: Overall, the participating teams have 55% investment support for Bitcoin and 45% for Ethereum. According to research reports given by some teams, the value of Bitcoin will still be higher than that of Ethereum, and it is expected that by 2020, the price of Bitcoin will rise again by 600%.
Extension information:
1. The production process of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are generated through mining programs. A problem is calculated through competition, and whoever calculates first will receive the coins rewarded by the system. The difference between the two is that the subject of the calculation is different. Bitcoin is a solution in 10 minutes, and Ethereum is a solution in 12 seconds. With Ethereum, the block time is set to 14-15 seconds, not Bitcoin 10 minutes. It is clear that Ethereum allows faster transaction times than Bitcoin; Ethereum releases the same amount of Ether every year, while Bitcoin blocks are halved every four years; Bitcoin transaction costs are standardized, unlike Ethereum Compared to Ethereum, costs can vary based on computational complexity, bandwidth usage, and storage requirements; Ethereum’s own Turing-complete internal code allows computing anything, as long as there is computing power and time. There is no such flexibility in Bitcoin; Ethereum swarmed while Bitcoin was released – most of the 21 million Bitcoins in existence were owned by early miners; unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum via its Ghost protocol Blocks centralized pool mining; Ethereum uses Ethash, an in-memory hard hashing algorithm. Bitcoin uses centralized application-specific integrated circuits.

10. Can Bitcoin and Ethereum make money?

It is March 2021, and I will answer you, You said, what the hell are Bitcoin and Ethereum, these two are virtual currencies that steal money, and new things that drive the trend of national mining. Bitcoin is now 1=350,000 RMB, and Ethereum 1=10,001 It’s around RMB 1,000, and the value is rising. I regret that I just heard about Bitcoin when I was studying in 2008. However, it was only 20 yuan each. I didn’t buy it for 200 yuan. money.


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