When will altcoins rise?

1 Altcoins have fully recovered, hundreds of varieties have doubled in January, why is it so crazy

Altcoins have fully recovered, and hundreds of varieties have doubled in January. The main reason for this madness is that Speculative atmosphere is serious.

1. The sharp rise of Bitcoin stimulated the rise of altcoins;

2. The strong speculative atmosphere led to the surge of altcoins;

3. Interests The group pulled up to stimulate investors to step in to pay.

With the continuous development of the Internet, the charm of emerging industries is getting stronger and stronger. Bitcoin, as the outlet of emerging industries, has attracted the attention of many people. Bitcoin has risen tens of thousands of times in more than ten years. This is something that many people have never dreamed of. The rise of Bitcoin has made more and more people realize the true charm of virtual currency. Altcoins have fully recovered, and hundreds of varieties have doubled in January. The main reason for this madness is that human greed has never changed. The rise of Bitcoin has allowed speculative funds to see that altcoins have opportunities, and their continuous rise can attract more Investors intervene to complete the routine of cutting leeks. This is actually the money-making effect brought about by the linkage of virtual currency, which is also a manifestation of the serious speculation atmosphere.

Third, interest groups pull altcoins to cut leeks

Virtual currency has not been recognized by any country, which leads to policy risks in virtual currency, and many benefits The group deliberately raises the altcoin for its own benefit, so that it can be sold to other investors, which is a typical behavior of cutting leeks.

2 This year, Bitcoin has risen too much, will it still rise in the second half of the year?

In fact, it did not rise much in the first half of the year, just because the black swan caused the funds to escape risk , and then bottoming out and the main force returning, this cannot be considered growth, so the second half of the year is the real growth opportunity. I personally think that you can buy at any time now, but the exchange should choose carefully. The more reliable domestic is OKEx, which is relatively safe. For some, the speed of bitcoin purchase is also very fast, and it can be received in basically 1 minute.

⑶ Bitcoin, which has been advancing by leaps and bounds, is most likely to rise to when and why

Everyone has the most impression about Bitcoin, which is a virtual currency. And Bitcoin has grown to varying degrees in 2021, and at the same time, it can also be used to describe its growth by leaps and bounds. At the same time, there are also many netizens who speculate on this, saying that the current form of Bitcoin growth can be said to be rare in a century, and it is also unexpected.

At the same time, some professionals said that such a rise will have a corresponding limit in the near future, because for the current situation, there will definitely be some related differences in the future. Therefore, it is still very important for the circulation of the market. To fundamentally solve this reason, it is still a long-term thing. At the same time, we cannot deny that the reason why Bitcoin is happening now is also due to the corresponding growth under this current economic situation. Behind this growth, corresponding problems will also be exposed.

⑷ Bitcoin suddenly hit the 50,000 mark, how long can it go up?

After testing the pressure level for many times, Bitcoin finally successfully stood at the $50,000 mark , this breakthrough after nearly a week of shocks, can be regarded as well-received. But I don’t know how many investors lost valuable chips in the long-term shock. I’ve been letting everyone have a “Bitcoin World List” recently, and that’s why.

During this week’s shock, most of the newbies couldn’t hold the coins, and some were even shaken by the last wave of shock during the final shock. Many newbies have left messages with me, and they are empty again. All the same words are still the same, either hold the currency or establish a Tiandi order, so as to ensure that you will not be empty in this bull market. I would like to suggest learning to establish a Tiandi order. You can chat with me privately.

It can be seen from the chart that after a week of shocks, Bitcoin has stepped out of the rising wedge, and this wave has broken through, representing that Bitcoin has reached a new level. The upper pressure level is near $54,000, and you can pay attention to the end point. If you step back on the trend line of $50,500 in the later period, it will be a good opportunity.

From the comprehensive layout of the market, Bitcoin will continue to be strong, ETH and DEFI are linked, and if one rises, they will rise; the Polkadot sector continues to be hot, and there are changes in the platform currency, you can pay attention; the centralized platform currency is stronger, and the decentralized platform is still the end point of attention, and there may be linkage. The hot spots in the market are too fast, so we must pay attention to the trend of leading coins, so as to determine the focus of investment in the next stage.

⑸ What year did Bitcoin skyrocket the most?

On December 17, 2017, Bitcoin rose to its highest point so far, close to $20,000.

⑹ When will bitcoin rise 2015.1.13

It’s hard to say, the price of bitcoin has basically stabilized at around 1300 recently. The last big drop in the price of the currency may be the same as that of stamps. Bitcoin theft and the U.S. government’s planned auction of 100,000 bitcoins are related. Now that bitcoin has entered a correction period, some expect bitcoin’s price to continue to fall, if bitcoin has not yet seen a killer application. But Some people also said that there will be a big wave of bitcoin in 2015, because there was a huge amount of financing in the bitcoin field in 2014, and these financings have not yet had a real effect. Once these funds develop more applications, the market will be boosted. , it is possible that the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket again, all the way up, but this time it may be led by foreign countries.

⑺ When will Bitcoin start to rise

now When the economic system collapses, it is the day when Bitcoin rises.
Isn’t this idea that the world will not be chaotic? No, no, this is an extremely cruel reality. When we look back at the birth of Bitcoin, we will It is found that the origin of Bitcoin is actually because the subprime mortgage economic crisis in the United States has spread to the whole world, which has caused the global economic system to be disordered, and countries have introduced money printing policies one after another. The author, Satoshi Nakamoto, told economists in various countries that it is still possible to play like this.
Bitcoin actually allows people to return to a system where credit is controllable, but because the thinking is too advanced, it leads to a step forward. It is too big to pull the egg. So, from the current point of view, Bitcoin is still more like gold and other safe-haven assets. This kind of resemblance is only superficial. Bitcoin has many technological advantages in its bones, but For the time being, it can’t work because of the many restrictions. Therefore, if Bitcoin wants to rise rapidly, we still have to hope for the “instability” of the economic system.
This kind of thing has indeed happened before, and the Cyprus Bank incident once pushed It is higher than Bitcoin’s surging surge. If there is another “Cyprus second”, I believe that Bitcoin will also have a chance.
Is this a nonsense, no, the current financial system has exposed various crises. The fall in crude oil prices seems to be about to collapse, a lot of local debts in China cannot be repaid, the government is desperate to cut interest rates and reserve ratios, and the debt crisis in Europe is getting worse… Today’s society is already in the information age and the Internet age. Just ignite the powder keg.
The possibility of a rapid economic crisis still exists, but no one can say for sure, who knows whether the world will be transformed and put on the fast lane for a long time without getting sick? Marx said that the economic crisis will be in Capitalist society appears cyclically, but when will the next big outbreak be?
Maybe in ten years, maybe in the next second, heaven or hell, there is no way to test.

⑻ Altcoins rebound frequently, is Bitcoin going to go up or down

Is it going to go up (444799915)

⑼ Hundreds of altcoins in the past month The price increase has doubled, why is there a surge?

The price of hundreds of altcoins has doubled. I think the main reason is that virtual currencies are very hot now. Take Bitcoin and Ethereum as examples, they They have skyrocketed several times or even dozens of times. And many people who don’t earn money in Bitcoin or Ethereum will set their sights on some altcoins, because the price of these altcoins is very low and may rise to a price as high as Ethereum in the future. is predicting investment. When there is a lot of money to buy altcoins, of course, the price of altcoins will go up.

The surge of virtual currency is a bubble

I think the current boom of virtual currency is a bubble. When the bubble bursts, many people will lose all their money. Because most people are ordinary people, they do not have too much capital, and these retail investors have no control over the market at all. And this kind of altcoin is controlled by big capital, they can decide the rise and fall of the altcoin, and the virtual currency has no market supervision, investment is very dangerous.

Conclusion: In fact, every once in a while, this virtual currency will experience a period of skyrocketing, and then enter a trough period and plummet, reaping the investment of some people. These are actually the games of capitalists, and those who lose everything in the virtual currency market are ordinary people, and those who make money are capital. So many people call these ordinary investors leeks.

⑽ Why is Bitcoin and other mainstream currencies rising in turn recently, but altcoins are not moving?

Thanks for inviting Sean to answer!

Mainstream coins are rising in turn, but why don’t altcoins rise or even fall?

Sean put some comparison pictures first.� Let everyone see interesting places.

Bitcoin started pulling up around 7:30 this morning.

One rise and another fall, Sean thinks this is not accidental, it shows that the current market stock capital is limited, the incremental capital is seriously insufficient, the current mainstream currency is generally rising, not incremental It is caused by funds, but some funds that previously flowed to small currencies are returning.

Under the current environment, although the mainstream currencies are rising in turn, it is difficult to drive the altcoins to rise. The bull market requires external funds to enter.

Under the current environment, although mainstream currencies are rising in turn, it is difficult to drive altcoins to rise. The bull market requires external funds to enter.

If you want to find new opportunities in the bear market, you may wish to follow Sean’s headline number! Sean will bring you market analysis and project analysis every day.


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