When will the fish pond mine coins?

A. Fish Pool Mining Pool Address

Commonly used domestic mining pool addresses: 1. f2pool (Fish Pool) eth.f2pool.com:6688 You can also use the following alternate addresses: China Region: stratum+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:6688 stratum+tcp://eth-backup.f2pool.com:6688 North America: stratum+tcp://eth-na.f2pool.com:6688 stratum+ tcp://eth-backup.f2pool.com:6688 Europe: stratum+tcp://eth-eu.f2pool.com:6688 stratum+tcp://eth-backup.f2pool.com:6688.
Expansion information
1. The addition of F2Pool will not only increase the popularity and influence of Emercoin, but also directly affect the mining difficulty and network stability of Emercoin. The addition of a large mining pool will help to improve the mining difficulty and network stability of Emercoin; and with the increase of mining difficulty, the data registration cost of the Emercoin blockchain, especially the DPO anti-counterfeiting registration cost will be further reduced; this is Inherited from Domain Namecoin and determined in the code; the reduction of DPO anti-counterfeiting registration cost has cleared the cost barrier for the commercial application of DPO anti-counterfeiting, helping to open the market for Emercoin DPO anti-counterfeiting applications and making it more competitive in the market.
2. Yuchi founder Shen Yu said that “selling $4 billion worth of bitcoin” is an irony. Some users suspect that the Bitcoin price drop was caused by the sale of f2pool. In the past 10 days (January 12-January 22, 2020), about 45,000 bitcoins have flowed out of this pond, totaling about $1.4 billion. Shen Yu replied that there are currently more than 1 million bitcoins mined and produced by Fish Pool, which is associated with most exchange addresses due to its long history. In response to this incident, the data provider and data analysis platform cryptoquant also confirmed on twitter that f2pool itself did not sell a large amount of bitcoin, and the selling wave came from giant whales participating in fish pond mining. The recent massive increase in the outflow of Bitcoin from Fishpond is due to the fact that Hidden Quantum marked all addresses associated with the mining reward of Fishpond as the same type.
3. Currently, cryptoquant is trying to solve the problem of address token sets. According to cryptoquant data, it monitors all addresses associated with mining pools, most of which are addresses of miner customers, so its monitoring data may be more reflective of the behavior of miner customers than the behavior of mining pool operators. Jessica, an internal staff member of f2pool, told reporters that we only provide technical services. The concentration and massive exodus of miners has nothing to do with f2pool. Jiang Zilong, the business director of oklink, explained to our reporter that, to be precise, it should be the situation where miners in the mining pool buy money. Also, according to data from cryptoquant, the day when there was a large “sell-off” was January 29, the largest amount being around 16,000 btc, which is not a sell-off. Based on price and volume, more than 6,000 btc will flow out on March 12, and more than 7,000 btc will flow out on July 20. The impact of BTC outflow on the price is not very significant, which can be understood as a complete change of hands or the confidence of the main force is not greatly affected by the mining pool.

B. How can I find the coins in the fish pond mine, but the fish pond ran away, how to find the coins

C. How long can f2pool be able to mine

f2pool, how long it can mine is still uncertain, but until there is no express prohibition of mining, the f2pool will not be closed, and it will always be Serving the majority of miners.
Currently, the F2Pool fish pond will not be closed for a short time. Founded in Beijing in April 2013, F2Pool is the world’s leading bitcoin mining pool in the early stage of China; a world-renowned comprehensive cryptocurrency mining pool, is a world-renowned bitcoin mining pool, where you can conduct currency research, and Provide you with the latest, most comprehensive, and richest currency prices, as well as unique and leading algorithm functions.
F2pool registration method is as follows:
1. Visit the official website of F2Pool and find “Register” in the upper right corner.
2. Click “Register” to enter the following interface, fill in the relevant information according to the list requirements, and click “Register”. Note: When setting the username, only a combination of letters and numbers or pure letters can be used, special characters cannot be used, and the length cannot exceed 15 characters.
3. After the registration information is submitted, the official fishpond will send an email containing the account activation link. Please log in to the email address filled in during registration, click the activation link to activate the account.
4. Click the “Account Activation Link” in the email to enter the account home page, including account settings, overall computing power curve, overall account income and various functions of the navigation bar.
But earlier, the official announcement stated that due to an abnormality in the AE network, F2Pool has urgently suspended the payment of AE mining pool and AE mining revenue. AE miners can choose to suspend mining or switch to other mineable coins to avoid losses. F2Pool is upgrading the mining pool nodes according to the plan provided by the AE team. After the AE mining pool is restored, an announcement will be made in a timely manner, and all mining revenue will be paid uniformly.
Operating Environment: Web Browser 11.08.03 Mobile Phone�Number: Huawei mate30
Expansion information:
1. Features of f2pool mining pool
1) Mining pool. Switch multi-currency mining with one key, and check account data in real time; the computing power and income are clear at a glance, and the operation status of the mining machine can be checked anytime and anywhere; the macro information such as the computing power and difficulty changes of the whole network can be grasped in time.
2) Miners. It supports intelligent sorting of mining machines by name, computing power, etc., as well as a classification list of mining machine status; can accurately search for a single mining machine; at the same time, it supports grouping of mining machines, allowing you to more conveniently manage batches of mining machines.
3) Earnings. Provide you with a comprehensive income viewing page, you can grasp the status of each payment, and view historical income at any time; there are also income statistics posters, which support one-click sharing, allowing you to have more interaction with your friends.
4) Configuration. The app provides miners with the alarm function of mining machine disconnection, and the alarm notification supports the setting of the do not disturb time period to avoid being disturbed during the rest time; there is also two-step verification to safely protect your account assets.

D. How many times does the unicorn pool play coins

E. The fish pool What’s wrong?

Fuchi mining pool is unstable and may be shut down.
1. Yuchi, established in Beijing in April 2013, is the world’s leading and China’s earliest bitcoin mining farm; Yuchi has developed into the world’s largest comprehensive digital currency mining pool for bitcoin, litecoin, ether, and zerocoin ; The mining pool technology continues to maintain the leading position, the income is open and transparent, and the original structure is adopted to effectively prevent DDoS attacks. As the computing level of the entire Bitcoin network increases exponentially, a single device or a small amount of computing power cannot obtain the block rewards provided by the Bitcoin network on the Bitcoin network.
2. After the computing power of the entire network has increased to a certain level, the low probability of obtaining rewards has prompted some geeks on “Bitcoin” to develop a method that can combine a small amount of computing power for joint operations. Websites built in this way are called “mining pools”.
Extension information:
1) The mining pool is the entire network of Bitcoin mining, collectively referred to as the mining pool. The entire mining pool is divided into many mining pools, and fishpond is one of them. After the fish pool is connected to the mining pool by purchasing a physical mining machine, everyone can mine together through computing power. Once the coins are mined, they will be distributed to everyone. How much computing power can be paid to get the corresponding amount of coins;
The existence of the mining pool reduces the mining difficulty of virtual digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and lowers the mining threshold, truly 2) The mining pool realizes that everyone can participate bitcoin mining concept. But its disadvantages are also very obvious, because the computing power is connected to the mining pool. As a mining pool, it will hold extremely large computing resources. In the world of Bitcoin, computing power represents the right of bookkeeping, and computing power is everything. If the computing power of a single mining pool reaches more than 50%, it is easy to launch a 51% attack on Bitcoin and other similar virtual digital currencies, and the consequences are very dire.
3) The mining pool can invalidate the remaining 49% of the computing power, instantly withdraw from the competition and go bankrupt. The mining pool computing power exceeds 50%. If a 51% attack is launched, it is easy to occupy all the effective computing power of the entire network. Behaviors such as monopoly bookkeeping rights and double payment can be carried out through 51% attacks, and a sum of money can be used multiple times, which will directly destroy the credit system of Bitcoin and make its credit disappear. Monopoly distribution rights, because a single mining pool (or multi-mining pool alliance) occupies the entire network computing power through a 51% attack, it can quickly crowd out the remaining mining pools and make them go bankrupt. Since there is no competition, mining pools can distribute their own income and charge miners high taxes and fees such as high fees.

F. How did F2Pool become the largest bitcoin mining pool in China

F2Pool is the earliest mining pool in China. It was closed for a while, probably last July, but it reopened soon after. This batch of them not only opened a mining pool, but also made a mining machine. The Shenyu mining machine failed because of the chip problem. In 2015, another Litecoin mining machine was built and crowdfunded.
Fuchi F2Pool mining pool has not experienced any major security incidents, and there are often 51% problems in large foreign mining pools, which also gives F2Pool a chance to develop rapidly. They are all people in the circle. Also do information website, well-connected.

G. How to mine in mining pools

As individual mining has been difficult to meet the demand, the global computing power is constantly increasing, a single device or a It is difficult to mine Bitcoin with a small amount of computing power. A large number of mining machines are combined to form a mining pool. The computing power of the mining pool is very powerful, and it also ensures that virtual currency can be mined more quickly. So how does the mining pool mine? Let’s take a look!
How to mine the mining pool
The location of the mining pool is also very particular. It is not possible to establish a mining pool anywhere, but requires an early stage For capital investment, the mining pool is a combination of individual mining machines. Since the computing power of many miners is gathered, the computing power of the mining pool accounts for a large proportion, and the probability of mining bitcoins is higher.. The mining pool will distribute rewards according to the contribution value of each device.
Mine Pool Benefit Distribution Mode
Nowadays, there are many large and small mining farms in the world, and the scale of each mining pool is large or small. Generally, small mining farms have no great advantages. The mining pool has many miners for mining. For each miner, he can join any mining pool or join multiple mining pools at the same time. The first major task of the mining pool is to distribute income to the miners.
(1) PPLNS method
This method collects the shared blocks (shares) mined by all miners together. Whenever a certain amount (usually 30 million shares) is accumulated, the mining pool will The proceeds from the previous stage are distributed to miners in proportion to their contributions.
In this way, the income of miners depends entirely on the time it takes for the mining pool to mine 30 million shares. If you are lucky, you can mine them in a short time, and then the relative income of miners will also be more, and vice versa. In return, the mining pool charges a 3% tax.
(2) PPS method
For users, the income of this method is relatively stable.
The income mainly depends on the mining speed of the miners. As long as the mining speed is stable, the corresponding income can be obtained, and the income is real-time, that is, the mining pool will pay the miners while the mining machine is running. income.
Obviously, every time a block is calculated, the mining pool has paid all the miners the profit. If the block fails in the subsequent confirmation link, all the losses will be borne by the mining pool operator Therefore, this method reduces the risk of miners, but transfers the risk to the operator of the mining pool.
So usually the mining pool can charge a handling fee to make up for the losses that may be caused by these risks. In this model, the tax of the mining pool is 7.5%.
The above is about how the mining pool mines. The difficulty of mining has greatly increased, but the mining army is constantly expanding. If the basic equipment does not meet the standards, it will be difficult to gain anything in the mining industry. , Because the value of the virtual currency dug may not be worth the price of a piece of equipment, many miners not only mine Bitcoin, but choose other virtual currencies for mining.

H. How is F2Pool now

Previously, F2Pool issued an announcement that f2pool will be cleared in an orderly manner before December 31, 2021 Return Chinese users, and stop the recharge of cryptocurrencies on some platforms. Although the Fishpond mining pool has not been completely closed in China, the situation of the Fishpond mining pool is not very good. According to relevant regulations, the Fishpond mining pool has started at 00:00 UTC on December 14, 2021. According to asset types and users Stop the mining time to clear the assets of users in mainland China. Does that mean that mining in mainland China is getting more and more difficult? Yes, so a long time ago, mining companies like World Chain Mining set up overseas early, and now they have their own super large-scale mining farms. If someone wants to enter the mining farm, they can choose to host them in their mining farm. Mining machine, realize the freedom of mining. If you want to know more, you can go online.

I. When will the f2pool mining fish pond close?

Until there is no express prohibition of mining, the fish pool will always provide the majority of miners We serve drops.

When will the J. Poolin Pool close?

The Poolin Pool is expected to suspend BSV mining services on May 7, 2020, Beijing time.
Extension information:
1. Since the computing level of the entire Bitcoin network continues to increase exponentially, a single device or a small amount of computing power cannot obtain the blocks provided by the Bitcoin network on the Bitcoin network. award. After the computing power of the entire network has increased to a certain level, the probability of obtaining rewards is too low, prompting some geeks on “bitcointalk” to develop a method that can combine a small amount of computing power to operate jointly. Websites built using this method It is called “Mining Pool”.
2. In this mechanism, regardless of the amount of computing power available to individual miners, as long as they participate in mining activities by joining the mining pool, no matter whether they have successfully excavated valid data blocks, they can use the mining pool to participate in mining activities. Contribution to get a small amount of Bitcoin reward, that is, multi-person cooperative mining, and the Bitcoin reward obtained is also shared by multiple people according to their contribution.
3. PPS mode: Pay-Per-Share method—This method is to pay for each share immediately. The payout comes from the pool’s existing bitcoin funds, so it can be withdrawn immediately without waiting for blocks to be generated or confirmed. This prevents mining pool operators from manipulating behind the scenes. This approach reduces the risk to the miners, but transfers the risk to the operators of the mining pools. Operators can charge fees to cover the losses that these risks may cause. In order to solve the situation of PPLNS that sometimes the profit is very high and sometimes there is no profit, PPS adopts a new algorithm. PPSAccording to the proportion of your computing power in the mining pool, and estimate the minerals that the mining pool can obtain every day, it will give you a basic fixed income every day.
4. The calculation standard of the handling fee in the Bitcoin system is not mandatory, so the user can also not give any handling fee when the transaction is carried out, but most miners usually give priority to the data block with higher Transactions with high transaction fees in order to obtain higher rewards when mining is successful, so transactions without any transaction fees may take a long time to be processed and included in the blockchain.
5. The existence of the mining pool reduces the difficulty of mining virtual digital currencies such as Bitcoin, lowers the mining threshold, and truly realizes the concept of Bitcoin mining that everyone can participate in. But its drawbacks are also very obvious, because the computing power is connected to the mining pool, as a mining pool, it will have extremely huge computing resources. If the computing power of a single mining pool reaches more than 50%, it will be easy to launch a 51% attack on Bitcoin and other similar virtual digital currencies


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