Where can Li Xiaolai buy bitcoin?

(1) 10 years ago, Li Xiaolai bought 100,000 bitcoins, which rose 1,300 times. How much can he sell now

Does everyone know Li Xiaolai? His lectures are very interesting and many students love to listen to them. Teacher Li Xiaolai, who is humorous in class, has gained a lot of “fans”. But Li Xiaolai is not just an ordinary teacher, he is also a business-minded businessman. Ten years ago, Bitcoin was not known to everyone, and he thought it was a new trick to deceive people, but Li Xiaolai bought ten 10,000 bitcoins, now bitcoin has risen 1300 times, how much can you sell if you sell it now? Take a look today with our article.

Li Xiaolai is a person who has really walked into Bitcoin. When someone asked him about Bitcoin in his live broadcast, Li Xiaolai smiled, he was relieved, and Talk about the hidden ugly side of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a scam, which made Li Xiaolai suffer a big loss, but fortunately, he was able to jump out of this “pit” and explain the Bitcoin scam to others, which is the bottom line of being a human being. Maybe Li Xiaolai doesn’t want to see other opportunists fall into the same bitcoin scam as himself. He is still a rich man and can still get out of Bitcoin. If he is an ordinary person, I am afraid that he will not be able to survive if he falls into this pit. We need to be vigilant about some projects that seem to be very profitable, and remember one sentence, there is no good thing in the sky.

(2) How much money did Li Xiaolai earn through Bitcoin

As of January 2020, Li Xiaolai held 6-digit Bitcoins, and the first digit was 1. According to the price of one bitcoin of about 26,000 yuan, its bitcoin assets amount to 2.6 billion yuan.

In today’s highly developed Internet economy, the market has given birth to many companies and new fields that were born with the help of the Internet, some of which have even changed consumers’ lifestyles to a large extent. For example, the rise of Alibaba’s Taobao.com has made people across the country keen to shop online, while the popularity of Alipay has completely changed the daily payment habits of most consumers.

(2) Where did Li Xiaolai buy bitcoin Extended reading:

The disadvantages of bitcoin are:

1. The instability of the trading platform.

The Bitcoin network is robust, but the Bitcoin trading platform is fragile. The trading platform is usually a website, which can be hacked or shut down by the authorities.

2. The transaction takes a long time.

When the Bitcoin wallet is installed for the first time, it takes a lot of time to download the historical transaction data blocks. While Bitcoin transactions, in order to confirm the accuracy of the data, it will take some time to interact with the p2p network, and the transaction will not be completed until it is confirmed by the entire network.

3. The price fluctuates greatly.

Because of the involvement of a large number of speculators, the price of bitcoin to cash has been up and down like a roller coaster. Makes Bitcoin more suitable for speculation rather than anonymous transactions.

㈢ How many bitcoins does Li Xiaolai have

Li Xiaolai only started to get in touch with bitcoin in 2011. After the potential economic value, Li Xiaolai bought 2,100 bitcoins at a time when the price of bitcoin was low. After that, Li Xiaolai continued to increase his positions, and he held as many as 100,000 bitcoins. It is reported that Li Xiaolai cashed out 13.5 billion and left in 2017. Although Li Xiaolai is a Bitcoin investor, he said that Bitcoin is a scam. Li Xiaolai once said, “Bitcoin is an outdated thing, and it is also a scam, so you can’t buy it. Now the so-called bitcoin is gone, gone.”
Extension data
1. The concept of bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Ben proposed on November 1, 2008, and was officially born on January 3, 2009! According to the idea of ​​Satoshi Nakamoto, open-source software is designed and released, and a P2P network is built on it. Bitcoin is a P2P digital currency. Bitcoin transaction records are open and transparent. Peer-to-peer transfers are decentralized payment systems.
2. Unlike most currencies, Bitcoin is not issued by a specific monetary institution. It is generated after a lot of calculations according to a specific algorithm. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database composed of multiple nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transactions, and uses cryptographic design to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation. The decentralized nature of P2P and the algorithms themselves ensure that the value of the currency cannot be artificially manipulated by Bitcoin’s mass production. A cryptography-based design allows Bitcoin to be transferred or paid only by the true owner. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulating transactions. The total number of bitcoins is very limited and rare. For 4 years, the currency volume of the monetary system used to be no more than 10.5 million rubles, after which the total currency volume will be permanently limited to 21 million rubles.
3, June 2021, El Salvador passedEnacted the El Salvador Bitcoin Law, making Bitcoin legal tender in the country. On September 7, Bitcoin officially became the legal tender of El Salvador and the first country in the world to grant legal status to digital currency. On September 24, 2021, the People’s Bank of China issued a notice to further prevent and respond to speculative risks in virtual currency transactions. Point out that virtual currencies do not have the same legal status as fiat currencies. On November 10, 2021, the price of Bitcoin hit another all-time high, approaching $69,000/block for the first time.

㈣ Li Xiaolai relied on Bitcoin to cash out 13.5 billion, and he retreated, why did he say that this is actually a scam?

Faced with material desires, seize the opportunity To stand out. For the world of desire, mastering the art of entering and exiting can make you retreat. Unlimited desire always makes people sink, but also makes people stand out. This requires a person who is both brave and wise, and what such a person does is destined to be extraordinary.

Li Xiaolai, an English teacher who became a billionaire and who once called himself “the richest man in Bitcoin” in China, is a brave and wise man in the face of unlimited desires. After he cashed out 100,000 bitcoins into 13.5 billion yuan, he retreated… but bluntly called bitcoin a scam!

A wealth of consensus value

The Internet has gradually developed around the world since the 1990s, and the Internet economy derived from it has given people the possibility to create wealth. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Liu Qiangdong and others did not make their fortunes from the traditional real estate and energy industries, but became rich by relying on the Internet in the trend of the times. In recent years, the Internet has derived a new product – virtual currency, which may even make you rich overnight!

Be brave and careful, and get 13.53 billion yuan in the bitcoin wave to get out of the body

From 2013 to 2017, bitcoin set off a huge wave in China . The value of Bitcoin soared during this period. During this period, the value of Li Xiaolai’s Bitcoin reached 1.9341 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to 13.53 billion yuan (the maximum value of one bitcoin at this time is 20,300 US dollars, which is exchanged for 140,000 yuan per coin). ).

In life, we are always not satisfied with our desires, and we are always in the water, so we often become the Waterloo of life. Li Xiaolai once again had a keen sense of the value of bitcoin. This time, he did not hesitate. For a period of time, he kept operating his bitcoin and successfully cashed out 13.53 billion yuan. Unexpectedly, he retreated and disappeared. In the Bitcoin boom…

Successfully retired, but said it was a scam

Looking at Li Xiaolai’s Bitcoin investment road, it is not difficult to find that Li Xiaolai has become a hundred The road to becoming a billionaire is inseparable from his money, and he seized the opportunity to open a company, write a column, and publish a book to fuel his investment in Bitcoin—increasing his popularity and influence.

However, what is even more surprising is that Li Xiaolai said in an interview on the show: “Bitcoin is a scam.” It’s outdated, you can’t buy it, it’s all a scam, it’s all a scam.” As soon as this remark came out, it caused an uproar in the Bitcoin investment circle. People were amazed at his remarks, and they kept guessing where his behavior was after he got tens of billions. Is it really a scam?

A more detailed understanding of Li Xiaolai’s behavior of withdrawing after cashing out is his recording incident. In his more than 50-minute recording, he said: “First, you must be an Internet celebrity. The biggest value in the blockchain is called consensus value. What does consensus mean? It’s worthless, but many people believe in it. , in the end it will be valuable… There are too many fools, and the consensus of fools is also consensus, and it will also produce value… Those who think we are not fools must also accept this fact.”

From his words, we It’s not hard to see that he sees Bitcoin value as a consensus value. What is consensus value? In short, it means that the more people know about something and the more they agree with it, it will generate value. Isn’t it true that Bitcoin has turned from worthless to value? What you think is smart is not smart, but he uses your ideas to “eat you up.”

Warren Buffett said in an interview: “Bitcoin is not unique at all. Value, basically, it’s a scam.” For the Prime Minister, let’s not call it a scam. But Li Laixiao is really a smart person, he is good at using ordinary phenomena to get money.

Simply put, it means buying a lot of bitcoin when the price is low, using the Internet blockchain technology, and then using the Internet to spread: open a company, publish a column, publish a book to increase popularity and influence, Cause more people to pursue Bitcoin. Under the consensus of everyone, things that have no value have value, and when they reach the climax, they will be cashed out, just like a big”;Routine”.

Pay attention to details and be good at stopping desire

Li Bai’s poem has a cloud: “Fuck your clothes away when things go wrong, and hide your merit and fame in your body. “Li Xiaolai, through clever “operations” time and time again, cashed out tens of billions of bitcoins and retreated. In a situation full of desires, he knew what to do and knew what to do, and achieved his dream of becoming a rich man. Unexpectedly, he finally admitted frankly. It’s a scam, but he’s out. Bitcoin’s value has been on a roller coaster ride, with its value rising and falling.

With the deepening of people’s awareness of the truth about Bitcoin and the improvement of Chinese authorities’ management , Bitcoin is no longer crazy in China, and gradually fades out of the Internet industry. At any time, the extremely common and underappreciated principles around you may achieve yourself, which requires your observation. Desires are unlimited , but people’s reason is limited, and the situation is changeable. If you are good at controlling your desires, you may not fall into one pit after another.

㈤ The one who buys 100,000 bitcoins becomes the richest person in China’s bitcoins Li Xiaolai, what happened later

100,000 bitcoins is indeed a large number today. Why is bitcoin so profitable? It is influenced by many factors, and there are worldwide The elements of trade flow, as well as people’s own investment vision and other elements, but such a currency also has certain risks in itself.

This is like buying a lottery ticket, there is an element of luck in it , you can win in it, which is good, but if there is no way to profit from it, you may lose everything if you don’t pay attention. In short, it all depends on whether you have the ability to take risks, that’s all .

Many people are looking ahead and looking back when they invest, and they are afraid of it. In telling us, don’t think too much, you can deal with half of the world’s problems. People who are really wise and not vulnerable don’t have so much time to worry.

㈥ How to buy BTC and who to buy and where to buy in a hurry Hurry up..

Of course, it is purchased from other people who hold bitcoins, but private transactions are not recommended. Buying through a professional bitcoin exchange can be guaranteed by a platform, which is much safer. OKEx is the most widely used and safest. You can find out about it in the next APP. Thank you. If you have any questions in this regard, you can ask me at any time

㈦ How much did Li Xiaolai earn through Bitcoin? Qian

Li Xiaolai is known as the richest man in the currency circle. In an interview, he admitted that he owns 6-digit bitcoins. Li Xiaolai’s new book, The Self-cultivation of Leeks, has been pre-sold online. It is very helpful for people with a pot of gold, it can make you avoid a lot of crooked roads, and maybe you will find the road to wealth and freedom after reading it.

Self-cultivation of leeks

㈧ Li Xiaolai: How did I become the richest man in Bitcoin

Li Xiaolai, known as the richest man in the currency circle, admitted in an interview that he owns 6-digit bitcoins. Li Xiaolai’s new book Leek’s self-cultivation has Online pre-sale, for those who want to It is very helpful for those who have made the first pot of gold in life in the currency circle, and it can save you from taking a lot of crooked roads. Maybe you will find the road to wealth and freedom after reading it.

The self-cultivation of leeks

㈨ How did Li Xiaolai sell bitcoins

Li Xiaolai first launched virtual currency trading, and then began to sell bitcoins, Virtual currency refers to non-real currency. Well-known virtual currencies such as Internet coins of Internet companies, Q coins of Tencent companies, Q points, coupons of Shanda companies, micro coins launched by Sina (used in micro games, Sina reading, etc.), chivalrous ingots (used in chivalrous Taoist games, etc.) ), silver pattern (used in Bixue Qingtian game), popular digital currencies in 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Unlimited Coin, Quark Coin, Zeta Coin, BBQ Coin, Penny Coin (external network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red coins, prime coins.
Expanded information:
Currency concept
There are many different views on the concept of virtual currency, mainly represented by the following three views:
1. The virtual exchange tool said. Virtual currency is defined as a virtual exchange tool in online games, and has no other uses and functions. This statement was adopted in the “Notice of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Commerce on Strengthening the Management of Virtual Currency in Online Games” issued by the Ministry of Culture on June 4, 2009.
2. The function of the currency part. Virtual currency has some functions of real currency, similar to currency but not currency. Some scholars divide virtual currency into three stages: primary virtual currency, hard currency primary virtual currency and advanced virtual currency. In the first stage, virtual currency is issued by non-financial institutions and circulated among a small range of merchants and holders with the help of computer networks; the second stage of circulation has expanded to all merchants that accept primary virtual currency; the ideal third stage is determined by the central bankOr issued by a specific financial institution, virtual currency becomes legal currency that can be circulated in the virtual world. The current virtual currency is only in its infancy.
3. Digital currency said. The virtual currency is established based on mathematical algorithms, and does not require the intervention of third-party credit institutions. Any participant who has reached an agreement can use it, and can play a variety of currency functions in the virtual space of the network. Some scholars believe that digital currency is developed based on computer technology, uses strict mathematical algorithms or encryption technology to ensure security and exclusiveness, circulates among virtual community members without supervision, and is not a virtual currency based on physical media. .

㈩ How much did Li Xiaolai spend for 100,000 bitcoins

3 million. Li Xiaolai once stood at the wind of the times and made it to the rich list in a very short period of time. The reason why he became rich is very simple. The currency skyrocketed, and he also became rich. Speaking of which, many people may have guessed that he is Li Xiaolai, known as China’s “Bitcoin Richest Man”.
Extension information:
1. Bitcoin is a virtual currency, which is a concept proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency has no issuing institution and can buy things in the virtual world, like games Some gear, clothes, etc. in it, so don’t worry that it’s virtual and there’s no market. The calculation of Bitcoin has specific measurement standards, and it is not unlimited issuance. It is precisely because of the limited number that it can become an investment direction. After all, things are rare.
2. Although Bitcoin is a virtual currency and the quantity is scarce, it can still be used to cash out and even exchange it into the currencies of most countries. It can also be used to purchase items in the virtual world, similar to equipment, skins, etc. in online games. If in real life, someone is willing to buy or exchange items, Bitcoin can also be used. So when Bitcoin was just emerging in China, Li Xiaolai saw this business opportunity, quickly bought it, made a lot of money, and became the first group of people to get rich with Bitcoin.
3. Before entering the bitcoin circle, he was a computer software developer. He used to be the legal representative of a computer company. It is precisely because of his exposure to computers and the foundation of the Internet that he has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent career change. . Many people think that deep cultivation in a certain field is helpful for the entire career planning. Everyone also thinks that Li Xiaolai will always struggle in the computer industry, but he did not expect a careful career change, but his life has undergone a major turning point.
4. In 2001, Li Xiaolai was recommended by his good friend Luo Yonghao to work at New Oriental and became a senior teacher. No matter in terms of talent or personality, he was well received by students. Everyone felt that this teacher was funny and humorous. The lectures are not rigid at all, but make the classroom atmosphere very lively, and the students also fall in love with Mr. Li’s class, and he once became the teacher with the highest score. Talented people reach their inner potential wherever they go.
5. Even with a busy job, he is super self-disciplined and still makes full use of his time. During his tenure, he also devotes part of his energy to starting a business. It is a common thing to sleep less. After all, he does more than others. You have to work harder in terms of energy and time. Since he was engaged in the computer industry at the beginning, the direction of entrepreneurship is roughly the same. What he thought of was to write a book on computer popularization. After many attempts and a period of study, although he failed to publish it in the end, he started a business. The experience in the process is very valuable. He is constantly growing and changing.


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