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『One』How to mention the coins in the cold wallet of Cold Bitpie to Huobi Exchange

『Ⅱ』 Major currencies How to calculate the fee for withdrawing coins from the trading platform to the cold wallet?

The fee is different and cannot be calculated uniformly. If there are some currency trading platforms on the Internet, and the currencies they sell are just some virtual currencies, then we try to choose not to buy them, because these platforms are not reliable.

For example, some electronic coins are sold online, claiming that these electronic coins can generate income on this platform, and there is a situation of continuous growth. The premise is that you have to top up on these platforms, so you start to inject a lot of your own funds.

We will certainly see continued growth on these platforms as well. But these increased amounts are not your real currency, but some virtual currencies in the network. These currencies cannot be traded in real life, which means that you just spend money to buy a string of numbers.

If there are many currency trading platforms on the Internet, the currency they sell is real gold or jewelry, then we also need to see whether the platform for sale is legitimate and whether there is counterfeiting.

Where are the “three” cold wallets and mnemonics produced

Switzerland. A cold wallet is an offline wallet. The network cannot access the location where you store your private key. It is a non-networked wallet. Cold wallets rely on “cold” equipment to ensure the security of digital currency private keys. In the case of non-networking, through computers, mobile phones, and small books with private key addresses. Example. Ledger Wallet: Bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger is one of the technology leaders in digital currency security, providing consumers and businesses with trusted hardware. Ledger is a smart card-based Bitcoin hardware wallet that provides the highest level of protection with leading technology, both usability and control.
Ledger hardware wallet is a multi-functional wallet, a hardware device that securely stores private keys. When viewing the wallet and sending transactions, the hardware wallet needs to be used in conjunction with a software wallet. It also supports safe storage of Bitcoin, Ethereum and platform tokens, Zcash, etc. Its project has been open sourced on Github. Based on its hardware devices, you can use either software wallets developed by Ledger or software wallets developed by other teams, that is, you can use Ledger with the Ethereum web wallet MyEtherWallet or Parity wallet.
Extension information:
1. Advantages and disadvantages of hot wallets and cold wallets:
1. From the perspective of security, Bitcoin cold wallets are less likely to be hacked, which is also The reason why many regulatory agencies require trading platforms to store users’ encrypted assets offline. Since the cold wallet cannot be accessed by the network, it avoids the risk of hackers stealing the private key. As long as it is stored properly, it will be more secure than the hot wallet.
However, from the perspective of convenience, the hot wallet in the online state can conduct asset transactions at any time, and the use experience is more convenient and fast. Therefore, for holders with large assets, the use of hot and cold wallets together can isolate risks while operating conveniently, and better ensure the security of virtual currency assets.
2. Both cold wallets and hot wallets realize digital asset transactions through wallet addresses. How to understand the wallet address? We can think of it as when you go to a bank to open an account, the bank gives you a card number, and others can transfer money to you through this card number. Generally speaking, the wallet address and the private key appear in pairs, the wallet address is your bank card number, and the corresponding private key is like the password of your bank card number. The wallet address records how many coins you have stored in the wallet address, and you are only eligible to use the money on the bank card number if you know the password.
3. Private keys and wallet addresses are the key elements in digital asset transactions. Whether you use a cold wallet or a hot wallet to store digital assets, as long as anyone knows your wallet private key, they can transfer and transfer them at will. Dispose of your digital assets. In short, whoever holds the private key is the real owner of the encrypted digital wallet. So be sure to keep them safe while using your wallet.

How to use “4” cold wallet

re, is the art of deco

『Wu』How to create a cold wallet

To easily generate a cold wallet, you need tools: mobile phone + memory card.
The steps are as follows:
Step 1: Find an unused mobile phone or a mobile phone specially used as a wallet, and restore the phone to factory settings;
Step 2: Disconnect the mobile phone network;
Step 3 :Install imtoken wallet;
Step 4: Create a wallet with imtoken wallet;
Step 5: Back up the private key to the memory card, copy the mnemonic phrase for multiple backups, and export the wallet address.
Extension information:
1. Advantages of cold wallets
Cold wallets are never connected to the Internet and cannot be accessed by the network, thus preventing hackers from stealing privacyThe risk of keys is more secure than hot wallets.
Value investors, put the cold wallet in the safe, avoid putting it on the exchange, and operate it from time to time.
Of course, if it needs to be used for frequent transactions or frequent transactions, when the assets are large, the hot and cold wallets are used together, and those that often need transactions are stored in hot wallets; those that do not require process transactions are stored in cold wallets.
2. Cold wallet (Cold wallet), corresponding to hot wallet, also known as offline wallet or disconnected wallet, one of the types of blockchain wallets, which means that the network cannot access the user’s private key.
Cold wallets usually rely on “cold devices (computers, mobile phones, etc. that are not connected to the Internet) to ensure the security of Bitcoin private keys, and use QR code communication to keep private keys from accessing the Internet, avoiding the risk of hackers stealing private keys. However, it may also face physical security risks (such as computer loss, damage, etc.).
Three, the basic concept
Wallet is a tool for storing and using digital currency, one currency corresponds to one wallet. It is used to store currency, or ” Transaction currency.
Bitcoin wallets allow users to check, store, and spend their bitcoin holdings, in various forms and in complex or simple functions, it can be a variety of tools that operate in compliance with the bitcoin protocol, Such as computer client, mobile client, website service, special equipment, or just a medium that stores Bitcoin’s private key, such as a piece of paper, a password, a U disk, a text document, because as long as the privacy of Bitcoin is mastered You can dispose of the bitcoin contained in its corresponding address.Bitcoin cannot be deposited into a general bank account, and transactions can only be carried out on the bitcoin network. Before using it, you need to download the client or connect to the online network.
Cold wallet refers to the bitcoin storage technology developed by an information technology company that provides secure storage solutions for blockchain digital assets. Kushen cold wallet integrates digital currency storage, multiple transaction password settings, releases the latest market and information, and provides hard points Fork solution and other functions all in one, and the use of QR code communication makes the private key never touch the Internet, which can effectively prevent hackers from stealing.
Operating environment: Product model: Huawei mate 30 System version: EMUI 10

『Lu』 How to mention the coins in the cold wallet of Cold Bitpie on Huobi Exchange? Buy it into another currency, and then exchange it back.【Abstract】
How to mention the currency in the cold wallet of Cold Bitpie on Huobi Exchange【Question】
It can be directly converted in it, if there is no conversion, you can Buy it into another currency, and then exchange it back.【Answer】

『柒』 How to enter the exchange from the cold wallet

Summary Hello, I am looking for relevant information for you and will reply to you immediately.☺️

『掌』 How to cancel the cold wallet

You can contact customer service to cancel the cold wallet.
Personal suggestion: The current era is an era of rapid development. A little carelessness may cause us to face huge economic losses. Therefore, we must guard our own money bags in life. Only in this way can we make Our life is better. As ordinary investors, we must learn to understand the relevant laws and regulations in our life. Only by ensuring the legitimacy of our investments can our lives not be affected. Is a cold wallet not a problem? Under the protection of our country’s laws, you must think twice before investing.

(8)Cold Where do wallets buy extended reading:

In addition to direct cash, the purchase method of virtual currency also provides various methods such as mobile phone text messages, network transfers and landline recharge. While these purchase methods provide convenience to users, they also have considerable risks. For example, theft of phone recharge and purchase by minors. In addition, virtual currency does not have the anti-counterfeiting technology of real currency, and computer hackers may use its security loopholes to produce counterfeit currency. Relevant personnel of the national industry and commerce department said that virtual currency transactions are business behaviors derived from the Internet age, and there are no clear legal provisions so far, and there is no project on virtual item transactions within the scope of industrial and commercial registration. However, when the virtual property transaction is gradually employed, the venue is fixed, and the transaction profit is clarified, and it has a business nature, it may involve market order and tax issues. Even game operators do not have the ability to control it, and there are a large number of “counterfeit moneymakers” in the network. Take the winger who mainly specializes in chess and card online games as an example, the purchasing power corresponding to the online currency has shrunk by nearly 40% within a year. Many people pointed out that such inflation will only hurt netizens and make netizens lose their confidence in the Internet.

With the continuous advancement of technology, electronic payment (including electronic money) is changing people’s consumption habits and promoting the expansion of consumer credit while changing people’s payment habits. Pay close attention to this emergingIt is naturally necessary to properly supervise the innovation of the new style, the evolution of the nature, the difference in the operation mode, and the possible impact on credit risk and moral hazard.


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