Whether the mining motherboard should support display output

① How to check whether the motherboard supports display output

Check whether there is a video interface on the backplane of the motherboard

For example, as shown below,

② If there is no signal using the adapter output, first check whether the motherboard or the graphics card supports the adapter output;

Yes, first check whether the problem is with the motherboard. Direct wiring, do not need to transfer the output, see if the display is normal.

③ The display output interface on the motherboard cannot be used

Halo, the graphics card is originally the interface for display output, all monitors are connected to the graphics card, and the one on the motherboard is reserved for the integrated card Used, no integrated card is useless.

④ Mining mainly depends on whether it has anything to do with the motherboard

Mining mainly depends on the graphics card, because mining is calculated by the graphics card, not the CPU. Of course, it has something to do with the motherboard. There are several major requirements:
1. Provide 6 PCI-E slots so that 6 graphics cards can be connected for mining.

2. BIOS optimization, it can be recognized by plugging in 6 cards, no manual adjustment is required.
3. The operation is stable, the motherboard is unstable, the automatic restart and shutdown will affect the efficiency, and the short-circuit graphics card will be burned out.
Now the market mainly pushes B250/B350 mining motherboards, some new ones are very interesting, for example, 7 cards/8 cards can be connected, but these solutions have not been tested, there may be unstable factors, and some are not in stock . In fact, the previous 8 series are more suitable for mining. The MS-B85-BTC made by the furniture factory is a very good mining board. It has been verified for many years of mining solutions, 6 PCI-E, BIOS automatic recognition, and PCI-E voltage regulator capacitors have been added. By design, this mining is stable, and shutdown is low cost.

⑤ What does it mean that the motherboard supports display output or does not support display output

It should mean that it is with integrated graphics card or without integrated graphics card. It supports display output without integrated graphics card.

⑥ The motherboard has a display output interface, whether it supports integrated graphics card

1. If the motherboard has a display output interface, it may not necessarily support integrated graphics card.
2. The current motherboard does not have its own display chip, it needs the CPU to integrate the display chip. If the CPU does not support it, even if it is connected to the display output interface, it is useless.

⑦ Biostar Digging Can the on-board display interface of the mining motherboard be used during mining

… You really think, do you think the integrated display will be profitable for mining? The integrated display must be used when installing the driver. . .

⑧ How to connect a monitor to a motherboard without a display output interface

How to connect a monitor to a motherboard without a monitor interface if it is equipped with a discrete graphics card. The choice of discrete graphics card also depends on the slot on your motherboard.

⑨ Can the general motherboard support dual-screen output to display different content?

Dual-screen output is a graphics card that must have two interfaces. Use the data cable to connect to the graphics card interface, and select the boot: Control Panel→Display→Settings→Advanced, then the pattern of the two monitors will be displayed, and the detailed tutorial network will be displayed.

⑩ What is the use of the display output interface on the motherboard

It is used to connect the display signal line. It transmits the display signal of the computer.

If the monitor is still connected to the display output interface of the motherboard at this time, the monitor will have no signal input.

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