Which can be mined with cpu

Ⅰ What are the coins that can be mined with cpu

The graphics card for mining, the CPU is not the best thing. Either Bitcoin or Litecoin!

Ⅱ What are the virtual coins that can be mined with cpu

In theory, mining is to calculate the solution equation, and it can be mined with cpu, but this calculation mode It is closer to a graphing calculator, so the graphics card is more efficient, the cpu efficiency is low, and the power consumption is large

Ⅲ Are there any new coins that can be mined by CPU?

In fact, all coins can be mined with cpu, but the mining algorithm only does simple and repeated hash collision. The advantage of cpu is that it can perform a single calculation very quickly, while the advantage of graphics card is that its parallel computing ability is very strong, which can Running thousands of threads simultaneously. For example, there is a question that requires 1 second for the CPU to calculate and 24 seconds for the graphics card to calculate, but if there are 100 such questions, it takes 100 seconds for the CPU to calculate, and only 24 seconds for the graphics card to calculate. Therefore, the graphics card is usually used for mining.

ⅣHow to use CPU to mine


The graphics card can mine;

Yes Money can go to the Titan array with high efficiency. If you have no money, you can use the 7990 290x array for more than 1,000 yuan. Ability. The unit conversion relationship of computing power is 1000G=1T, 1000T=1P, and now the total computing power of the entire network is about 2000P. In the world of Bitcoin, the total output per day is about 1800. Mining can be abstractly understood as the 2000P computing power competing for the production right of 1800 bitcoins every day. The rise and fall of computing power is generally positively related to the rise and fall of currency prices, and negatively related to the rise and fall of mining machine prices.

ⅣHow to use cpu mining

The command for CPU mining is:
minerd.exe -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u your own wallet address -p X -t 8 -s 15
Where -t 8 is the number of cores you use! There is no need to change other parameters.
There are not so many requirements for the core. If you don’t need a computer, just make it bigger than your actual core. Not necessarily 4 cores must be 4.! 6 and 8 work equally well. It’s just that each process slows down. The overall speed is exactly the same.
Also, this parameter changes the occupancy rate of the system rather than the actual physical core occupancy. That is to say, if you have a 4-core system, if you change it to 2, it will not occupy 100% of 2 cores, but 50% of the system CPU resources!

Ⅵ What cpu do you use for cpu mining

There are professional mining machines that sell, but not personal computers. . Performance is too poor. . Unless there is a high-end workstation, but I haven’t heard of anyone using a workstation to mine. . Workstations are not mining machines.

The faster the mining machine, the better, but it also depends on your budget.
High-end, you can choose several intel xeon e5 series processors, with multi-channel motherboard. .

Low endpoint can choose intel xeon 5600 series or e3 series. .

The mining graphics card is faster than the CPU, and the professional mining machine is faster than the graphics card
So it is better to buy a mining machine. .

In addition, in fact, mining is not easy to make money. . .

Ⅶ Which coins can be directly mined with CPU

It can be mined, but the key is to see what kind of CPU you have. Tens of thousands of coins are invested in the mining team every day, which leads to an increase in the overall difficulty of mining coins. Therefore, it is more and more difficult to mine prime coins with a general PC CPU.

Ⅷ Is there any coin that can be mined with cpu?

No, if someone with such a relationship borrows Tianhe-2 for a few seconds to mine it for you

IX How to mine with CPU

Monero anti-mining machine is suitable for CPU mining

Monero latest official windows wallet download address:

Extraction code:tra2

1.Download Good mining software, decompress. Right-click: “Start.cmd”, and select “Edit” from the pop-up menu.

Paste and modify it to the wallet receiving address you obtained before, so that the mines obtained from mining will go into your wallet.

2. Double-click to start .cmd to start mining.

The words “reboot” may appear in the first run, you can operate according to its English, right-click “start.cmd”, select run as administrator, and then restart the computer to make aes-ni take effect. , run mining to make money again normally and efficiently.

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