Which currency trading platform is better? Currency trading platform rankings

As we all know, the competition of digital currency trading platforms is very fierce, and with the popularity of encrypted assets, the number of trading platforms in the currency circle is also becoming more and more. As a hub in the digital currency market, the main function of the exchange is to connect investors and project parties, and it is a bridge. Generally speaking, token project parties hope that their tokens can be logged on more exchanges, because in this way tokens can have more liquidity and transaction volume, and then better realize value. Many investors have just entered the currency circle and still do not know which is the best trading platform in the currency circle? Let’s bring you the ranking list of the currency circle trading platform.

Which is the best currency exchange platform?

1. Binance

Binance trading platform (https://www.binancezh.top/) is a dedicated block created by a group of digital Zichen enthusiasts A trading platform for chain assets. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is one of the most influential platforms in Chinese exchanges. Binance consists of a fusion of “Binary” and “Finance”, which means the fusion of digital technology and finance. Binance issued its own token BNB for crowdfunding and trading, and BNB will also be the fuel for Binance’s decentralized on-chain trading platform.

2. Huobi

Huobi.com is an innovative digital asset trading platform under the Huobi Group that serves professional trading users around the world. It is currently headquartered in Singapore. At present, it provides more than 40 kinds of digital asset trading and investment services, which are operated by the Huobi Global Professional Station team. Huobi Group is a comprehensive digital asset service provider with global competitiveness and influence, providing high-quality services to millions of users in more than 130 countries. There are independent trading business and operation centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. At present, Huobi Group has invested in more than 60 upstream and downstream enterprises.

3. OKEx

OKEx (https://www.ouyicn.pw/) is one of the world’s famous digital asset trading platforms, mainly providing bitcoin, lite for global users Currency, ETH and other digital assets currency and derivatives trading services, affiliated to ACX Malta Technology Company Limited.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase is a virtual currency exchange established in San Francisco in 2012. It only supported Bitcoin at the beginning, and currently supports Ethereum, Eth, Litecoin, etc. , is the first bitcoin exchange with a formal license in the United States.

5. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a digital currency trading platform owned and operated by iFinex Inc., providing a variety of digital currency trading services, margin financing, and Bitcoin and Litecoin trading. Margin trading. It currently occupies about 8% of the world’s digital currency trading platform market share. The platform supports deposits and withdrawals in US dollars and euros, supports OTC services, and also supports online financing in fiat and digital currencies. iFinex Inc., which is part of the Bitfinex bitcoin exchange, is a financial technology company. The company was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Central, Hong Kong.

6. KuCoin

KuCoin, KuCoin, is a digital asset trading platform built by former team members of Internet and financial companies such as Ant Financial and GF Securities. The market share of the world’s digital currency trading platform is less than 1.3%.


MEXC Global is a blockchain-focused platform founded by Wall Street and senior quantitative trading teams in Japan and Europe in conjunction with senior blockchain practitioners through decentralized self-organization. A platform for the exchange and exchange of chain assets. MEXC Global will provide users with more secure, convenient and intelligent blockchain asset circulation services, aggregate global high-quality blockchain assets, integrate the world’s top security technologies, and strive to build the world’s top blockchain asset international station.

8, Gemini

Gemini (Gemini) is an international site for Bitcoin and Ethereum founded by the Winklevoss brothers. It is a digital currency financial investment platform and custodian institution that allows customers to invest and storage of digital assets, directly regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Headquartered in New York, Gemini currently only supports investments in BTC, ETH and Zcash, and only operates in the US, Canada, UK, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

9. Bittrex

Bittrex, commonly known as B-net, provides currency, dollar and currency services, and registration is very simple. Founded in 2015, Bittrex is an international bitcoin station in the United States, supporting more than 200 trading pairs, with a daily trading volume of billions of RMB. Bitterex team members come from major companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Qualys and BlackBerry, and have more than 50 years of professional security and development experience in the service.

10. BitMEX

BitMEX was established in the Republic of Seychelles and is the most advanced international station for bitcoin derivatives, providing up to 100 times leverage for bitcoin products, and also Provides high leverage against other digital currency products. BitMEX adopts the latest multi-factor safety mechanism from the inside out, with high safety performance. BitMEX also offers various contract types. All contracts are purchased and paid for in Bitcoin. Founding Team The founding team of BitMEX consists of the best experts in the fields of finance, web development and high-frequency algorithmic trading.

The above content is a specific elaboration on which currency trading platform is better. In fact, each of the exchanges introduced above has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is inevitable that it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just like the Binance exchange, its advantages are high security, large transaction volume, more currencies, and low handling fees, but its disadvantage is that its contract trading has just started. Another example is the Bitfinex exchange, its The advantages are simple registration, many currencies, support for fiat currency recharge and withdrawal, large transaction volume, large number of users, etc., but its disadvantage is that there have been security problems, and the security risks are relatively high. Everyone just needs to choose according to their needs.


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