Which is the best usdt recharge platform?

(1) Which platform does USDT not need to withdraw within 24 hours?

Centralized exchanges
At present, large exchanges should be able to withdraw coins in real time, and centralized exchanges can do it.
Tether (USDT) is a virtual currency that links the cryptocurrency to the legal currency U.S. dollar. It is a virtual currency that is stored in a foreign exchange reserve account and is backed by legal currency.
Tether is a virtual currency pegged to the fiat currency US dollar. Each Tether will be symbolically tied to a government-backed fiat currency. Tether is a virtual currency kept in a foreign exchange reserve account and backed by fiat currency.

(ii) How can I buy USDT directly?

Yes, there are, Zhongbi-over-the-counter transactions can be done through WeChat Alipay. Online banking to buy. Convenient. In addition, as the first platform to introduce Bitcoin and Ethereum, over-the-counter transactions are also very complete. Both OTC and C2C have no fees.

iii Please, what are some good USDT trading platforms you can recommend?

The following are some personal experiences on the exchange, for reference only:
1. Biyi, 0 handling fee, recharge and withdrawal in seconds, many currencies, support for a variety of well-known virtual currency transactions, direct USDT and RMB exchange, simple operation, can be said to be the best overall quality exchange in China at present, there are APP and high security.
2. Huobi overseas, not recommended, dozens of junk coins a week, support APP.
3. OK overseas, enter with caution, there are a lot of negative news, fooling leeks.
4. China Bitcoin Overseas (ZB): It was also just opened for trading. The day before yesterday, the trading was suspended for 1 hour, speechless.
5. C2C, do not push (friends go), the actual handling fee is 3%, pit.

㈣ The usdt in the Huobi wallet cannot be mentioned in the Huobi app The usdt in the Huobi wallet cannot be mentioned in the Huobi app

Abstract Hello, Enter the asset interface of Huobi, click on the USDT button and a withdrawal button will appear. Open a wallet that supports USDT, such as Huobi Wallet, fill in the address into the exchange’s withdrawal address, and then wait. It will take a while to withdraw.

㈤ Which Bitcoin trading platform is reliable?

I think Bitcoin China is a more reliable platform. It is the first and largest in China. Bitcoin trading platform, operated by Shanghai Satushi Network Co., Ltd., was established on June 9, 2011. The team members are mainly from China, Silicon Valley and Europe.

The bitcoin world is based on credit, and the bitcoin Chinese brand has a high reputation in the global bitcoin field.

㈥Which usdt trading platform is reliable? How to invest in crypto assets at present

It can be traded on a decentralized platform, I recommend you to learn about the CellETF crypto asset portfolio fund. CellETF is a decentralized encrypted asset management institution. It will build a decentralized fund protocol based on smart contracts that integrates fund issuance, subscription, investment, and redemption of full asset management business processes. , Fund issuance and fund operation in a trustless manner, committed to allowing global users to freely choose professional investment strategies in CellETF, and easily complete encrypted asset allocation through different fund products. Recently, the project side has a lot of activities such as airdrop mining, which is very good.

㈦ USDT purchase, withdrawal and withdrawal, which platform are you on?

Yes, Biyi has recently opened the USDT/CNY deposit and withdrawal business, which can be directly exchanged for RMB, and free of charge!

㈧ Which platform supports USDT deposits?

I tell you this, the Australian Union International supports it, and USDT is also very easy to get into the account. quick. Authentication is also not a hassle.

㈨ I bought usdt through the Huobi platform and recharged it to a virtual currency app, what should I do if I was cheated

After attending the offline virtual currency investment seminar, Many citizens bought unknown virtual coins. At the beginning, it claimed to be dozens of times of short-term gains, but now it has fallen by more than 90%. The project operator denied any previous promise of profitability, claiming that losses were “normal.” Several investors said they would call the police together.

Yesterday, a number of investors called the hotline and said that they hoped that more people would know about this and prevent them from falling into traps when investing.

I did not receive the “coin”

I was “kicked” for questioning in the group

In April last year, Mr. Lin learned from his friend Pan that, The other party was running a virtual currency project called “Dash”, and Pan invited him to attend an investment lecture.

Pan rented a store in Haitan Mountain Villa in the urban area and often held virtual currency investment lectures. “I heard it once, and he said that ‘Dascoin’ has a good prospect, and the income may be dozens of times in a few months. He also showed me the records of other people’s money and investment on the mobile phone, many of which were bought for hundreds of thousands of yuan. .” Mr. Lin said that he knew very little about virtual currency,I once heard that some people made money by speculating on “Bitcoin”, and after listening to Pan’s propaganda, I decided to try it, “At that time, the price of a Das coin was more than 1 yuan, I transferred it to Pan with Alipay for more than 7,000 yuan, and bought it 5,000.”

“Pan said that the coins would not arrive in the account until 3 months later, and he gave something similar to an online banking U-shield, saying it was a ‘virtual currency wallet’, and he had to log in through that Account to buy and sell virtual currency.” Mr. Lin said, he waited for more than half a year, but he did not receive virtual currency. “Because I am a friend, I am embarrassed to urge him. In March this year, I questioned a few words in the investment group, and he was rejected by him. Kicked out of the group.”

Waiting for more than a year to receive the “coin”

The result is “difficult to sell”

A hardware business Mr. Zheng has little knowledge about virtual currency. He met Pan under the introduction of a friend, and invested nearly 250,000 yuan in 4 times to buy Dascoin. “Pan said that virtual coins should be minted in batches, so let me wait patiently.” Mr. Zheng said that the first wait was more than a year. During this period, he watched the price of a das coin drop from more than 1 yuan to today’s 8 cents.

The query website provided by Pan to Mr. Zheng shows that Dascoin was issued in May last year. At the beginning of the issuance, the highest price was 1.5439 yuan per piece, and since then the overall trend has been declining.

On June 27, Pan informed Mr. Zheng that all the virtual coins were minted and credited to his account. “The Dash I bought for 250,000 yuan is only 20,000 yuan at the latest price.” Mr. Lin asked why the loss was so severe. “Pan said that the market is not good. This is a normal market fluctuation.”

On July 1, Mr. Zheng found Pan with a “virtual currency wallet” and asked the other party to show how to sell virtual currency on the spot. currency. He said that Pan told him that the domestic transaction volume of “Dascoin” is small, and it is difficult to sell it. “He said that it can be traded abroad, and I said that it can be sold, but he also said that it needs to be operated through the English interface. I will do it, anyway, it means I can’t sell these coins.”

Answered “I don’t know” in the face of the question

And also blocked the reporter

Investors who called the news hotline said that there were nearly 100 investors in a “Dascoin” investment group, most of them from Wenzhou. At present, a rights protection group composed of more than 10 people has been established. According to the rough statistics of the team members, their investment amount alone exceeds one million yuan, and so far they have not achieved the income promised by the other party.

“Pan is just a leader. He is a woman surnamed Liao. We suspect that there are more investors who have been kept in the dark.” Mr. Lin said that after the Dascoin project , Liao has also set up other similar virtual currency projects, he wants to remind investors, be careful to fall into the trap.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted Pan and Liao. In the face of the above-mentioned investors’ doubts, Pan refused, “I don’t know!” and then hung up and blocked the reporter’s call.

Liao Mou denied that he had promised to invest in “Dascoin” to obtain high returns. “Investment is inherently risky, and it is normal to have ups and downs.”

In the industry People said that the virtual currency industry is mixed, and you must do your homework before investing, and don’t blindly follow the trend. When investing, it is best to buy mainstream currencies from well-known large platforms. The person reminded that the virtual currency market fluctuates greatly, often rising and falling, so you should invest according to your own risk tolerance ability


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