Which mining in the underground castle

❶ Is it still profitable to mine Dungeon 2?

The probability of getting gold nuggets is low, but there are rare earths, which is quite profitable. You can bring a team with a high load to hide from the strange, respectively. Go to maps 10, 14, and 15 to mine once a day. The first mine is the most, and the later ones are less. There are still quite a lot of rare earth dark flints in these maps. As for money, the drop rate of assassins is not high, so mining The drop rate is okay, it is not recommended to deliberately brush money

❷ What is the use of the holy relics in the underground castle?

After having the holy relics in the dungeon, all the attributes of the player will become The speed increases by 2 times, but the improvement brought by the holy relic is not only the blood volume, the damage reduction (block), and the attack power of the troops. It will also increase the player’s recovery, reduce damage effect, continuous damage, dodge, hit, etc. The relics of the underground castle are as follows:

5-star relic: Ice Spear, Amplification effect: reduce damage

5-star relic: Cold Iron Hammer, Amplifying Effect: Reduced Damage

5-star Relic: Universal Magic Book, Amplifying Effect: Magic System

5-star Relic : Exquisite Boots, Amplification Effect: Dodge

5-star Relic: Brilliant Tower Shield, Amplification Effect: Block

5-star Relic: Dark Essence Holder, Amplification Effect: Reduced damage

5-star relic: Centaur Bracers, Amplifying Effect: Hit

5-star Relic: Ring of Regeneration, Amplifying Effect: Recovery Amount

Moon Relic: Chilling Heart, Augment Effect: Life

Moon Relic: Vanguard Amulet, Augment Effect: Dodge

Moon Relic: Holy Sword, Augment Effect: Melee Department

Moon Sacred Artifact: Malicious Scarf, Augment Effect: Continuous Damage

4 Star Artifact: Warrior Medal, Augment Effect: Hit

4 Star Sacred Artifact Object: Barbed Dagger, Amplification Effect: Melee System

4-star Relic: Unnamed Blade, Amplification Effect: Melee System

4-star Relic: Steel Spike Shield, Amplification Effect: Block

4-star Relic: Bone Shield, Amplifying Effect: Life

4-star Relic: Exile Cloak, Amplifying Effect: Magic

4-star relic: Dark Lord’s cane, booster effect: magic system

4-star relic: talking doll, booster effect: magic system

4-star relic: Refined Arrow, Amplification Effect: Shooting System

4-star Relic: High Power Telescope, Amplification Effect: Shooting System

4-star Relic: Wind Chain, Amplification Effect: Dodge

4-star Relic: Explosive Compound, Amplification Effect: Flight System

4-star Relic: Lucky Ring, Amplifying Effect: Hit

4-star Relic: Refractor, Amplification Effect: Dodge

4-star Relic: Monster Plasma, Amplification Effect: Recovery Amount

4-star Relic: Blood Red Pendant, Amplification Effect: Life

4-star relic: third hand, booster effect: block

4-star relic: saint statue, booster effect: recovery amount

4-star relic: possession Poison Vial, Amplification Effect: Continuous Damage

4-star Holy Relic: Gazing Mask, Amplification Effect: Reduced Damage

(2) Which Mining in the Underground Castle Extended reading:

As the leader of a city-state, players can not only experience the great process of creating a city from scratch, but also strategize strategies and use their wits and imaginations in endless adventures. Here, there are more than 50 arms that can be combined arbitrarily, and the expedition and adventure team can be organized according to the player’s own style.

With a strong team, it is natural to have enough room to play. There are more than 500 locations in the game, 4 copies for players to play, and an endless ultimate labyrinth – Eternal Arena for players to challenge records. In addition to various monsters, the adventure itself will also test the player’s control over materials and routes.

❸ Where is the best place for mining in Dungeon 2?

Look at the picture and find a good one

❹ Find the ranking of the loot in Dungeon 2, Which are more powerful

ranked as follows: Amethyst, Runestone Blade, Iron Armor, Jet Black Claw, Bloodthirsty Tongue, Bloodshot Eyeball, Jet Black Dragon Scale, Charged Magic Crystal, Opal Stone, Dark Mask, Adventure spirit bonus, stone claws, stone knives, soul-killing eyes, dry shell molting, gelatin tentacles, fishy fish scales, sailing manual, red robe loot. The most powerful ones are: Amethyst, Runestone Blade, and Iron Armor.

In addition, the pub can be swiped three times, and the pub’s S is purely face-to-face. Although a first-level tavern may produce S, most people still have to rely on slow brushing. At present, the most cost-effective method is generally recognized as three times an hour, which is to refresh 10+50+100 gold coins. Starting from the first S in the ninth-level tavern, and now the 14-level tavern has 3S+ dozens of A, don’t rush to spend diamonds, take your time. People who have watched a lot of flower drill brushes say that an average of 3000 drills produces an S.

❺ How many gems do civilians in Dungeon 2 get in total

Civilian gems can be obtained in the following ways:

1. Achievement acquisition

Players will get achievement rewards when they meet certain task requirements in the process of playing the game.Yidu will be rewarded with gems of varying amounts.

Three, recharge

The last method is also the easiest method. If you are an RMB player, you can directly recharge to get it; of course The more you recharge at one time, the more gems you get.

To sum up, because there are few methods and ways to obtain gems, players should be careful in the process of using diamonds, otherwise they can only recharge and buy!

(5) What are the mining expansion readings in the underground castle:

The development strategy for civilian players in the underground castle 2:


2. General experience in playing games: currencies such as diamonds bought by RMB are easy to use.

3. There are many bonuses at the beginning of this game. The gift package options in the settings in the lower left corner, the gift codes that have not expired at present are as follows:

Silver Knight Shield, Lorana Shadow, Black Tea and Brandy, Ice Burial, Dark Awakening, Zero Tolerance, The Hobbit, Poppy, Harry Potter, Lovecraft, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Little Tom Riddle, Baldur’s Gate, Solomon, Royenthal, Kabbalah Tree of Life, Dead Sea Book, Hydra, Book of Creation, Goddess of Fate, Gods, Angels and Demons, Dragons and Dungeons.

Some of the above gift codes cannot be received after reaching a certain level, so the sooner you get them, the better!

4. It is best to spend 30 RMB at the beginning of the game, whether it is kryptonite or not. Buying a monthly card can first increase the daily adventure time, which is the biggest source of gold coins, equipment and resources in the early stage, and you can play more comfortably; secondly, it is equivalent to sending an S-level hero, which is used for the strength of the early-stage S-level hero. Only know after passing. Europeans can get an SS-level hero, and if they get an SS-level hero, they can show it off.

The last daily gift of 100 diamonds is very useful, and sometimes it can even be said to be emergency diamonds, which will be discussed later.

5. Open two more team columns. The first column is the original one, the second column needs 200 diamonds, and the third column needs 800 diamonds. I hope not to save these 1000 diamonds. The 48 hours of daily adventure time will not be wasted, and there is still a team of spares that can be used for mining and scanning. If krypton gold, you can also open a few more columns.

6. Buy the assembly line in the store with diamonds. This is the most expensive place in the early stage, and it is also a must-buy thing. It can reduce the production time of your manor from 30 seconds all the way to 10 Seconds, a lucrative business.

The number of diamonds required is 100 drills – 28 seconds for the ordinary assembly line, 150 drills – 26 seconds for the improved assembly line, 300 drills – 23 seconds for the advanced assembly line, 600 drills – 20 seconds for the professional assembly line, and 1000 drills for the expert assembly line – 17 seconds, 2000 diamonds – 13 seconds for the master assembly line, 3000 diamonds – 10 seconds for the super assembly line, a total of 7150 diamonds are needed, and the diamonds given by gift codes and achievements plus the diamonds of the monthly card are basically enough.

It is up to you to buy or not to buy the final super assembly line. If you like this game, I suggest you to buy it, the profit is high.

7. Don’t use diamonds and gold coins to go to taverns in the early stage. It’s unnecessary and the income is low. It all depends on the face. Surprise, coming to SS is an accident, you can come to the forum to chat.

8. Elementalist is a must in the early stage, followed by paladins, sacrifices, and the last one can do anything (except barbarians), paladins have no equipment in the early stage to support the milk volume and carry it When you can’t live, you can replace it with a witch doctor. The witch doctor is the first in the amount of single milk in the early stage.

❻ Dungeon 2 which map is better to brush

The following picture shows a more efficient route. (If you have a normal purple face, don’t think about it, brush Mithril: Assassin in Figure 9. It has been brushed for 1 day, and you will get benefits such as blue and purple equipment (but the probability of equipment welfare is too small, you will get one piece after brushing a dozen circles, two Output a milk.
2, there are at most 11 Mithril badges.
Specific play, score 600~700, decompose to get 300+ Mithril, brush gold coins! Mithril is in great demand in the later stage , or in rare cases to kill assassins.
The second team can send 2~3 people to brush a circle. Source of large gold nuggets:
Swordsman 1000 Swordsman 900 Priest 850 Paladin 600 , alternate operation. And Mithril is very stable: Figure 9 mining, about every lap, at least 7 Mithril badges, and at least 1 large gold nugget and 2 small gold nuggets.
My previous home team’s Composition. I really recommend that you can brush in Figure 9.
The source of small gold nuggets! At first, like many people, I used Figure 8, but now it has become 550! Don’t worry about lack of energy, the African attribute is max, and Figure 9 is a brush So far, the most stable one with small gold nuggets and big gold nuggets is the second team to play Mithril on the Path of Exile. Figure 10 has not yet been opened: the home team is brushing the King City gold coins, and now it is madly brushing in Figure 9, and the map can be refreshed again. Today I follow this route Walked a dozen times: wolf., invalid for Africans.)
The source of the Mithril badge.
In addition to mining, don’t go to Figure 8, sometimes it is very wasteful, the African attribute is max You can still get it, about 350 gold coins, and currently there is a master pattern in the pile of resources.�It takes 10,000, and you can get Mithril without delaying the gold coins. ), not only clean and fast. The first 9 maps are undoubtedly the most suitable for brushing 1.
Mithril’s roadmap.
The original weight was about 450. , Expedition Knight

❼ Underground Castle 2 Figure 14 is good for mining or Figure 15

If the first mine is a little more than Figure 15. In fact, if you get four barbarians and carry 4000+ food, it is best to dig together with picture 14 and picture 15

❽ Dungeon 2 Mining Team Configuration

16 A hero. 4 main force and all other power heroes.
On average, only one Void Stone can be obtained once mining, so the number of mining times will be very large. Therefore, every improvement in mining details will save a lot of time after multiplying the number of mining times.
In the case of mining, the efficiency of Figure 8 is the highest. Figure 8. There is a chance of mining a large gold nugget. A large gold nugget is about 230. 4 A3 heroes with 6 hoes and 450 food can dig.
Dig for a minute or two, a team digs 3 times, on average Can produce 5 to 6 large gold nuggets, it is recommended that two teams dig.

❾ “Dungeon 2” Novice Guide: Equipment Chapter How to get the equipment in the early stage

Dungeon Citadel 2 Novice Guide equipment chapter, in addition to the lineup, the most important thing in this game is the equipment , as long as your equipment is strong enough, then all bosses are spicy chickens. So what are the characteristics of the equipment in the game? How to get it? What equipment did you use beforehand? Let’s take a look together.

Dungeon 2 Novice Raiders Equipment Chapter
At present, in addition to accessories that can generate some superb attributes, weapons and clothes are better made by yourself , the clothes and weapons that come out of the brush are generally only overused.

In addition, the special souls from the game plot can be exchanged for equipment, and if the timing is good, the efficiency can be accelerated to a certain extent (it will be left to eat ashes immediately, and the later stage is basically the fate of decomposition).

Nowadays, some weapons can be recast, but they are relatively face-to-face, such as the strongest ring, the Ring of Yule (not a force magic that can be used in general), and there are super exclusive runes in the super late stage ( After the red robe is exchanged with honor fragments), you can play a more powerful ring.

This means that you don’t need to pay too much attention to the attributes of the equipment sent by the system. In fact, it is also overused, and it doesn’t matter if it is a little bit worse. After all, recasting is not cheap, and it may not be better.

Here are highly recommended places to brush equipment:

The knights of the Order in the upper right corner of Figure 4 can brush out silver badges, purple swords and purple lobsters. The purple lobster here is The best, even if the latter is out, the general attributes are not as good as here. You can brush more in the early stage, and some purple lobsters can be used very later. The silver badge is directly decomposed to obtain mithril, and mithril has always been a rare material.

Assassins in Figure 9, there are many assassins on the left and right of the exit and in the top row. Gold nuggets, large gold nuggets, and purple outfits can be produced, but the probability is very small.

Picture 10 is the best map for mid-term mining. Generally, 10-15 pieces can be mined in a circle. The best time for gold mining on each map is to enter the map for the first time every day, with the most mining points and out The highest gold rate.

The above picture 11 has a chance to get gold equipment, but the chance is very, very small, you can post the picture after brushing it.

Pictures after picture 11 have been drawn for a long time. Personally, I recommend drawing picture 12. The gold mine has the most points. The decomposed food is relatively rich. If you have time, you can enter 11. After brushing the lower left corner, go to the lower right corner to the upper left corner. There are many dragons, and then go directly to Figure 12. The dragon meat is broken down, and continue to brush Figure 12. If you don’t have much time, you can Go directly to spit 13 and kill the strongest shadow dragon in the non-boss.


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