Which one is faster to make money, eve mining or playing anomalies

⑴I have been playing eve for a month, and have more than 3 million skills. Now I drive more than one meter, and the brush is abnormal. Now I am at 00. How can I make money quickly? I am a professional and no one

First of all, 00 Farming monsters is very boring and boring, but fortunately you are using a multi-meter drone to hang up, but the newcomer’s skills are low, the drone damage is low, and the bounty is not much. If you are not afraid of boredom, I recommend you to learn Let’s take a look at planetary development. The income of a single character in planetary development starts from 80 million to 1.3E per day. One account has 3 character positions. If you link all 3 characters to the planetary development skill, the daily income is a fixed 3E, 3X30=90E At the current monthly card price of 70E, you can not only meet your monthly card needs but also have the remaining income, and you can use your spare time to kill monsters and kill them.
Completely hand-played, hope to adopt

2 EVE is free for 28 days, whether it is a battle-type earning fast or a mining earning fast

In comparison, I personally think that mining makes money.
Because it’s free for 28 days…not a good boat. Can’t use good equipment.
Not to mention killing monsters and digging mines.
But mining is still very profitable. But it’s less fun than fighting.

⑶ When playing EVE for the first time, is there any other way to make money besides mining?

In the early stage of mining, it is good to do some level 1-2 tasks. Start trying level 3 quests and save money to buy a battle row
Start the battle row, there are more ways to make money
In addition, if there is 1/10 of the dead space nearby, you can drive guards to fight, it’s good Things can make you a fortune
You can also salvage with old players, the money comes fast, but it’s boring

⑷ Where the abnormality in eve is more profitable, don’t go below 0.5

Gao An is unusually unprofitable. . . But it’s easy to sweep. As long as the core probe is used, 32AU covers the entire galaxy, sweep once, the green dot is abnormal, if not, change the galaxy. However, Gao An’s abnormality is not profitable, and the money is very small. There is a certain probability of BOSS but the probability is very small. The landlord can actually go to 0.0 to brush the abnormality, or sweep death in Gao’an. There are also fewer people, and Gao An can scan it.

⑸ How to scan eve exceptions, how to make money by scanning exceptions

Open the shipboard scanner after exiting the station (the default shortcut key is ALT+ D) Then click the scan in the upper left corner, the scan is abnormal, just jump in and play whichever you want… No need to accept tasks and other preconditions, there are two sources of abnormal money. The first is reward Gold is the money sent to you by the system after killing monsters. It is settled every 20 minutes. This is the most important way to make money… The second is to salvage and pick up garbage, but this is generally made for newbies in the legion.. All of them are trying to adopt

⑹ eve. Which one is more profitable to mine monsters

Mining income is stable
Farming monsters to reduce security
But it is dangerous
I am called KILL-WHALE on the 17173EVE forum. If you have any questions, you can go to
to find me an answer.

⑺ How to make money fast with eve Combat or mining

First of all, your young dragon is really tough and tough, but it is estimated that you can’t do level 3 tasks without firepower. . . Don’t believe EVE WIKI, a lot of information is very pitiful for a long time. . .
For ice mining, there are only a few galaxies in Gao An, and the best ship for mining ice is Mackinac, and the best for mining ordinary ore is Hawke, just find a ore group to join. Generally speaking, it is already charged. Moreover, the war continued, and the ore price was very high, and the three titanium basically increased by 1 yuan faster than before the fee. . . But I still have to say that mining is boring, and the monthly card cannot be bought with mining money.
High security is basically about tasks and small deaths, low security is mainly about death and around poles, 00 is about brushing anomalies and big deaths.
Mining is fine in the early stage, but it is not recommended to keep doing it all the time.
If Gao An wants to find a novice group, he can add the “Strange Shushu Medical Examination Center”, there are many good people in it to help you.

⑻ How to make money quickly in EVE and how to make money from mining? Is it selling?

There are many ways to make money. Novices can mine, quest, and engage in the market.
The fastest way to make money in the market, but ordinary people can’t make it, and mining is quite boring. Combat direction is recommended. Level 1, 2, and 3 tasks will be done slowly. The current agents are not of good quality. The rewards of agents of the same level are divided according to the security level of the current galaxy, and the monthly payment of security level is relatively high. When you can drive a dragon well, start learning to scan, fight death and wormholes. Death may be a bamboo basket or a fortune. The income of 1 and 2 wormholes is already good and relatively stable for novices.
Ordinary miners usually sell their mining, but old players can go the manufacturing route and make things directly after their mining skills are full.

⑼ Which EVE Angel is the most profitable one?

Abandoned Angel’s meeting point difficulty is equal to the small altar suitable for battle ranks
The first difficulty of Angel Abandoned Nest is higher than Great SaintThe altar with rebound is only suitable for the flagship level. The second difficulty is equal to the small altar. It is suitable for the battle level team. There are 2 types of distinction. Difficulty equal to Small Refuge Suitable for Battleline Class
Port of Angel General Battleline mobs battle training is mainly suitable for Battleline level
Angel Forgotten Hideout General Battleline Battle Training is mainly suitable for Battleline level
Abandoned Angel Stronghold Difficulty is equal to the Great Refuge The first wave of guards has a rebound. After the battle line is mixed, it is suitable for battle ranks.
The Difficulty of Abandoned Angel Gathering is equal to the Great Refuge, so a large number of battlecruisers are the main battles. Column monsters are suitable for battle line-level teams
The first wave of 6-8 battle lines 3-4 in the 5th ring of the small altar is suitable for the flagship level
The big altar has the first wave of space stations 6-8 Battleline 3-5 Battlecruiser 2-4 Escort with rebound only suitable for flagship class with rebound Non-capital class ships go alone to die
Small Refuge The first wave of all stargates 4 advanced battlelines are suitable for battleship class groups Team
The difficulty of all the turrets in the big refuge is higher than that of the small altar. It is suitable for the battle line-level team.
The first wave of monsters at the hidden gathering point of the angels 3-5 The advanced battle line 3-5 The expulsion 8-10 The difficulty of the battlecruiser Above the small altar, it is suitable for battle ranks.
Angel’s oblivion is hidden, so a large number of battlecruisers expel guard positions are suitable for battle ranks.
Angel’s hidden lair first wave 12-15 battlecruiser 2-4 advanced battle Row 8-10 Expulsion 2-4 escort is slightly more difficult, suitable for battle ranks team
Angel activity center out of 8/10 expedition
Sanctuary altar out of 10/10 expedition
Angel abandoned the nest Pay attention to the power failure during the 9/10 expedition.

⑽ EVE turns on the roundabout, and the efficiency of mining by yourself is still the same as the efficiency of the mining team

If it is just mining, it is generally more profitable to mine by yourself, but it counts Shangyun mineralized mines sometimes steal mines, or it’s better to find a non-black mine team
Young dragon empty ship 50-60 million on a random few million equipment, but it is inefficient


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