Which one to buy in the currency circle

『One』How to pick coins when you just entered the currency circle

As for the exchange, OKEx is quite good and relatively safe. If you choose a currency, you can check what the main field of the blockchain behind the relevant digital currency is, and then choose according to the transaction volume and personal preference. Investing in virtual currency is very risky, and there is currently no good regulatory system and no limit for increase. Hope it helps you.

『Ⅱ』 Just entered the currency circle, what kind of digital currency is good to buy

If you just entered the currency circle, don’t rush to buy coins, visit the forums, Pay more attention to information, identify coins and then invest money to practice. For example, if it fell sharply yesterday, those like HT that did not fall have great potential and have strong anti-risk ability.

“Three” Newbies in the currency circle, which platform is the best to buy coins

Binance, Huobi, and okex are all available.

Binance, one of the blockchain trading platforms, founder Changpeng Zhao. It operates the blockchain asset trading platform Binance.

Huobi is a bitcoin trading platform established by Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013.


Low transaction costs:

Compared with traditional bank transfers, remittances, etc., digital currency transactions are less expensive. Fees are paid to third parties, and the transaction costs are lower, especially compared to cross-border payments that provide high fees to payment service providers.

Fast transaction speed:

The blockchain technology used in digital currency has the characteristics of decentralization, and does not require any centralized organization like a clearing center to process data and transaction processing. faster.

High anonymity:

In addition to the physical form of currency that can realize peer-to-peer transactions without intermediary participation, one of the advantages of digital currency compared to other electronic payment methods is that it supports remote peer-to-peer payment, it does not require any trusted third party as an intermediary.

The two parties to the transaction can complete the transaction in a completely unfamiliar situation without trusting each other, so it has higher anonymity and can protect the privacy of the trader, but at the same time it also creates convenience for cybercrime and is easy to be attacked. money laundering and other criminal activities.

Which exchange is better in the currency circle

Which education is better? You have to look at the corresponding coin, which one is better? Looking at the quality of those diseases, transactions with better coin quality are naturally better, and then how much is the benefit for you to influence these transactions cost-effectively?

“Wu” Which forum does the currency circle usually go to?

telegram, qq, weixin, Babbitt Forum, Twitter, Zhihu, Knowledge Planet, and Tieba. . . There are quite a lot of exchange platforms
1. Finance that is not recognized by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is illegal. As the concept of blockchain was put forward and became popular, there are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ritecoin, etc. in China. The benefits of these have been blown away. People who listen to it will be jealous, and they will have a new fantasy. This is just a Ponzi scheme. It will fool investors into asking you to enter the urn. After defrauding investors’ funds, it will be a series of numbers. , Investors keep adding chips, and eventually they cannot cash out.
2. China belongs to a gray area for this area. China’s stock market is not yet developed, and the Shanghai Composite Index is only around 3400 points. Compared with the US Nasdaq Index and the Hang Seng Index, it is too small. Even the state-recognized trading and investment market is still in the growth stage. Of course, the transaction is illegal, and the state is also vigorously regulating the financial transaction market to prevent investors from being deceived.
3. Earnings are inflated. The average annual rate of return of the stock god Buffett is only 20%. Why is there only this? Because he understands the laws of market investment. The first is that eggs cannot be put in one basket to diversify risks, and the second is that any income that does not conform to the norm is false. of. That is, the returns are excessively inflated, and the investment is just a string of numbers beating. There is no regulatory legal department. It can change how it wants, and investors will only be played in the dark.
4. Generally, one is issued by a team or company when it is issued, and the number, cycle and method of issuance will be explained in the white paper. For example, the team of V God released eth, the current total circulation is a little more than 100 million, the total number of bitcoins issued is 21 million, etc..
If you can manipulate the currency price or affect the currency price to a certain extent, it is For the bookmaker, as long as you have money, you can buy a lot of money through the exchange to raise it and sell it at a high level to collect leeks. There are more dealers.
So merchants or merchant groups with more funds, account holders with more coins, etc.
5. The total number of bitcoins is 21 million, which will be mined in 2140, and the mining speed will be halved in four years , currently, Bitcoin has been mined�� A little over 13 million. Bitcoin was invented and created by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto, who disappeared from the Bitcoin circle after 2010, and no one knows who this person is.
The graphics card mines Bitcoin, which was possible in the past, but now there is almost no profit in using the graphics card to mine. Of course, if your electricity is free, it is ok. The graphics card mining you mentioned is the second stage of Bitcoin mining. The first stage is to use CPU mining, which is an ordinary computer. The second stage is the graphics card mining you mentioned, commonly known as graphics card burning. At present, it has entered the third stage of ASIC mining. At this stage, the computing power is extremely high, the mining income is very low, and the mining cost is almost close to or even higher than the currency price. At present, the profit of large-scale mining farms mainly depends on the energy consumption of mining machines and the advantages of electricity prices.
6. Bihao is a company located in Singapore. What it and its operation team insist on are: strict review of the currency listing mechanism, Only the popular coins with potential are listed. The team of this platform, which aims to provide the best user experience and access to asset enhancement, has this promise, and it does.

『Lu』What are the options for withdrawing gold in the currency circle now

Currency, as the name suggests, is a pure electronic currency project represented by Bitcoin. Such projects include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Dogecoin, Bytecoin, and Dogecoin. We call this type of currency blockchain 1.0. The main value of such coins is to be used as electronic cash. Take Bitcoin as an example, a large number of merchants around the world support Bitcoin payment. There is no essential difference between coins other than Bitcoin and Bitcoin, but local optimizations have been made in the total amount of coins, transaction time, encryption algorithm and anonymity. For example, compared with Bitcoin, Litecoin has adjusted the total amount of coins, optimized the encryption algorithm of proof of work, and shortened the transaction confirmation time.

Technically speaking, this kind of currency does not have much advantages compared with Ethereum. A programmer can make a new Bitcoin-like thing in half a day. Judging from the proportion of Bitcoin’s market value in the overall digital currency market, Bitcoin’s market value is rising, but its proportion is declining. It shows that the growth of currency coins lags behind the overall growth. These coins are suitable for value-preserving investments. Basic public chains are divided into three types, namely development public chains, protocol public chains, and infrastructure public chains. The development-type public chain refers to the rapid development of DAPP applications based on the public chain. For example, Ethereum ETH, Xiaoyi NEO, Lisk, Arch Ashcoin, Qtum Chain Qtum and EOS, etc. The value of this type of public chain is mainly reflected in lowering the development threshold of DAPP and providing efficient development tools. The main feature of this type of project is that it has smart contracts, which we call blockchain 2.0. Protocol-type public chains are supplements to development-type public chains and are an important part of the public chain ecosystem. For example, Raiden RDN is a supplement to Ethereum, and the transaction congestion and transaction fee problems of Ethereum are solved through Raiden RDN. For example, Loopring solves the problem of decentralized transaction matching. Through the Loopring protocol, the cost of transaction matching can be reduced and the risk of running away from the exchange can be prevented. Such coins include Raiden RDN, IOTA, Stellar XLM, 0x protocol, SmartMesh, CyberMiles, etc. Infrastructure public chains refer to projects that provide basic capabilities such as computing, storage, and network bandwidth. The main representatives of such projects are storage projects, such as IPFS, Storj, Siacoin, etc. Computing power projects such as Golem, Elastic Project (XEL), SONM, iEx.ec, etc. The characteristics of such projects are that users are encouraged to contribute basic resources through token incentives to form a decentralized storage network and computing network. There are many application projects, and such projects generally focus on the business direction of a certain field. For example, social networking, identity recognition, payment, content copyright, trading market, games, live broadcast and other business directions. Application projects are generally based on business pain points in this field and use blockchain to solve them. The value of such projects is mainly reflected in the implementation of the business and the actual commercial value generated. At present, the blockchain field is still in the early stage, the infrastructure is not perfect, and the risk of application projects is greater than that of public chain projects. At present, application projects not only test the technical strength of the team, but also test the business landing and marketing ability of the team, and most of the problems solved by application projects do not require the use of blockchain technology.
In today’s currency circle, the first choice for long-term holding of valuable and promising digital currency is the basic chain project. The digital currency of the basic chain is the familiar Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course, ADA, AE, ONT, which the master is optimistic about. The basic chain is the foundation of the application of blockchain technology. Only when the project progresses smoothly can a large amount of funds be owned. In the long run, there will be profit margins. Except for the currencies introduced above, other currencies are “slag” at this stage, because the increase of small currencies has notThe greater the supervision, the more discretionary. If the publisher wants to go long or short suddenly, it will affect the trend of the current currency, and the small currency will be more likely to run away and be less safe. ADA, AE, ABT, and ONT are all new coins in the past two years. The increase is not stable enough. You can choose to hold a small amount. During this period, the bank card for speculating and withdrawing gold is frozen. So try not to withdraw money. If you really want to withdraw, it is recommended to digest it with your friends, or you may ask the platform’s key account manager for help, and there is a special channel. Of course, this also tells us to forcibly get rich, and don’t even think about going out without earning enough dozens of BTC! Of course, when most people lose money, they don’t need to withdraw money. Once a large-scale card freezing event occurs on the trading platform, it will not only cause asset loss, but more importantly, it will directly dampen the enthusiasm of investors to continue to invest in cryptocurrency. In the current environment, the “frozen card tide” is on the rise. Investors need to know the following two points:
1. Why are bank cards frozen? There are two main reasons for the freezing of bank cards: one is bank freezing, and the other is judicial freezing. The bank freeze is mainly because the bank believes that the user’s behavior has triggered the bank’s risk control system. The judicial freezing is mainly due to the funds involved and black money. The currency circle is now in a stage of rapid development, full of various black interests. The user’s funds are likely to be actively or passively involved in the “black industry chain” in a certain link of OTC deposits and withdrawals, but the user himself may not know it. Once this happens, all payment mediums for the user are frozen.
2, 2. What can retail investors do to avoid freezing their funds? The best way at the moment is to not deposit or withdraw money. If it is really necessary, try to choose a blue shield business, insist on checking the real-name qualifications, and ensure that the real-name information is consistent. In addition, it is best to use a dedicated card when withdrawing money, even if it is frozen in the future, it will not have much impact.

『柒』 Just entered the currency circle, how to pick coins

There are roughly three kinds of currencies in the currency speculation, one is the base currency, which is similar to the representative of money . CNY and USDT. (Basic goods with value). One is mainstream tokens, BTC, ETH (because of national restrictions, only currency transactions can be traded in exchanges, that is, to use one virtual currency to buy another virtual currency, I don’t know why.) The other It is a dazzling variety of virtual currencies (commodities)

The purchase process is to first go to the exchange platform to get CNY (RMB) to find a personal seller to exchange USDT (USD?), and then use USDT to exchange to buy various The mainstream token BTC or ETH used by various virtual currencies, and finally use ETH to buy various virtual currencies.

A. Base currency: CNY, USDT (which can be exchanged and need to be exchanged in individual buyers’ honest transactions) B. Mainstream tokens: BTC, ETHC, virtual currency: all kinds of final, if profitable, need to be re-converted Convert to USDT and sell to CNY. Sharing area video network ~ Learn more about the news of the currency circle.

Share area video network~Learn more about the news of the currency circle

Experience: 1. Buy mainstream currency if you don’t know how to buy it. 2. If the new currency is not fried within one month, it may become a dealer to harvest leeks. 3. An experience I just learned, chasing the ups and downs, meaning not to buy if it goes up, but to be cut off if you buy it. (I’ll take a look at the green coins in the future.) 4. If the coins that have fallen have strength and value, they can be held and wait for the salted fish to turn over. 5. Those with strong company strength, strong team and powerful executives can pay more attention. Note: I don’t understand the K line at all, and I don’t understand professional words. I can only tentatively set these buying principles based on logical thinking.

『渌』Which is the best exchange in the currency circle

The three major exchanges, Huobi, OKEX, and Binance, are small enough. Among them, Huobi is the most optimistic, and HuobiDM.com is now the world’s number one contract. Huobi is likely to be the first platform to obtain a license.

『玖』Newcomers entering the currency circle, it is better to buy something to get started

Experience: 1. Buy mainstream coins if you don’t know how to buy them.
2. If the new currency is not fried within one month, it may become a dealer to harvest leeks.
3. An experience I just learned, chasing up and down, meaning not to buy if it goes up, but to be cut off if you buy it. (I’ll take a look at the green coins in the future.)
4. If the coins that fall down have strength and value, they can be held and wait for the salted fish to turn over.
5. If the company has strong strength, strong team, and powerful executives, you can pay more attention.
Note: I don’t understand the K line at all, and I don’t understand professional words. I can only tentatively set these buying principles based on logical thinking.
Share area video network~Learn more about the news of the currency circle

“Pick up” The civil war in the currency circle starts: Bitcoin vs. Dogecoin, which side are you on?


The station is ringing in the currency circle. Now Bitcoin and Dogecoin are pulling each other, and I will not stand on either side. After all, Dogecoin and Bitcoin are virtual currencies, and they have no value in themselves. Word. As an ordinary person, now enter the currency circle again.It is obviously too late to speculate, and it may be cut at any time, so it is more appropriate to wait and see.

In fact, from the previous description, it is not difficult for us to find that the current ups and downs of Bitcoin and Dogecoin are determined by one person, and this person’s name is Musk. In the currency circle, Musk can say that turning his hands into a cloud and turning his hands into a fish is simply the leader of the currency circle. A currency that can be manipulated by individuals is not safe, and it also has great risks. So in this battle between Bitcoin and Dogecoin, I actually don’t stand on either side. After all, these two virtual currencies are managed by Musk.

Combining the above, in the battle between Bitcoin and Dogecoin, I will not stand on either side, I will only wait and see until the two virtual currencies lose both. Of course, it is some ordinary speculators who lose in the end. After all, the big dealers can make a lot of money, and the retail investors can only surrender. The risk of virtual currency is high, and speculation should be cautious!


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