who is developing the metaverse

1. What is the metaverse?

Refers to the immersive virtual world, the English Metaverse. This virtual world consists of 3D technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and the Internet. Users can experience a different life in the metaverse, or experience a world completely different from the real world. Different from existing online games, Metaverse can bring players a more realistic feeling, allowing players to feel as if they are in a virtual world, and even make it impossible to distinguish between real and virtual worlds. The metaverse has also been touted as the ultimate form of the internet. The movies “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” are metaverse concepts. The term metaverse first comes from the American science fiction novel “Avalanche”. The novel depicts a virtual world parallel to the real world, the Metaverse.

2. What is the Metaverse

The Metaverse generally refers to the Metaverse, which is a collection of virtual time and space, consisting of a series of augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR) and the Internet (Internet).

Metavers is composed of Meta and Verse, Meta means transcendence, verse means universe, together usually means the next stage of the Internet, virtual reality supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies Internet.

Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, and simulation technology. With the continuous development of social productivity and science and technology, the demand for VR technology in all walks of life is growing. VR technology has also made great progress and has gradually become a new field of science and technology.

Classified according to the system function angle

The system functions are divided into several categories such as planning and design, display and entertainment, training and drills. The planning and design system can be used for experimental verification of new facilities, which can greatly shorten the research and development time, reduce design costs, and improve design efficiency. It can be used in urban drainage, community planning and other fields. For example, VR simulation water supply and drainage system can greatly reduce the original need for Expenses for experimental verification.

Display entertainment system is suitable for providing users with a realistic viewing experience, such as digital museums, large-scale 3D interactive games, film and television production, etc. For example, VR technology was used by Disney to shoot special effects movies as early as the 1970s ; The training and exercise system can be applied to various dangerous environments and some fields where it is difficult to obtain operating objects or the cost of practical operation is extremely high, such as surgical training, space station maintenance training, etc.

Refer to the above content: Network—vr, Network—Metaverse

3. What is the relationship between the Metaverse and NFT

In Metaverse , people have digital lives, earn money, and spend their leisure time without the constraints of the physical world. But if the Metaverse existed only in a Web 2.0 environment, large institutions like Facebook and Google could control and monetize user data. They can delete and control the user’s content, and the user’s freedom and rights are bound to be violated. So, for the Metaverse to continue to grow, enter the mainstream, and become an integral part of people’s lives, ownership of digital items is extremely important.

With the advent of Web 3, end consumers took back ownership of their data. They can control their own data—in encrypted, decentralized computer networks, forming distributed data centers without ceding data and privacy rights to big tech companies.

With the power of NFTs, users can enjoy true digital ownership. NFT encryption can prove that the user himself is the owner of digital items and assets, and no third party takes them away, nor does it need to be controlled by the development platform. The so-called “digital ownership” means that the asset has achieved its uniqueness in the real world in the digital world. Sex, scarcity and tradability.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital item that can be created (minted), sold, and purchased on the open market, and most importantly, owned and controlled by any individual user , without permission and support from any agency. It is for this reason that users can make their digital items have lasting, stable and real value.

It’s not hard to tell from the gameplay that the centerpiece of Decentraland is art. Decentraland also has a place dedicated to displaying digital art.

One of Decentraland’s features is the museum district, which aims to be Decentraland’s crypto art hotspot and the most visited art venue in the world. The Museum District is probably the most compelling use case on Decentraland, embodying the core features of user-centric ownership. For collections, ownership is undoubtedly very attractive, which is also the general trend of the future development of the encryption field.

Furthermore, in Decentraland, NFT stores are ubiquitous, with �� NFTs are for display only, while other NFTs can be purchased with MANA. Users can buy wearables on the Decentraland Marketplace, which also sells hats, shoes, shirts, and plots. Decentraland also offers various mini-games, some of which reward users who can then sell them on the OpenSea exchange.

The Xueshuo Innovation Block Chain Technology Workstation, a subsidiary of Lianqiao Education Online, is the only approved “Blockchain Technology Workstation” carried out by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China. Professional” pilot workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

4. The concept of “metaverse” is on fire, are you optimistic about the concept stocks of “metaverse”?

I am very optimistic about the metaverse, I think the metaverse may be It is a new development direction in the future.

The concept of the metaverse first came from the blockchain field, and it was also hyped as various virtual currencies. Although many people do not believe in virtual currency, they even think that the metaverse is just a tool for everyone to use capital to hype. But the metaverse itself has great potential for development, and it is also very suitable for young people. I think as young people become the mainstay of society, the concept of the metaverse will take hold.

First, the concept of the metaverse is extremely popular.

The concept of the Metaverse is currently relatively popular in the virtual currency market and investment circle. In the entire virtual currency market, the AXS coin in the concept of the Metaverse has soared by 200 times in two months. In the investment circle, many well-known institutions choose to invest in the concept of Metaverse. The metaverse can be understood as the 2.0 version of the Internet, and I think more and more people will join the metaverse.

5. What is the latest concept of “metaverse”?

Metaverse is to enter a real world with the help of VR headsets or brain-computer interfaces and other devices. In the virtual reality world, you can conduct social activities, competitions, life and other activities in it, and experience everything in the virtual world immersively.
In short, it is based on modern technological equipment to build a virtual world that is indistinguishable from the real world, in which we can live, socialize, work, etc. It can be said to be a virtual reality space parallel to the real world .

6. What is the latest concept of the metaverse?

The latest concept of the “metaverse” can usually be described as a parallel to the real world and independent of the real world virtual space. From a zoomed-in perspective, as a “universe”, operating rules and normalized management do not need to be limited by its manifestations.

As a product of the post-Internet era, Metaverse will greatly change the current game market and the Internet ecosystem. While laying out the “metaverse”, major manufacturers may also be fighting for their own place in the future Internet.

7. Who proposed the metaverse

The metaverse was proposed in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”.

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is linked and created by means of technology, mapped and interacted with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system.

The metaverse given by Roblox contains eight elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversity, anytime, anywhere, economic system and civilization. There are many elements, and behind each element, there is a series of explanations. In short, one sentence is not clear, which just shows the ambiguity of this concept.

Professor Shenyang from the School of Journalism, Tsinghua University pointed out that, on the one hand, what is lacking in reality needs to be filled in the virtual world; on the other hand, what people do in the virtual world , does it have any feedback effect on the real world? However, from the perspective of human development history, the balance between the virtual and the real will become more and more difficult.

In the START map of the characteristics and attributes of the metaverse, Professor Chen Gang and Dr. Dong Haoyu of Peking University sorted out and systematically defined the five characteristics and attributes of the metaverse, namely: social and spatial attributes, and transcendence empowered by technology Extension, co-creation of human, machine and artificial intelligence, reality and reality mapping, transaction and circulation.

The Metaverse is essentially a process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world, which requires a lot of transformations in content production, economic systems, user experience, and physical world content. However, the development of the Metaverse is gradual, supported by shared infrastructure, standards and protocols, and is finally formed by the continuous integration and evolution of numerous tools and platforms.

It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror of the real world based on digital twin technology, builds an economic system based on blockchain technology, and integrates the virtual world with the real world in the economic system, social networkThe system is closely integrated with the identity system, and allows each user to produce content and edit the world.

8. What are the domestic companies doing Metaverse

Silk Road Vision, Perfect World.

Silk Road Vision (300556), Silk Road Vision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Silk Road Vision is a national professional digital vision integrated service provider.

Perfect World (002624), Perfect World Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The company’s business covers three major sectors: Perfect World Film and Television, Perfect World Games and Perfect World E-sports. It is the largest video game complex in my country. .


Silk Road Vision’s CG visual scene comprehensive service is expected to play a core role as a basic builder in the construction of the “metaverse”. In addition, the company is also trying to enter the field of VRAR digital content development.

Perfect World has developed a large-scale sandbox game “My Origin”. This game is represented by Tencent. The game supports 10,000 people to be online on the same server. It adopts a fully immersive survival experience and can build a unique home. Power to create freely.

9. Which company developed the Metaverse

Introduction to the concept
The Metaverse is a multiplayer platform developed by Facebook. A digital world inhabited at the same time. [1] The “metaverse” concept is also closely related to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The metaverse can be seen as the successor to smartphones and the mobile internet. Generally, technologists think of a metaworld as a virtual world where large numbers of people can come together to play, work, and socialize.

Development History
In July 2021, Facebook announced the establishment of a new product team to develop “Metaverse”. [1] Facebook’s own metaverse will be used in virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, and game consoles.


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