Why do Bitcoin contracts have pending orders?

①What are the price limit rules for bitcoin contracts

Why are people still playing contracts? How many are Changsheng generals? This thing fluctuates too much, and both long and short are eaten.
The most secure options are fixed investment and Bitoffer options.
Options are the best hedging tool for spot, how to hedge? For example, if you open a put option on Bitoffer, if Bitcoin falls from $8,700 to $8,000, theoretically your spot will lose $700, but your put option will gain $700. In this way, you can completely hedge. risk of losing the market.

② What are the rules for Bitcoin delivery contracts that need to be paid attention to

Sub-week contracts and quarterly contracts will be involved in settlement. After settlement, profit and loss will be recalculated at the settlement benchmark price. After settlement, the profit portion can be transferred out; if the user closes the position before settlement, all the margin and realized profit and loss required to open the position after settlement can be transferred out of the virtual contract account.

③ Why can those bitcoin contract exchanges achieve zero contract allocation

This is related to their management mechanism and buy-in and buy-out mechanism. This They belong to financial knowledge. Generally, they have zero contract allocation anyway, which may have a lot to do with their management mechanism.

④ Why is the contract transaction of OKEX Bitcoin exchange possible The risk limit of position size

reduces the impact on the market when large positions are liquidated, thereby avoiding chain liquidation and reducing the accumulation of liquidation orders that cannot be traded, resulting in a large amount of distribution during settlement.

⑤ What is the meaning of take profit and stop loss often mentioned in bitcoin contracts

If the order price set by the user triggers the limit price rule at this time, then the system will The highest or lowest price of the limit price at this time will be used to place an order.

⑥ What exactly does a Bitcoin contract limit order mean

Simply put, the limit price is a pending order; the market price order is the current price, which is the order; A price order means that a purchase can be entrusted at a specified price, and the transaction will be automatically executed when the entrusted point is reached.

⑦ Why is my bitcoin pending order not filled all the time? There are multiple modes of pending orders, pay attention to the differences.

⑧ Bitcoin contract will involve the function of limit order, what is this?

okex limit order stipulates the maximum price that the user is willing to buy or is willing to buy The lowest price to sell. After the user sets the limit price, the market will give priority to the price that reaches the favorable direction.

⑨ How to trade bitcoin contracts

Similar to futures contracts, it is a trading method proposed by BitStar.
The leverage of the Bitcoin virtual contract is represented by the stable leverage at the level of fiat currency income: investing $100, the income you can get = $100 * Bitcoin’s rise and fall * fixed leverage multiple.
Assuming that the current price is 500USD/BTC, an investor buys one BTC at the current price, and the principal is 500USD. At this time, the investor can buy 50 BTC virtual contracts. At this time, if the BTC price rises to US$750, an increase of 50%, the investor’s contract income is 3.3333 BTC, and after selling at the current price, he can obtain US$2,500, and the income is 5 times the principal investment. If the price rises to $1,000, the contract income is 5BTC, and the dollar income after selling is $5,000, which is 10 times its dollar income. No matter how the price fluctuates, the leverage of the contract is very stable, which makes it convenient for merchants to hedge with the contract and for ordinary investors to manage their positions.

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