Why does Pinduoduo mining have less gold coins?

⑴ Pinduoduo’s Duoduo farm grows gold coins. Why is my gold coins halved? Why?

My income has also been halved. From the beginning of playing to now, I made enough money to develop a piece of land of 5,000 yuan in half a year. Later, I saw the farm’s Seed income, only to know that the income has been halved. I asked customer service and he couldn’t solve it. He told me to log out of the app and log in again. Hey, it doesn’t work like that.

2 Why is there less gold rush quests?

Summary Hello, the result of the query and analysis for you is 1. When gold coins are deducted, the gold coins that expire first will be deducted first;

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⑶ What’s the matter with the sudden loss of Qutoutiao’s gold coins, it’s been used for several years!

When new users use it, gold coins are earned very fast, and as time goes by, gold coins become less and less…
This is a common problem of all platforms. At first, it was only to attract users, and when you have no traffic , it will gradually decrease.

⑷ Why are there only two prizes left by Pinduoduo mining?

These activities on Pinduoduo are also changed from time to time. Less and less

⑸ Pinduoduo’s gold coins are cut in half, and complaints are useless. Customer service gives feedback. Keep fooling around, say 7 days, say 1 month, and say 3 days to give a reply

If you fight Duoduo, if it is reduced by half, you may not have that 7-day membership, you have to buy things Only then can that super land be grown. His apprentice has a seven-day period, and when you buy something, you will be given half a gold coin at that time. If you don’t buy it, he will reduce the gold coins by half, there is no fixed. If it was stolen, you can see for yourself.

⑹ Why does my Pinduoduo step count reach a certain number of steps to exchange for gold coins, but the gold coins are not increased, but the steps are deducted, and then I log out and the login is still the same.

Did you click Something like a limited-time 5 yuan coupon?
I was in the early 80,000s before, and this redeemable item popped up. I clicked in, and I lost 5,000 gold, and then I found that I had to spend money to get the exchange coupon.
In the future, this kind of thing is not used directly, it is useless. Direct steps to exchange gold coins.

⑺ Can the number of Pinduoduo Elf Gold Coins decrease by itself?

The number of Pinduoduo Elf Gold Coins will not decrease by itself.
If you don’t buy elves, the gold coins will not decrease, but will increase.
Only use gold coins to buy elves, and then synthesize them, then the purchase will cost gold coins, so it will be relatively less.

⑻ Why are there no gold coins in Pinduoduo?

Consultation records · Answered on 2021-10-05

⑼ Pinduoduo gold pigs have accumulated more than 20 million Why did the gold coins suddenly disappear?

Maybe it has expired and it has been automatically withdrawn. You can consult Pinduoduo customer service and ask them to take a look.

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