Why is the computing power of mining machines declining? Analysis of the reasons for the decline of mining machine computing power

Investors who are often in the currency circle should be familiar with the concept of mining. We know that general mining requires the use of mining machines. Currently, there are many types of mining machines on the market, such as Antminers and Whatsminers, miners can choose arbitrarily. For mining miners, the most important thing is the mining revenue, and the mining machine’s computing power is directly related to their own currency revenue. Recently, many miners have responded to their mining machine’s computing power. It started to drop, and the speed of mining slowed down a lot. Many miners don’t know why their mining machine computing power has dropped? Let’s take a look at the analysis of the reasons for the decline of mining machine computing power.

Why does the mining machine computing power drop?

1. During the mining process, a large number of graphics cards are usually connected in parallel for data processing

2. The working environment where the graphics card is located will be very harsh, and it is common for the ambient temperature to reach more than 50 degrees. , and the operating temperature of the graphics card itself will definitely exceed the state where you enjoy a good cooling system protection in the chassis when you play games every day.

3. In addition, the power supply module loss of the graphics card will be very serious when running under high load for a long time. Running the mining program for several months is equivalent to working continuously for several months in the aging test link of the factory.

There is this possibility. Generally, after mining for a long time, the electronic components of the graphics card will age faster than normal due to the long-term operation of close to full power consumption, such as memory, capacitors and resistors. The actual performance is much lower than the theoretical performance. Your mining computing power is low and there is an algorithm problem. The algorithm cannot use 100% of the graphics card computing power. One of them is Ethereum and Litecoin. Added memory dependency mechanism. It is also one of the limitations that causes mining to remove the memory other than the graphics card.

Digital currency mining, a word we often mention is the computing power of the mining machine, such as: Maya D2 ether cloud computing power, Maya X1 bit cloud computing power. In fact, the meaning of computing power is very simple. It represents the computing power and computing performance of the mining machine. Specifically, it represents the number of operations per second of the overall hash algorithm of the mining machine.

What should I do if the computing power of the mining machine decreases?

The failure of the mining machine itself, temperature, firmware virus may cause the mining machine to shut down or lose computing power.

1. The failure of the mining machine itself

There are many types of failures of the mining machine, the most common ones are the failure of the hash board, the broken fan, and the broken power cord. The latter two are relatively easy to understand, so I won’t introduce too much. Here we focus on the failure of the hash board.

Ant’s T17 series mining machines are the ones that have frequent failures of the hash board. For example, Ant’s T17e has three hash boards, and each hash board has more than 100 heat sinks. In order to save costs, these heat sinks use solder paste and are fixed to the hash boards by low-temperature brazing. When the mining machine is running, if the temperature is too high, a flux called “rosin” in the solder paste will melt, causing the heat sink to loosen and fall down, resulting in a short circuit of the entire computing power board, which will eventually lead to the mining machine’s computing power. decline.

Because the heat sink is small and connected to the chip, it increases the maintenance difficulty of the mining machine. In this case, it can only be repaired by the mining machine manufacturer, or a new computing power board can be used directly. Replace the damaged hash board.

2. Temperature

Temperature and humidity also have a great influence on the mining machine. If the temperature is too high or too low, the computing power of the mining machine will also decrease. At present, the mine mainly controls the temperature inside the mine through fans and water curtains.

3. Firmware virus

In addition to the hardware failure of the mining machine, which will cause the mining machine to shut down or lose computing power, if the firmware of the mining machine has a virus, it will also affect the computing power of the mining machine. force. It is actually very simple to avoid firmware viruses, and only use the firmware version officially released or recommended by the mining machine manufacturer.

To sum up, it is the answer to the question of why the computing power of the mining machine has declined and the analysis of the reason for the decline of the computing power of the mining machine. Many investors may think that mining is a once-and-for-all way of earning money, but what everyone does not know is that mining is actually not as simple as imagined. There are many reasons that affect the income of mining machines, so the income of mining machines will decrease situation also occurs frequently. If you are still a novice in the currency circle and want to invest in digital currency, it is recommended to start by buying coins on the trading platform, and then try mining when you have a sufficient understanding of the currency circle.

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