Why is the trx4 backward slow?

① The newly purchased Hobbywing AXE Axe R2 is installed on the trx4 and trx6x6 respectively. After starting the remote control, there is a slight current in the motor.

Summary Hello! It may be because of the wrong size or lack of running-in. You can use it more and it should be relieved. I hope I can help you and wish you a happy life!

② How to turn off the tsm after the Trx4 uses 8 flashes to turn on the tsm? The remote control recovery settings can’t be turned off, ask God for help


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    First of all, we turn on the mobile phone and find the game Peace Elite.

③ The main body of the waste paper baler moves back normally, but the forward is slow and the tubing vibrates. What is the reason?

Possible cause 1,: The hydraulic valve is stuck. Solution (clean the valve core)
Possible reason 2: The hydraulic cylinder piston seal is damaged (internal leakage) Solution (replace the seal ring)

④ The new trx4 runs to the right What should I do about the deviation

1. Reasons for “deviation”. It is easy for a novice to “deviate”, which is usually caused by the following two factors. 1. The line of sight is narrow. Many novice drivers like to stay in front of the hood when driving, resulting in a narrow line of sight, so it is easy to drive the vehicle off-track. 2. Too much tension leads to too much steering wheel. The novice is nervous, and the steering wheel is too large when adjusting the direction, or the car deviates due to the tightness of the steering wheel and the tilt of the nervous hand. Second, how to drive the car straight 1. The steering wheel should be stabilized and righted. When the steering wheel has been returned to the center, it can drive in a straight line without moving it flat. During driving, it may deviate slightly from the straight line. At this time, the steering wheel should be shifted a little angle in the opposite direction, and the steering should not be steered. In addition, you should hold the steering wheel firmly, and don’t let the car take the “S”-shaped route because of nervous hand shaking. 2. Find a suitable reference object when driving. Novice drivers can learn to look for suitable references on the road to help keep the vehicle in a straight line. Drivers can refer to the markings in the middle of the road, curb lines, curbs or big trees on the side of the road. 3. Look far ahead. Many novice drivers are most likely to deviate when driving on wide roads. Because the space and field of view are too large at this time, the reference effect of the roadside and markings is easily weakened. At this time, the driver should look far ahead, so that it is easier to find out whether he is driving.

⑤ What does TRX4 on the car mean

Hello, Super Four Wheel Drive Freedom Control System, if my answer helps you, please Set as the best answer, thanks for your help!

⑥ Ryzen CPU, what interface is TRX4

TRX4 interface is the HETD platform of AMD Ryzen Zen2 architecture. The members are:
[3960X (24c 48t)]
[3970X (32c 64t)]
[3990X (64c 128t)]

⑦ When encountering a mad dog, which is the fast escape or the slow back The right way

After seeing a mad dog, don’t be afraid, don’t run away. If you run, it will come after you. Rather, a calm, slow retreat is the right thing to do. Because if you run away quickly, these mad dogs will mistake you for their prey and will chase you faster.

1. Dogs don’t actually attack actively. You may have accidentally entered its territory when you meet them: many people like dogs, so they keep these cute dogs in their own hands. Raised by your side, when you feel lonely, your dog acts as a companion. When you see some fierce dogs, please don’t take the initiative to step forward and give them a safe distance. That way it doesn’t think you’ve invaded their territory. It will not take the initiative to attack us.

Second, please remain calm even in emergencies: although they are good friends of our human beings, in the final analysis it is also a kind of ferocious animal. Their ancestors were wolves, and after generations of domestication, they gradually became what we see now. If you are afraid of it, please move forward slowly when you encounter it. Their sense of smell is very sensitive, and they may take the initiative to smell the fragrance on your body. Don’t be afraid, this is their normal behavior.

If you are accidentally bitten by these dogs, you must get the rabies vaccine as soon as possible. Don’t let these bacteria and wounds cause a greater harm and danger to our human body.

⑧ When the plane is flying over the cloud, the cloud seems to be moving back slowly instead of fast. Why is it

The cloud is impossible to be driven by the plane. The stratosphere is about 8000-9000 meters, the most common distance clouds are in the troposphere, so it looks like a slow-moving runway that moves back quickly when taking off.The reason that the ground moves very slowly when it reaches a certain height is the same reason that the ground cannot be driven by the plane.

⑨ How to retreat in Resident Evil 4

1 .Elementary (bait):
The so-called “bait” is to run close to the target when facing the enemy with weapons (except meteor hammer, bow and arrow, machine gun, bomb), to induce the enemy to attack. Then back up and dodge the attack. Using this method can greatly slow down the rate of ammo consumption.
Notes: This move is not applicable to the Meteor Hammer

2. Intermediate (Taiju):
The so-called “Taiju” is to use firearms to attack special parts of the enemy ( Such as face, knees), or melee moves after using flashbangs, laser cannons (without charging). Familiar with this trick with the knife can save a lot of ammunition.
Practice character: HUNK Recommended location: NO.1 map of mercenary mode
Object: Chainsaw mom × 2
Practice method: Because HUNK’s first body technique is an instant death (twist the neck) ), so it is very practical, but too long a move is his fatal injury. So we have to use this “advantage” to practice mental endurance. It’s very simple ~ as long as the Chainsaw Moms appear in pairs, use the first body technique on one of them (the other must be nearby) and then be able to escape the attack of the other.
Note: When HUNK’s Taishu is activated, the surrounding enemies will retreat.

3. Advanced (knife and chainsaw):
I believe that everyone who has played “Resident Evil 4” All of my friends have experienced tragic deaths under the chainsaw, so the scene of being headed by a chainsaw man has left a shadow in the hearts of most of our players. So we used to use firearms to kill T_T from a distance, but we don’t know how easy it is to kill the chainsaw man.
Practice characters: Leon, Ada Recommended location: Any
Practice method: First clean up the surrounding soldiers, then pull out the knife and wait for the chainsaw man to come. At the moment it attacks (that is, it just screams), it attacks with a knife. At this point it will be stiff. According to this method, you can kill the chainsaw man with a knife.
Suggestion: Masters can slash at the head, at this time, they can be knocked down by physical techniques.

Second, marksmanship practice

1. Basic (pistol)
Aim: Keep the firearm hit rate above 60% Target: Slow-moving villagers (empty hands)
br />Precautions: No Recommended Location: Any

2. Elementary (pistol)
Aim: The accuracy of firearms should be maintained above 70% Target: running villagers (axe or sickle)
Notes: At this time, you can focus on practicing shooting down the weapons thrown by the villagers. Recommended location: any

3. Intermediate (pistol)
Aim: The accuracy of firearms should be maintained at 80% The above objects: villagers (bombs)
Notes: At this time, you can focus on practicing (1) Hit the bombs thrown by the villagers to make them explode, (2) Hit the bombs in the hands of the villagers to make them explode Recommended locations: 1- 1 1-2

4. Superior (pistol)
Target: Keep the firearm hit rate above 90% Target: Mutant wolf
Note: At this time, you can focus on practicing hitting Recommended location for enemies moving at high speed: in front of the church door Mode NO.4 map)
Note: At this time, you can focus on hitting the head of the moving enemy (the weak point of the chainsaw ancestor is incendiary bombs, but if you hit the head directly with a shotgun, it is 100% It can cause the ancestors of the chainsaw to be rigid. It’s just that failure will kill you. It is recommended that you improve your quality to the intermediate level and then practice).

3. Knife practice

1. Basic
Goal: Kill villagers with a knife Target: villagers, cultists, combatants (except meteor hammer, bow and arrow)
br />Explanation: 1 and 2 in “Quality Exercise” are used here, namely lure and physical art. Clever use of this method can save a lot of ammo. Recommended difficulty: Pro
Practice method: First use lure to make the enemy attack, and then use a knife to attack the head of the opponent when the opponent appears stiff. Then use gymnastics. If you don’t die, go up and make up a few knives.
Notes: This method is invalid for the meteor hammer (low success rate)

2. Elementary
Goal: Kill the chainsaw Objects: chainsaw man, chainsaw aunt
Method: Refer to “Quality Exercises” 3

3. Intermediate
Goal: Kill Klaus with a knife Target: Klaus
Explanation: Many are the first to come into contact with “Biochemistry” Players in Crisis 4 say that Krau is difficult to fight for a few reasons: 1. Krall can use a variety of weapons. 2. Crowe is powerful in melee combat. 3. Crowe is fast and cannot aim. In fact, Crowe is very easy to get. On Pro difficulty, Crowe only needs 16 to 17 knives to hang up after transforming.
Practice method: The previous battle can be done by using the stairs (that is, going up and down the stairs). The general method and knife for the decisive battle on the tower��The chainsaw is no different – just watch out for its instant death attack.

4. Superior
Goal: Kill Sadler with a knife Object: Sadler
Commentary: This is nothing to say…
Practice method : It can only be understood, not spoken…

5. Master level
Target: Killing the right hand with a knife Object: the right hand


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