Why say Bi Tercoin can kill cyber attacks?

Why say Bi Tercoin can kill cyber attacks?


  1. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor claims that bitcoin can kill cyber attacks.

  2, he claims that this will be possible because the nature of Bitcoin is related to energy.

  3. Under the tensions of Eastern Europe, Bitcoin’s transaction price is less than $ 40,000.

  Bitcoin Cattle Michael Saylor believes that bitcoin may be a solution to DDOS and other cyber attacks. He also claimed that the asset "will never become a currency."

  Bitcoin will contain cyber attacks

  Michael Saylor said that bitcoin is the answer to a large number of horses in the cyberspace. This MicroStrategy CEO said in an interview with CNBC on weekends, the energy use of Bitcoin is an indispensable part of the solution.

  He claims that this may be the most important scenario of Bitcoin, not just for fundraising or the company, is included in the balance sheet as a speculative tool. He said that as a "digital energy", Bitcoin is the best tool to combat fraudulent and hackers, because the current "network space has energy savings".

  He used a class ratio, ie personally went to the hotel to undermine items and were charged for repair, or using Python scripts to access any of the hotel on Earth without charge any fees. Saylor claims that the latter is current status, adopting a refusal service attack, and the attack cost is not more than $ 1.

  Bitcoin will never become a currency

  Saylor added when they were asked and contrast, the asset category never became a currency. He believes that such assets should be considered as property, because "currency is defined by nation" unless it allows tax-free transfer.

  He added that this may work in some cases, but it will never compete with money, although the legislator is considering this threshold. Saylor said that Bitcoin is good as a property, as people have the opportunity to loans with the assets held as mortgage, while maintaining the expected rate of expenditures of the spending ratio than bitcoin.

  "This is a more sensible financial decision," he said. "This is an investment strategy that almost all successful investors have taken time."

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