Will Adventure and Mining delete the account?

Ⅰ Will the gold coins and experience still be brushed if the adventure and mining are offline?

The gold coins and experience will not be brushed after the adventure and mining are offline. You need to be online to be able to brush.

Ⅱ Should the green card for adventure and mining be kept or decomposed

Should the green card for adventure and mining be kept or decomposed, what are the uses of the green card in the mobile game of adventure and mining, the green card should be kept Let’s break it down, here are a few suggestions for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What should I do if my green card is swollen

First of all I have to say something. . The white generals here are all rubbish. . All Whites can be broken down. It is recommended that if you have enough generals, it is recommended to wake up once and then decompose it to facilitate the subsequent tasks of awakening xx times. Will give blood diamonds and a golden bag.

The green generals are also all garbage. . . There is no doubt about this. . Except for a new bar. . His combination, the House of All Things, works wonders for certain cards. Recommend to stay. Another personal recommendation is to keep the cute chicks. . As for why. . Because he is cute. .

Ⅲ Will the points of the Adventure and Mining Guild Wars be cleared when the guild is withdrawn?


ⅣHow to return the protagonist’s avatar in the adventure and mining game

The general countermeasure is to play with high defense. High Flash hit with a crit.

If the blood volume is many times higher than yours, take a fight that returns blood according to the opponent’s blood volume. (I’ll talk about the specifics later)

For those with high initiative, look at the damage. If the initiative is less than 80, it will be hard to attack.

7 The easiest way to do this is to stack initiative, and I understand this. But what if the unlucky child can’t draw the first attack? You can also dodge and dodge. Although the 7 ordinary skills are instant kills, they do not need to be hit. There is no evasion? Delete the number →_→

8 Basically, you can only hit with crit, but because you only have 150% crit in the early stage. So 85 may be stuck for a long time. If you want to be early. There are two methods here for reference. 1. Because the boss has a certain chance to attack. So you can try a bunch of critical hits dozens of times and wait for his first normal attack to pass. .

2. Since high flash is not necessarily flash, you can use 200% damage to hit dozens of times and it may be over

10 The above two are purely better. Otherwise, you wait until the combat power is overwhelmed.

11 requires heap defense. About 30 or so will be able to pass.

The 12-level comparison is deceptive. The first level is first attack, the second level is dodge, and then the third level becomes defense →_→ and then also defense. But at 12-5 it becomes a first strike. . In addition, 55 points of defense can be hard to carry once. Combat power is useless.

13 Normal is a dodge pass. Can only rely on the first attack crit flow. On the 6th round, he will cast a spike. So be sure to win before then. In the first few levels, because there are only a few hundred dodges, you may also rely on high-injury skills. Even after a few thousand flashes. In addition, this boss’s spike can also be dodged.

13 Difficulty is by far the hardest. The boss has high flash and high blood sucking. You need to have a certain evasion to dodge its blood-sucking skills and then crit him, otherwise there is no solution. In addition, the sixth-round spike can also be flashed.

14 is usually a high security clearance. However, this boss comes with an instant kill effect on the sixth round. Don’t even think about grinding it out a little bit. Get ready to come back with pure power.

14 Difficulty is still high defense, the same third attack kills. But the boss comes with blood back. Although there are not many returns, and the boss has the first attack… So the difficulty skyrockets.

1516 used to be very good, but now it is said that the key is to bring back blood to fight, and your combat power should not be too high, only about 500,000.

17 Normal difficulties are easy. Shang Chenma / Gaia / Kuang San / Eriel Mia. The other full stack flashes. The boss skill can flash. You can also stack more than 100 defense blocks once. (175 Difficulty)

185 Normal to stack more than 100 defense points. Difficulty to pile more than 150 points. Coupled with Tatsuma/Gaia/Kangsan/Aerelmia, if you bring a percentage or high damage, it will be easier to fight, and you can pass without it.

19-23 Because my combat power is too high, I basically hacked to death with two swords, so I don’t know any strategy.

It’s too troublesome to have 24 spells above 5%. It is better to wait for the trail to change the difficulty. If you must fight, it is better to use Paojie, Itachi and Heiyan.

ⅣIs there a big gap between adventure and mining novice and veteran?

Don’t worry about those, it is very leisurely to dig mining and brush pictures every day, and draw a few mercenaries to get rewards.

Ⅵ Will the combination of adventure and mining match points lower the ranking?

The combination of adventure and mining may lower the ranking if used, players need to be careful

VII Does the same character have different attributes in adventure and mining?

The same character in adventure and mining will not have different attributes, they are all the same attributes

Ⅷ Which one of the more adventure and mining accounts is opened to find a friend who knows about it?

It can only be found in Duoduoyun. It can scan the code to log in to the game, and batch group control of devices can be performed on the computer. In the process of using here,More convenient and better to use. The mercenary system of adventure and mining: Players can arrange their own battle lineup to fight against different enemies. When recruiting redundant or unwanted mercenaries, players can also dismiss them to get the item “honor shards” that can recruit mercenaries. “. In addition, players can also spend a certain amount of blood diamonds to transfer the enhancement value of one mercenary to another mercenary.

Ⅸ Where to find more adventure and mining accounts, it seems better

choose Duoduoyun. It is the most cost-effective in the whole network, with high performance and low price. In the game running, the experience is good.
“Adventure and Mining” is a genuine mobile game authorized by Hero Entertainment and authorized by Kadokawa Bookstore. Its nostalgic pixel screen style, massive animation corners, and casual hang-up play are well received by the majority of players.


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