Will bitcoin last longer?

①Bitcoin has fallen again, can you continue to hold it?

Globally, precious metals such as gold and silver and virtual currencies have experienced a brief decline, but last week, the US Department of Labor announced that after the seasonal adjustment The gap between the value of non-agricultural employment and the estimated value is -2.9, which indicates that the short-term decline is about to end. In the future, precious metals and Bitcoin, known as “digital gold”, will stop falling and rebound. In the long run, appreciation is still the main theme. Don’t worry, you can start Pay more attention to the downtrend on OKEx.

② Will Bitcoin go up?

Bitcoin is just a virtual currency, it has no value in itself, it is all speculation, so there is no much upward trend.

③ Will Bitcoin continue to grow?

The value of Bitcoin is completely determined by how much fiat currency is in circulation with it. For example, if there are 1 million yuan in the Bitcoin system, and 1 million bitcoins are in circulation, then each bitcoin is worth 1 yuan. Therefore, how much RMB is equal to one bitcoin is calculated according to the circulation in the bitcoin system, so the price fluctuates.
In other words, once an investor invests in Bitcoin, it will appreciate in value, and once there is a large number of Bitcoin selling and cashing out, its price will plummet. But this is only an ideal situation, because as far as the current situation is concerned, the number of bitcoins has been slowly increasing, and its value is determined by the number of bitcoins and the fiat currency in circulation. The value of coins fluctuates greatly, which is why Bitcoin has strong investment properties.

④ One bitcoin has reached nearly 35,000 now, will it go up again?

Who dares to determine whether it will go up or down? Personally, I think it is better not to buy it. It’s a bit late to buy it after it has already risen so high. If you want to buy it, buy less for fun.

⑤ It is more than 10,000 now, will bitcoin grow longer?

Before bitcoin is completely out of print, there is a great probability that it will continue to rise

⑥ Can Bitcoin still rise?

The buddies who answered earlier only regard Bitcoin as a stock. First of all, in principle, Bitcoin will neither disappear nor collapse, because Bitcoin is a double-serial password that exists in each node of the network based on hash code algorithm and cryptography. As long as the world network is not paralyzed, it will not disappear. Secondly, Bitcoin is generated by the entire network without a central issuer, so it will not collapse. This is the most basic common sense. Any real currency is called legal currency. It is issued by the central bank managed by the governments of various countries. When the country collapses, the central bank becomes paralyzed and becomes waste paper in an instant. Bitcoin just doesn’t do this. The recovery period after the fall, but the foreign trading platform analyzes that the price will probably remain around US$576 in the next few months, which is the upper and lower range of RMB 3,500. The rise and fall of Bitcoin is currently a major factor in China, because investors are too crazy, so the price It is easy to fluctuate high and low, and the price will stabilize after this gust of wind, but the theory of devaluation is not suitable for Bitcoin, because the price of Bitcoin can be artificially raised by miners. As for the replacement, don’t worry about the evolution of Bitcoin itself. The algorithm has been updated all the time. At present, there are many altcoins, but none of them can replace Bitcoin. The reason is that no other altcoins have the feature that Bitcoin cannot be deleted or disappeared.

⑦ Will the price of bitcoin go up again?

The possibility of bitcoin going up is very high. Now that it is too late, OKEx can be selected in China, which is relatively safe.

⑧ Will Bitcoin continue to soar?

There is no asset that will always rise or fall forever. In the long run, the price of Bitcoin will go up, and then accompanied by the falling joint in the middle, so you can consider using fixed investment to deal with its fluctuations and reduce your own costs.

⑨ Will Bitcoin continue to rise?

Bitcoin has always been very volatile and risky, so it is difficult to predict whether he will continue to be the chairman.

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